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My family went to the Dell Osso Pumpkin Patch in Lathrop this week.  It was so big and they had so many things to do.  We got lost in the corn maze, went into the haunted castle, shot pumpkins from a cannon, walked on a rope course, and of course picked out pumpkins.

Shooting mini pumpkins out of a cannon.

My friend Mark and I on the tire pyramid

Walking on the rope course.

Last week I practiced during the week as usual and planned on racing at Hollister over the weekend.  We left Friday night to camp at Hollister and race on the GP Track.  When I woke up Saturday morning the track looked awesome and I was excited to get out and ride.  Practice went really well and I rode really hard throughout the day.  A lot of my friends were not going to race the next day, and we were a little worried that not many riders would be in my class.  We spent the night Saturday night and waited to see if more riders would show up in my classes on Sunday morning.  When we woke up Sunday morning we decided to go to the 408mx Super Sunday practice day instead of staying to race.  Super Sunday was so fun!  The track was bigger with an additional section added on just for the Super Sunday practice, the track had a BBQ going and all the riders had a feast together, and they finished it off with a raffle (we won a hat and grips).  The practice schedule at 408 was great, I got a lot of time on the track and I was able to practice with some great riders.



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Saturday morning we left really early and drove to Turlock to the Oatfield track.  The track usually has a ton a flies and kinda smells funny, but this time it had a million flies and it smelt disgusting!!!!  The track was really good and they had made a couple changes to the layout which was fun.  As always throughout the day the track got really rough and bumpy, but it was good.

Saturday practice went very well, learned the new sections of the track and battled with some of my friends.  After practice we rode bikes, walked the track, and played in the trailers.

Sunday I woke up and it was race day.  I found out that all three of my motos were towards the end of the day and one of my motos was the very last one.  My first class was 85 beginner.  In the first race I got a battled to third and was working hard to get by second place.  For about a lap the second place rider and I went into turns on the inside of each other and coming off side by side.  Going into one turn I took the low line and pinched it to sharp and went down.  As you know when I go down on my 85, I am down until someone comes and helps me.  So lets just say I didn’t end up with a very good finish.  The second race I was able to stay up for the whole race and claim the third place spot.

My next two races were 65 Intermediate and 65 Open.  All four of these races were fun and I had some good battles with some of the other riders.  In my first two races I didn’t get the best starts and had to fight through traffic but was still able to finish in 1st place.  In the second two races I worked on my starts and was able to get the hole shot in both.  I finished one in 1st, but in one I made a mistake at the end of the race and got stuck behind a lapped rider and ended up finishing in second.  Overall it was a good weekend and I rode really hard and even made a few changes that I will be able to take with me to other tracks.

I was wearing my sisters sunglasses all weekend.


Monday we went to Nick and Elyssa’s house in Monterey and we played on the beach.  The weather was perfect, and it wasn’t very crowded.

We looked for crab in the rocks and fish in the water.

We rode the waves and swam in the water.

After being in the water for a couple hours I got really cold.  I wanted to make a sand castle, but made a little tiny one so I could get out of my wet clothes and go home. 🙂


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I am trying all kinds of new things this week….first fishing and now a cross-country race.  My Dad asked me if I wanted to try a cross-country race, and I thought I would see what it was like.  When we got there I couldn’t believe how many people were there, it was a huge race.  I got my gear on while my Dad signed me in.  I lined up at a chalk line next to the track and waited for the horn to blow.  When they blew the horn, we had to start our bikes and then take off.  I got my bike started fast and took off, but I didn’t have any idea what to expect.  We took off into the trails and we rode over some rocks and branches and several single track sections.  On my first lap I was trying to figure out the route and how to get around different things on the ground that I am not used to seeing.  My bike kicked over a branch and went to far sideways to save and I fell.  I was not able to get my bike started and the sweeper came by to help and he couldn’t get my bike started either.  After I tried a few more times, it finally started and I was back in the race.

I rode for an hour and the race was over.  It was really hard to know how you finish because so many different classes go at the same time.  I know I didn’t do very well because I fell, but it was really fun to try something new.  It is defiantly a different kind of racing.  My Dad was nervous because he could only see me for a couple of seconds about every twenty minutes.  The whole experience is not what we are used to, but we had a lot of fun.

The next day I decided to go back to what I am used to…..the motocross track.  I went to practice at Hangtown.  Things went much better at practice and I was so excited to be on the motocross track.  My Mom and Dad and both my sisters and Nick all came out to watch me ride.  After practice we went out to lunch and I played with Nick.


