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Monday we loaded up the truck and trailer and headed toward Washougal Washington for an Amateur National Race.  We drove for about 10 hours and meet up with our friends in Oregon at Albany Raceway.  As soon as we got into Oregon it started raining and continued raining the whole night.  We went to sleep and when we got up in the morning it was beautiful outside.  We walked around the race facility and saw that most of the track and the entire starting gate was under water.  We loaded up and continued on our trip about two hours into Washougal Washington.

The goal is to get to the field early enough to get into line to entire the park.  The place is huge and not having a good camping spot would mean a ton of walking to and from the track.  We got to the field just after lunch and we were about 9th in line.  Trailers continued to load up the field all afternoon and into the night.  At 10:00 in the morning the grounds were open and we went in to claim our camping sites.  All of our friends took over a great section close to the track, we set up camp and headed up to get a look at the track.

Thursday morning was race time!  We got up early and began practice at 7am.  As practice started, so did the rain!  We got through the entire practice schedule and tried to start the races, but the rain was getting worse.  The race had to be cancelled and moved to Sunday, and it continued to rain until late in the evening.  We all huddled under our awnings and wondered if we would be able to race the next day……….

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