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My family went to Turlock on Friday night to race at Oatfield MX Track.  We got to the track late and went right to bed.  When we woke up Saturday morning I was ready to practice.

Although I have raced at Oatfield before, they don’t have many races or practices there and we don’t often get to ride on the track.  It has been a long time since I was last at the track and it was really awesome, the track conditions are a little different from what I am used to.  It was a really good practice weekend for me on several different kinds of track conditions in one place.  In the morning the track was super wet with deep sand.  The track dried out and was super dusty and slick.  As the track dried it got really rough with huge bumps  all over the track.  When the water truck wet the track, it was still rough and now the sand was wet again.  Because it was about 100 degrees it would dry quickly and again become slick and dry.

65cc race I got 5th out of 17 riders (1st place in my class) and in the second race I got 6th out of 22 riders (2nd place in my class)

85cc race I finished 8th out of 16 in the first race and 3rd out of 16 in the second race. (4th place overall)

During practice on Saturday I fell over the back of the step up.  I was clearing the step up but this time I got a little sideways and landed wrong and crashed.  I bite two holes in my tongue that made it look like snake fangs…..I guess I need to make sure I don’t stick out my tongue when I am racing.  🙂

Race day was really long because they had 21 motos, over 300 riders and 100 degree heat.  The weekend was really good practice for me, I had a lot of really fast riders in my classes and riding with the older kids really pushed me.


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Last weekend I got a little kitten!  I named him MOTO (Get it…Moto Cross) and he is soooo cute!  It has been fun playing with him and he loves to be pet all the time.  Moto has been getting used to my family and he even sleeps in my bed with me all night.  Moto has been playing with all his toys and gets along good with our dog Tobi.

This last week we traveled around to several tracks to work on many different things. We practices at Club Moto in Livermore, 408MX in San Jose and Hollister GP Track in Hollister.  All three tracks have different soil and I was able to practice different styles of riding.

Club Moto:  Soft dirt that is loose.  The track has many tight turns and you can practice up and down hills.

408MX:  Hard packed dirt that is tight with many rhythm sections.  Great chance to practice jumps and rutts

Hollister GP:  Sand track that is very open and fast with a few hills including the elevator shaft.  Practice high speed turns and getting in and out of turns that are really rough.

Saturday was the last round of the 408mx Summer Series and at the end of the night the Series Champions were crowned.

The day started with practice and I was riding really well during the day.  We had a short break then it was time to start racing.  The night started out a little rough…..  In my first 65 race I had a bad start and had to fight through traffic to race my way to the front, and after a couple laps I was able to take the lead.  While I was in the lead I went over the back triple and as I rounded the turn toward the finish line I hit a large rock on the track and my bike went crazy and I flipped.  I finished up the race in third place, I was pretty sore and I hurt my shoulder, but I was OK.  The second 65 race of the night ended much better and I came in first.  With the way all the other riders finished for the night, I went third and first and ended the night with a 1st overall.

The 85 races for the night were also a little difficult.  They moved the 85 race to the last race of the night, and by the time I hit the track it was pretty rough.  I raced really well, but it was difficult to compete with the big wheel 150cc bikes in my class.  I raced really hard and finished a very close third to the two big wheel bikes in my class.  They were both really exciting races and everyone was fighting hard.

Between the first and second round of racing, the moon started to come out and everyone was treated to a BBQ.  The food was great and it was really fun to sit with everyone and hangout a little.  At the end of the night the series awards were given out and I was a TWO TIME 408MX SUMMER SERIES CHAMPION!  I was able to come in 1st in both of the classes that I raced the full series.  (I did race more classes throughout the series when fast racers showed up, but only raced two classes for the entire series.)

It was really cool to race under the lights this summer… Thanks 408MX

I want to give an extra thanks to Moto Efx Graphics for making my bike look amazing under the lights.

A final thanks to my family for coming to my races and practices all the time!

P.S.  Even though the title says “The Race Is Over,” it is only over at that track.  See you at the next race!

Last weekend was very hot and very busy……   Saturday I raced (read more at 408MX Sprint IMS Race) and had a lot of fun riding and watching the pro’s.   In the last race of the night my friend Dom fell and broke his collar bone.  It was a really hard crash and I was so sad to see him get hurt.  Get better soon!

