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This weekend I raced all three of my dirt bikes at the 408MX night race.  I raced my 50cc, 65cc, and 85cc dirt bikes.

50cc:  On both my 50 races I got good starts and raced hard to stay out front and finish both races in 1st place.

65cc:  On my first 65 race I also had a really good race and finished 1st.  At the end of the race I had a bike problem and I wasn’t going to be able to compete in the second race.  My friend Dustin #00 let me barrow his bike for the second race.  We all have a lot of money invested in our dirt bikes, and it was very cool that Dustin and his family was OK with me riding on his bike.  We didn’t have any time to tape over the numbers, so the score keepers had to score us off the numbers on the back of our chest protectors. lol  I had an OK start and within a few turns I was able to get the hang of the new bike and battle up to the front.  I was able to finish the race in 1st and took the 1st place overall.

85cc:  In my first 85 race I had a really hard battle and was able to finish the race in 1st place.  During the second race I was in the lead and slid out on the last lap.  I was able to finish the race in 3rd place and got a 2nd place overall.

After the race was over my friend Justin and I thought it would be funny to battle each other on the top of the potium….then a few silly faces.


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