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I got cleared from the doctor two weeks ago after breaking my back in March.  I was able to practice at my local track a handful of times but time is running out to qualify for Nationals in Tennessee.   This weekend was the first round of qualifying at Washougal MX in Washington.  I was feeling good on my bike and ready to get back to racing and asked my parents if I could go.  My Mom thought it would be good to go and get a gate and a practice in on a large track…. I was going to race!


I had my bike looking good.


I was looking good.


I had my WIENERSCHNITZEL DAWG, my 51 FIFTY ENERGY DRINK, and it was time to race!

I had some really good starts and I rode hard even though the track got a little sketchy from time to time.  I finished out the weekend with TWO TICKETS TO LORETTA LYNN’S NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP RACE!

I was happy to get my tickets to Nationals at the first round.  My parents couldn’t believe that after just a couple of practices I was able to take so many wins over the weekend, but I knew I could do it.  Now I can take some time to practice and get more and more comfortable on the bike.



Last week was the pro motocross race at Hangtown.  My family and I were excited to get to the track, see everyone and watch some amazing races.


First I saw my friend Kelly at the Wienerschnitzel pit.


After practice was over I went over to Yamaha to hang out with the guys on the Yamaha team.  I was able to visit with a lot of my friends walking by.  The team had me help them dial in Coopers bike…. your welcome!

Then it was time to get a seat for the main event.  Lucas Oil gave my family some really awesome tickets.  It was really cool of them….BUTT….. does their pit area have to be at the top of the tallest hill?  Good thing I brought my own 51 Fifty Energy Drink, or I might not have made it to the top.


The Lucas Oil spot was an awesome spot to watch the races.


A week ago was the final Loretta Lynn area qualifier race for the southwest region.  Because I had not yet qualified for that area the rules say if I can complete half the laps of the race I can sign into the regional race as an alternate.  We loaded up the moto van and drove to LA to “race”.

It was really fun to be back at the track and see everyone.  It was strange to be at the track and not to ride in the morning practice but I watched everyone.  The track looked so fun!

I got dressed in my new fly gear

Took some pictures with my bike.  Of course I had to make a few wardrobe changes.

Then it was time to get on the line for my race.

It was so hard when the gate dropped I wanted to take off and race with my friends.  I just stood up and rolled over all the jumps and around each turn.

It was cool to be back on my bike and riding around the track but it only made me want to race even more.  My parents were very proud of me that I went really slow and I got last place.  lol

I did hit one turn that was really sick.  Just one!

I am going to the doctors this week and hoping to get release.  fingers crossed!