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Now that I was able to get to the track I was really excited to ride. Practice went well and I quickly learned the track. The track has a concrete start and right out of the gate you start a small climb that leads right into a huge up hill and then a really fast down hill. It was a really fast track and throughout the day it got really rough and I had to make sure I picked good lines.

Then it was time to race. Throughout practice my Dad worked hard to get the bike jetted correctly because of the high altitude. Although the bike got better, it wasn’t 100% and I struggled a little with top end power and then low end. I got really good starts and I was able to battle but with my motor not as good as the other riders I was able to pull out a fourth and a first in my class with gave me a second overall. In the open class, out of a full gate I finished fifteenth and thirteenth. My Dad spent the afternoon working on my bike and we know that I would be ready to go for day two.



The next day of racing my bike was running a lot better and I was ready to ride. My Dad and i worked on different sections of the track and i got ready to race.

In the first race I didn’t get the best start and I battled to the front and finished in a very close second. In the next race I made sure to make the pass to take the lead to finish in first and it gave me a first place overall finish in my age class. In the open race I finished in ninth and eleventh which gave me a tenth place overall finish. In all of my races I had pretty good starts, had great battles with really fast kids, and I was able to finish each race on two wheels


I finished the race in first place and as I was coming off the track I was stopped to give a TV interview. It was my first ever race interview and I was very excited to be able to thank my sponsors and tell them about my race. I was interviewed for TV twice during the races and it was really cool!

I was able to get to the podium four times winning two little bears and two big bears. I got 2nd place from day one in my age class, 10th place from day two in the open class, 1st place from day two in my age class, and 1st place for the overall Road To Mammoth race in my age class.





A few months back I raced in Los Angeles and qualified to go to the main event race in Mammoth Lake. The Road To Mammoth, two week event, is the oldest running continuous running motocross event in the USA. The track is located 8,000 feet up in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range and the track is only utilized for this one event each year.

We loaded the family into the Moto van and headed to Mammoth. We were all really excited because we had to drive right through the middle of Yosemite and none of us had ever been to Yosemite before. We had a really nice drive through Yosemite, but the ride was cut a little short… The transmission went out on the van and we were stuck on the side of the road with no cell phone service. My Mom had to walk down the road about five miles to get cell phone service to call AAA. Thankfully my parents found Tim that gave them a ride back to the truck and we waited for the tow truck…..thank you Tim


Finally the tow truck arrived




We had about a two hour delay, we arrived in a tow truck, but we finally made it to our condo in Mammoth.

Our van, bikes, gear and parts were now at our condo but we had to be able to get ourselves and my bikes to and from the race track each day. Luckily Tre and Kai came by our condo and picked up one bike to take to the race for us. Anthony and his Grandpa Ray moved things around and were able to fit my other bike, my riding gear, and my family in their van and we were able to get to the race track. I CAN’T THANK YOU GUYS ENOUGH FOR HELPING ME GET TO THE RACE TRACK. Now it was time to race.





This last weekend was the Loretta Lynn Regional qualifier at Comp Edge Mx in Hesperia, CA. This race was another three moto format race and kids in my class came from places like Utah, Colorado, Hawaii, Arizona, Washington, etc.

My bikes looked sick thanks to Moto Efx Graphics

….and 51 Fifty Energy Drink got me ready to go racing.


I was able to get much better starts in all 6 of my races and I was able to stay competitive and battle with the guys up front. When all the races were over I finished 2nd in my class and 6th in the open class. Considering my experience and age compared to the rest of the kids in my class, I was really excited with my finishes and super happy I made it into Loretta Lynn’s……now I just need to find someone who wants to help us get to Tennessee!   🙂


I also have to thank my Dad for all he does for me and our family! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DAD!




Two weeks ago I went to the Loretta Lynn Regional qualifier at Honey Lake MX in Milford, California.  The race was really crowded and all the top riders were there.  Practice went really well and I was riding good on the track.  The Loretta Lynn regional qualifiers are different from most races that have two moto formates.  The Regional races are the best overall after three races in each class.

I did another great picture from Sebastian Lee 

I had several really bad starts and was not able to fight through any of the fast riders in my motos and was not having the best of luck during race day.  I finished the day with consistent 6th, 6th, and 7th place finishes which did not qualify me to go to Loretta’s since they only take the top 5 riders from each class. I rode hard, but things did not go as planned in any of my races.

Because it is really hard to see the track at Honey Lake, I rode one of my practice sessions with my helmet cam so you can see what the track looks like. 


This last week we took two of my bikes apart and completely pimped them out! We started with powder coating the frames, tipple clamps, swing arms, foot pegs and a few other parts. It was really hard to decide what color to do them. The usual black and orange always looks good, but we wanted to try to find something that would really pop. With not many choices we decided to go with white. I know what am I thinking picking white on a bike that I will ride in the mud several times a week?

The frames came back and they looked pretty sick:

My Dad worked really hard and put both bikes back together


The finished product!


I have to thank my sponsors for giving me a chance to make my bikes look really cool


I love this picture because everything is black and white except my bikes and me.

A few shots me riding

Also a special thanks to Trey and Kia for all the help they have given us.


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I thought it was time for another video!  This time it is from my helmet cam on the Hollister GP track.

  • FYI:  I would post videos more often if someone wants to help me find a good program that makes uploading videos easy to do…..I have several videos, but most of the time I can’t upload the format to Youtube. 

I was able to download the video of my crash at Hollister practice during my 85 practice last week.  I know it doesn’t look like a hard crash, but it felt pretty hard.  lol  The crash happens around 5:20 into the video and I was able to get back up and ride, but my hand was really hurt.

You can watch the video and get a pretty good feel of what the track layout looks like.

Hope you enjoy!