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During Oakland Supercross Justin Barcia took some time out of his day to let me interview him for you guys.

He was super cool and really funny.

photo (35)

Before the interview a little information about Justin Barcia, who was born in Paterson, NJ and now lives in Greenville, FL.  He began riding dirt bikes at the age of 5 and started racing at 7.  During his amateur racing career, Justin won over 25 National titles including 4 Loretta Lynn’s Championships.  Justin turned pro in 2009 and in his first full season of riding he finished second in Supercross and fifth in the Outdoors.  Justin then became the two-time Supercross Champion in 2011 and 2012 and also won the 2012 Monster Energy Cup.  This year, in 2013, Justin has moved into the 450 class and did very well in the first two rounds including winning his first 450 Main Event in the second round.  The third and fourth rounds have not ended well for Justin with a crash in the third round injuring his nose and hand and getting taken out in turn two of the fourth round in Oakland.  Justin’s aggressive riding style on the race track has earned him the name Bam Bam Barcia.



71:  How did you first get started in racing?

51:  Well it’s a long story but I will try to make it short.  I didn’t really want to do any other sports and my Mom tried to take me to soccer practice one day and I started crying and telling her I didn’t want to do it.  She asked me if I wanted to ride dirt bikes and I was like Yeah   So I started riding, went to my first race and I caught the bug and never stopped from there.

71:  What advice would you give kids like me that want to get to where you are?

51:  Well it’s a lot of hard work for sure but I think the biggest thing for me was having my Mom and Dad around.  Just having fun, if you’re not having fun that’s not good.  If you’re having fun and your parents are around it all good.

71:  What was your first pro ride and how did you get it?

51:  My first pro ride was on the Geico Honda and I was actually racing at Mini O’s one year and I was on a 65’s.  The guy that owned Factory Connection owned the Geico team also and he noticed me and I started riding for him as an amateur and then I went professional.

71:  Something people would be surprised to know about you?

51:  People would be surprised to know that I’m actually a pretty nice guy…ha! ha! ha!   There is a difference between being mean on the track and being mean off the track, so I try to be nice off the track.

71:  Do you have any pets and what are there names?

51:  We have a lot of dogs at home.  I have Buddy, we have Shift, we have Scrat, we have a cat, and a whole bunch of animals at home.  I have been staying in California a lot right now so I haven’t seen them in a while so I miss them, but I defiantly have quit a few.

71:  What’s your favorite movie?

51:  I like Ted right now….have you seen it?

—— 71:  No my Mom won’t let me watch it.

—— 51:  Ya you’re not allowed to watch Ted yet, but when you get a little older you will defiantly like it a lot. ha! ha!

71:  What’s your favorite song?

51:  I don’t think I can pick a favorite song, I like Rap, I like Country, I like a variety so it’s a little bit of everything.

71:  Did you go to school or were you home schooled?

51:  I was home schooled

71:  Thank you for your time!

51:  That was awesome, that was the best interview I’ve had in a while.


After the interview I told Justin that my sister Hailey was in love with him and he gave her a hug and took a picture with her.  She was SO excited.

photo (36)

You are welcome Hailey!

Huge THANKS to Justin Barcia for taking the time to help me with this interview!!!!

Make sure you watch Justin in the upcoming races and cheer him on…..GOOD LUCK JUSTIN!

This last week Supercross riders came to my home town.  On Friday night I went to Mach 1 Motorsports to see some of the riders up close.  I first got to see Ryan Dungey and I brought an old picture for him to sign for me.  The picture was from my first trip to Washougal, Washington to race when I had my “bicycle accident” and Ryan Dungey gave me his signed gloves. (If you forgot about “the accident”, you can see some information at CLEARED TO RACE post I did after the accident.)  Ryan Dungey loved the pictures and Ryan and  Ken Roczen kept asking me a ton of questions…it was really cool.


I got a couple pictures of Dungey checking out the picture before he signed it and of Roczen….also had Justin Brayton sign it as well because he was also at the signing.   They had a lot of other riders that I also had sign stuff like Josh Grant.  It was totally cool, thank you Mach 1.


The next day was the big show in Oakland and my whole family had so much fun!