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Since I have a short summer break, I get a two weeks off in March and the first two weeks in October off.  So when I got back from Dodge…..NO SCHOOL!  YA.

Last week I played with my family and friends.  I spent the night at my Grandpa’s house and we woke up really early to go fishing.  My Grandpa and my Uncle Mike go all the time, but this time I went with them.  I drove the boat while they got all the poles and lines ready.  Grandpa made me hot chocolate and we threw out the lines.  Before long I had a fish on my lines.  It was fighting really hard and it was really fun to play with it.  I finally got it in the boat and the fish was going everywhere… even bounced in my cup and spilt my hot chocolate all over the boat.  I laughed so loud it was so funny.

My Uncle Mike took this picture of me on the boat and I taught him how to send picture on his cell phone so my Mom could see my fish.  I brought my fish home and my Mom made it for my Dad and my sister for dinner.  I did taste it but I didn’t like it.

I had a lot of fun…..Thanks Grandpa and Uncle Mike.

More pictures to come of me and Grandpa with the fish.

Part 7 of 7


I had my last race early Saturday morning, I was the second race of the day.  I think I wanted to save the best for last.  I was in third place going into my last 50 mod race and I wanted to try to get a second place overall and knew who I had to beat to do that.  When the gate dropped I was gone with a great start and came around the second turn in a close race with the top 7 riders.  Everyone battled and after the first lap I was in third place and working to catch the second place rider.  By the next lap I was able to catch second place and was looking for a safe place to pass him.  Although I was pushing hard, I had to make sure not to fall and lose any spots.  I was able to pass the rider in front of me and take over second place.  I was so excited that I continued to push and was gaining on the first place spot.  I was one lap short of trying a first place pass but was very excited to finish the race in second.


At National events like this race, it is really important to be consistent throughout the week.  Crashing out and having one bad moto will take you out of the top spots.  Even though I fell a few times, I was able to get up quickly and not lose too many spots.  I was so excited to be able to get TOP 5 IN ALL OF MY CLASSES!

50 MOD – 2nd Place Overall

50 STOCK – 3rd Place Overall

65 MOD – 4th Place Overall

65 STOCK – 5th Place Overall

With my second and third place trophy I also got medals and really cool Dodge Jackets.


Thank you for being patient with all seven days of riding.  All week we had so many things going on that I wanted to share everything with you guys.  It was hard for me to wait till the end of the week to see how I would finish up also……but it was soooo worth the wait!

Part 6 of 7

DAY SIX (Friday) – 3 RACES

Day six was another full day of racing with three races spread throughout the day.

The first race was my 65 Stock.   I battled with some kids and finished up in 7th place.

The second race was 50 Stock and it was another great race with a 4th place finish.

The last race of the day was 65 Mod.  I did fall over in a turn, but was able to get back up and get all but one of my spots back to finish in 7th place.

After my races, I watched the Pro’s race.  They were so fast, it was really cool to watch them ride.  This is a picture of me with Eric McCrummen #104 when he went into the top 5 tent after his race…Good job Eric!

My sponsor, Moto Efx, was at every race to support me and cheer me on.  On Friday they had some girls at their booth and I took some pictures with them.

Thank you Moto Efx for all your support!


Part 5 of 7

DAY FIVE (Thursday) – 2 RACES

I got up early and got ready for my races.  I had two races first thing in the morning and then nothing the rest of the day.

My first race was the 65 Mod race.  I didn’t get the best start but I battled back and forth with some riders and was able to finish the race in 7th place.

The second race was 50 Mod.  I was out of the gate very fast, but I bounced in a rutt down the start and slid back causing my bike to wheelie.  I had to let off the gas to get the bike back on the ground so I could get my feet back on the pegs.  Even with the bad start I was able to fight back to 4th place.

It was another hot day and since I was done racing I stayed in the trailer with the A/C and played Xbox with my friends.

I modeled in the Fashion Show for the BRAAP SHOP.  I wore a Fly hat, shirt and reversible jacket.  I had a lot of fun with my friends and walking in the fashion show.


Part 4 of 7

DAY FOUR (Wednesday) – 2 RACES

I was able to sleep in on Wednesday because I didn’t have any races until later in the day.  My Mom made breakfast and I played some board games with my friends and my Mom.

My friend Rodney Smith talked to me about some things to do differently on my starts to help me get out of the gate faster and I was excited to try it.

