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……so during the last round of practice at club moto I took an easy fall in a turn and hurt my elbow.  I went to the doctor and found that I dislocated my elbow and I had to take a short break from my bike.  I was so mad !!!!

The next week my sister Elyssa had to go into the hospital.  She was eight month pregnant and was having problems.  After being in the hospital for three days I was an Uncle.  Baby Lola Lynn was born.  She was so cute and I was so excited to finally see her.  My Mom and my Sister had to stay in the hospital for a few more days with the baby and then she was able to come home.  Elyssa and Nick brought Lola to our house to stay for a while so it has been really cool to play with Lola.

I am working on teaching her how to say UNCLE 71

Saturday we went to Oatfield MX in Turlock for a day of practice.  The first round of practice was good and my Dad gave me a few things to work on in the second round.  I couldn’t believe how much it helped…I was able to pick up more speed without riding out of control.  Each practice after that I continued to improve on my speed and by the end of the day I felt like I gained alot.

The Oatfield track is a really fun and fast track that gets really bumpy.  The track is very sandy with some great jumps.  The best jump is a huge step up right in the middle of the track.  During practice I saw the camera man taking pictures of bikes going over the step up…..I decided to do a no-footer when I jumped over the step up, but he missed the shot.  Sorry I don’t have that picture. 🙂

This is a picture of the step up

After practice we rushed home because my Mom’s (and the other business’ in town) were having a Christmas parade.  The whole town gets together and they have floats and music and it’s a lot of fun.  When the parade is over we can go in the office and have snacks and I get to play with all my friends.  Next weekend is the Boat parade when the boats are decorated and go buy the homes…..more to come on that.

Sunday I went to practice at Club Moto MX in Livermore.  I was able to carry the speed on Saturday over to the track on Sunday and continued to work on improving.  The track conditions were not the best, but I was able to work through it until…………

To be continued………………….

Sunday we woke up early and headed to the track so we could get a little riding in before we drove all the way home.  We decided to go to Glen Helen Raceway and my Aunt, Uncle and two of my cousins followed us to the track to watch me ride.

Glen Helen was different from the other two tracks I rode at.  This track was really sandy, more high-speed, more table tops instead of doubles and triples, and some really really big hills.

You climb up to the top of the huge hill, come straight down, back up and down again… crazy.

At Glen Helen, the water truck sprayed the track while the riders were still on the track.  The truck would go around and stop spraying when a rider was coming instead of having the bikes come off the track.  When I came around the huge sweeper turn I guess the water truck didn’t see me because I jumped into a huge wall of water.

It was really windy at the track and I want to thank everyone for coming to watch me ride.

We went to lunch and then it was time to go back home.

Thank you Uncle Mike and Aunt Jane for letting my family stay at your house……we had so much fun!