I got to hang out with the 51 Fifty Energy Drink / Moto Efx riders and we had a lot of fun!  It was really nice to be able to cheer them on in person and watch them ride live.  Joe from 51 Fifty hooked the family up with lots of cool stuff and we all got some very nice sweat shirts…..which we really needed because it was FREEZING.  Thank you Joe, Carlos and 51 Fifty Energy Drinks.


Moto Efx did an awesome job on the graphics on the bikes.  Larry did something that made the graphics reflective under the lights that was totally awesome.


Had a great time and I have a lot more to tell you about, but you will have to wait…….  Check back soon to see who I interviewed while I was at the races, YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS IT.

I know you all remember I recently filmed a TV show with Pro X Teams.  Last week Pro X Teams released a Promo video that combines the episode I am in and 4 other episodes with other athletes.  I am in the first half of the video and then it shows clips of the other sports.  I love the slo-mo they did, and I can’t wait to see the whole show.


I know many of you are wondering when the show will be on TV.  Right now the Networks are reviewing the press kit and deciding when it will be on.  I will let you know as soon as I get that information.

I had the unbelievable opportunity to ask Trey Canard a few questions after the first round of Supercross.

I am so excited that he took time from his busy schedule for me.

I hope you all learn something about #41 and enjoy!


Before we get to the interview, a little information about Trey Canard.  Trey was born September 17, 1990 and he races the #41 Muscle Milk Honda CRF 450.  He grew up in Oklahoma and in 2006 and 2007 he had a very successful amateur career, winning Loretta Lynn’s National Championships.  In 2008 Trey was signed to his first professional team with Factory Connection Honda.  In 2008 Trey won the East Coast Lites Championship during his rookie year, and won again in 2010.  After his success in the lites class, 20 year old Trey landed a deal with Red Bull Honda to ride in the 450 class for 2011.  Trey started out strong with three wins and multiple top five finishes until a broken femur during practice ended his season.  In 2011 and 2012 Trey spent most of his time recovering from several different very serious accidents and has began the 2013 Supercorss season with a very strong 2nd place finish.  Make sure you watch Trey’s movie REvival 41 that I have put at the bottom for a better look into #41.


71:  As a kid when did you know you would make it?

41:  I don’t think I really knew until I was about 16, but I had a dream and a lot of people behind that dream so I had hope and did the best I could.

71:  What was your training schedule like as a kid?

41:  It was very relaxed for several years, which I think is great.  You can’t take it too serious to early.  When I was 16 I started with a trainer and it took off from there.  Riding, cycling, weight lifting, plyometrics, a full time job.

71:  How did you keep your mind right in practice and races?

41:  I think for me, it was having a clear mind.  Having a clear mind came through having faith in Christ.  It’s also important to focus on just riding turn by turn obstacle by obstacle.

71:  What advice would you give kids like me?

41:  I think the biggest thing is to enjoy riding a motorcycle, don’t take it too crazy serious but enjoy it and let all that other stuff come when it needs to.

71:  Where you home schooled or did you go to regular school?

41:  I was homeschooled in the 6th grade only due to a school system that didn’t support my racing.  I had missed too many days.

71:  If you didn’t make it with dirt bikes, what would you be doing?

41:  I’m not sure, my passion I feel is working with young people.  Some sort of youth ministry.

71:  Your movie Revival 41 was AWESOME….you have an amazing attitude, how do you stay so positive?

41:  Thanks!!  It was a real joy getting to make that film.  I think the only reason I’m able to do any of this is because of my hope and my strength and courage my positivity is in my God.  I like to just watch a movie, ride my bicycle, work on the tracks, spend time with my family or my girlfriend.  Pretty basic I think.

71:  When you are out with an injury, how do you catch back up with other riders that have been practicing while you have been recovering?

41:  I think for me it was just continuing to stay dedicated to my sleep, eating habits, physical conditions, and  physical therapy.  Just not letting up and trying to improve in other areas of your life.  I’ve gotta give all credit to God through if it wasn’t for hime I wouldn’t be here.

71:  What part of riding, practicing, and fitness do you not like?

41:  I think for me it’s just getting tired and grumpy.  When you train a lot you get pretty run down and tired.

71:  Do you like Supercross or Motocross better?

41:  I like both, I think it’s awesome we can basically have two new sports in the middle of the year.  When you’re tired of one you get to ride the other.

71:  Do you have any tattoo’s?

41:  No tattoo’s for me.  I’ve thought about it at times though.

71:  What are the names of your pets?