My first race was 65 Stock.  Thanks to Rodney’s help, I had a great start out of the gate and was able to battle up front in the beginning of the race.  I fell over in a turn and struggled a little to get my bike up because it was stuck in the rice hulls.  Several bikes passed me but I was able to get going again and get several of the riders back for a 6th place finish.

The second race was 50 Stock.  I was out of the gate very fast and was riding in third.  I fell and a few bikes past me but I got up quickly and passed them back and was able to finish the race in 3rd.

This was the hottest day of the week and our generator went out……Those of you who remember, last year at this time our generator went out and the Carnes Family (MAC Industries) rescued us and let us barrow a generator.  The Carnes Family came through again this year and brought us a generator.  It was sooooo nice to get the A/C going!

My Dad washed my bikes and my gear and I went to bed early because I had early motos the next day.

Thanks for the tips Rodney!

Thanks for the generator MAC!


Part 3 of 7

DAY THREE (Tuesday) – 4 RACES

Today was the start of racing and I was so excited to get started.  I had one race on each of my four bikes.

My first race was 69 Stock and I would be on the line with 33 other riders.  When the gate dropped I got a pretty good start and worked my way to 4th place.  I had two falls during this race, although I got my bike up and going fast I lost several positions.  I was able to finish up the race with an 8th place.

The second race was 50 Stock and even though I was a little late out of the gate, I was able to work my way through and finish in 2nd place.

The third race of the day was 65 Mod.  It was getting really hot and I raced a hard to get a 6th place finish.

The fourth and last race of the day was my 50 Mod and I was able to get another 2nd place finish.

The top 5 finishers of each race have to stop “under the tent” after the race incase there is a protest.  It is really cool to be able to stop under the tent, and I was able to go to the tent twice today.

It was a very long and hot day so I showered and played some Xbox with my friends.  My Dad washed the bikes and made some changes for the next day of racing.

My friends and I had fun riding the mechanical bull.


Part 2 of 7


Monday morning I woke up and got ready to get on the track for the first time.  Even thought I will be racing 4 classes on 4 different bikes, I only get two fifteen minute practices on the track.  15 minutes for the 50cc bikes and 15 minutes for the 65cc bikes.

I worked to quickly figure out what jumps I could clear from the inside and which parts of the track I would have to take high lines.  I got my rhythm through the whoops and worked to find the best way through the turns in the deep rice hulls.

Both of my practice sessions were pretty early in the day, but some of the people who I race with practiced again later in the day so I watched their practices to see how the track changed in the afternoon.

All of the practice session were over early so my friends and I played in the rice hulls some more.

Every night they have an activity and I decided to enter my dog Tobi in the costume show.  We always call Tobi the Grinch, so we got some green hair paint and painter her green.  She was soooo cute and did so good on the stage.  Everyone loved The Grinch!


The Dodge Amateur Nationals was this last week!

AMP Motocross along with The Dodge Corporation have hosted the Dodge Amateur Nationals for the past 18 years.  Voted top 5 Amateur Nationals to attend in the United States, this event is held at Prarie City the home of the Hangtown Nationals.  This years event had 42 classes, over 1,100 riders, over 4,500 people and a $15,000 pro purse.

Riders travel from all over to attend this event, places like Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Hawaii to name just a few.  At this race, I get a chance to ride with the best riders in my class.  This race is a little different from my usual races because it is a three moto formate.  Each class will race three times, instead of only two, and the overall winners will be determined at the end of the week.

The track is changed for the event and they bring in semi trucks full of “Rice Hulls.”  Rice hulls is the coating that protects the rice during the growing season.  Instead of adding sand to the track, they use these rice hulls because they absorb water and hold it like a sponge.  This helps keep moisture in the track throughout the day, but it is very different from anything we are used to riding on.


DAY ONE (Sunday) – MOVE IN DAY (part 1 of 7)

Last Saturday we loaded up the trailer and my parents and I slept on the side of the road waiting for the gate to open to get into the event.  Because so many people attend this event, it is important to get in early and have a good spot or we will have to do a lot of walking all week.  You never know what time they will open the gate Sunday morning, so people line up on the side of the road and wait.

Sunday morning at about 4:30am my Dad got up and moved our trailer through the gate and got in line to sign in.   We finally got settled inside and we were able to park in row 6 which is not too bad.  My Dad worked on the bikes throughout the day, my Mom stood in line to sign me in and I walked the track and played in the rice holes.