Sunday my Mom took my sister and I back to San Jose to see Dom and make sure he was doing ok.  After we saw him my Mom took me to the Fair that was right next to the race track.  We played with the animals and rode some rides and had a lot of fun.

The guys at Moto Efx finished my graphics and they look AMAZING!  The combination of the blue and the pink (my favorite) looks so cool.  My bike looked awesome under the lights at the San Jose night race on Saturday and I am sure the graphics helped me race to a double win.   See more information from the race at 408MX SPRINT IMS RACE.


This last Saturday was the Sprint IMS race at 408MX.  With a 5K pro purse up for grabs, they had a ton of great riders like Eric McCrummen, Kyle Partridge, Drew Gosselaar, Tommy Weeck, Jimmy Albertson, Casey Hinson, PrestonMull, Dennis Stapleton, Kyle Tigert, Ricky Rinauro, Dillon Alexander, Chris Gosselaar, and so many more.  The stands were packed because of all the great pro riders and because the County Fair was next door at the fairgrounds.

After the riders raced for the qualifying order, they were put into brackets and two riders at a time raced head to head in a lap and a half lap shoot out.  The winner of each race transferred to the next until the final two raced for the big money.  With the quick sprint to the finish, little mistakes meant that anyone could win and we saw some great battles.  Congrats to Jimmy Albertson who came in 1st, Kyle Partridge 2nd, Tommy Weeck 3rd, and Eric McCrummen 4th.  All the riders put on a great show and the event was done really great!


I also had really great battles this weekend!  On my 65 bike I battled from start to finish with my friend and we had a lot of fun.  We were the first moto of the night and the track was really wet.  Going around he first turn of the first race all of us slid out and had to slow to stay up.  I was able to pull out the hole shot and stay in the lead to the finish.  In the second race I came off the line in second and had to battle hard to work my way to the front and was able to finish both races in 1st place.

On my 85 race I again had to race the 150cc bikes and they were able to get out front right at the start and I had my work cut out for me in both races to try to catch the bigger bikes.  I caught up to them and had to work really hard to try to find a way to get by them.  In both races we had really good battles and I was able to make the passes and take the lead for both 1st place finishes.


Today was the 1st day of the third grade.  Just like every year, my Mom had to take a picture of us before we left for school.  I hope this school year will be fun!

THIRD GRADE 2011-2012

SECOND GRADE 2010-2011

FIRST GRADE 2009-2010


Saturday I went to 408MX and practiced a little in the morning and then raced the night race.  Practice went really well, I found some fast lines and had fun riding with my friends. 

In both of my 65 races I got the hole shot and was able to stay out front for the whole race and finish in 1st.   It was really fun to get out front and ride my race without having to battle through any traffic and stay in front.

In my 85 race I had a few more challenges.  They combined the 85cc bikes and the 150cc bikes in the same race.  At the start one of the other bikes hit me and came into my lane and I had to let off the gas to avoid going down.  Around the first few turns I worked my way up to fourth and had two of the 15occ bikes in front of me.  I was able to pass the first one jumping over one of the triples and work on catching the next bike.  A lap and a half later I was right behind the next 150cc and working hard to make a pass.  I was faster than him, but it was really hard to make a pass.  His bike was faster in the straight lines, and I was faster in the turns and we battled back and forth.  I again used the same triple to jump over him and going into the turn after the jump he slid over into me and I got pushed over the burm and took a really hard crash.  With my back hurting and my bike a mess, I was not able to finish the race.

My Dad was able to get my bike fixed enough for me to race in the second 85cc race.  I had a much better start, but was still behind the two 150cc bikes.  I got right around the first bike, but then found myself right behind the same bike that I crashed with earlier.  I chased him down and stayed really close to him waiting for a good time to pass.  Coming around for the next lap, he doubled the finish line jump and I tripled over the top of him and was able to get in front of him.  It was such a great battle to try to find a way around him and be able to make the pass.

I ended the night with a 1st place trophy and some cool hole shot awards including an awesome Fox hat.