41:  Foster,   Miley Cyrus,   and   Domino

71:  What is your favorite food?

41:  Mexican food.

71:  What is your favorite movie (besides yours)?

41:  Facing the Giants

71:  What is your favorite song?

41:  Identity by Lecrae

71:  Congrats for A1…amazing start after such a long road to recovery…How did you celebrate?

41:  Thanks a ton!  Didn’t do much celebrating.  Just enjoyed the moment with my family and everyone around me, it was an awesome night!

Trey’s Mom, Kari, also answered a couple of questions

71:  When Trey was a kid and he would get hurt, how hard was it to let him get back on the bike?

Mom:  Trey was always ready to get back on the bike.  He couldn’t wait

71:  When did you know Trey was going to make this his career?

Mom:  I always thought that Trey had something special because he had really great balance and riding a bike came very easy for him.

71:  Any advice you can give parents of young dirt bike riders?

Mom:   Try to relax and have fun, and let your kids have fun.


Huge THANKS to Trey Canard and Mom Kari Canard for taking the time to help me with this interview!!!!

Make sure you watch Trey’s movie REvival 41, and make sure you cheer him on at this weeks Supercross race…..GOOD LUCK TREY!


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This week was a little up and down for me… literally!

I practiced Wednesday night and things went well.  At the end of the night I was a little more tired than usual and by midnight, I was totally sick.  I had a super high fever, sore throat, and totally body aches.  My family was going to travel to Los Angeles to do some riding, but I was at the doctors all day Thursday and by Thursday night I wasn’t feeling any better.  We canceled our plans to go to LA and decided I needed to rest and get better.


By Friday I was feeling much better, not 100% but I couldn’t believe how much better I felt than the day before.  By Saturday I was sad I wasn’t in LA riding, and my parents let me go to Oatfield to do a little practice.  I a lot of fun and we decided to go back to the track on Sunday for the race.

Not too long after Loretta’s I had gotten hurt, and this was my first race since then.  I was excited to practice my starts and race on the track.  When we got to the track in the morning it was sooooo cold that the entire track was covered in ice.


In the first race 65 Int I was out of the gate second and by the time I got to the third turn I was able to take the lead.  It was a good battle for the first lap and the second place rider went down and I was able to stay out front for the win.  The second race was 65 Open, I got the hole shot and the second place rider stayed close till the end, but I was again able to take the win.  In the third race, my luck ran a little short….I did not get off the gate well and got a little pinched off by other riders.  I came out in fourth place and battled through to second.  I was pushing hard to catch the leader and was riding a little out of control until I went down.  I again found myself in fourth and I again passed back to second but was not able to catch the leader and finished the race in second place.  In the final race of the day the track was really rough, but I was not happy with how I rode in the third race and I was ready to do better.  I was able to get the hole shot and pull away from the field each lap with a first place finish.

01.12.13 13601.12.13 04401.12.13 048

Overall I think it was a really good practice race after being off the line for so long.  I look forward to more races to come!


After New Years I went to Los Angeles to do a little practicing and to go to A1 for the Supercross race.

20130109-074041.jpg20130109-074051.jpg20130109-074110.jpg I went to some of the race tracks that I have been to before like Milestone, Perris and Pala and I also went to The Ranch for the first time. The track was really fun but it was super, super cold and very, very windy. The track had some sandy parts and was a fast track with a few big jumps.


My Mom took this picture of me that I thought looked really cool, but….maybe someone can teach her how to set her camera up so she can take pictures at night. Lol


Supercross was sooo much fun! I saw a lot of my friends there and the races were awesome because all of the big names were back from injury and ready for battle. With so many great riders on the line, a lot of people were surprised with many of the finishes.


I got to hangout in the 51 Fifty Energy Drink Pitts and all of the guys were awesome.  Joe hooked me up with a lot of products….Thank you Carlos, Joe and 51 Fifty!…..especially the 51 Fifty girls!


  Moto Efx did an awesome job on the graphics for the bikes. They used reflective stickers they look 3D…so cool.


Lufo’s Kustom Designs hand painted all the helmets that also popped in the lights…he does amazing work.


The boys looked amazing and were ready to go racing. They had really great qualifying times and were riding really great but with a couple bad starts and a bad crash they were unable to make it out of the LCQ….look for them to make some noise in Phoenix.

Chris Plouffe


Scott Champion