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Raced at Hollister MX this weekend, it was the third round of the CMC Series.  What a weekend! 

I practiced all day Saturday and picked up a lot of speed from the last time I raced at Hollister.  After practice I played with my friends off  the track.  We road bicycles, played XBOX, went on hikes, and watched movies. 

On Sunday, things started off a little rough….but finished up well. 

In the first 65cc race.  I got a great hole shot and was moving away fast.  By the end of the first lap I had a pretty large lead until….. the axle bolt came loose and the chain came off the bike.  With no quick fix, in a few seconds I went from first to last.  In the second moto everything went great and I finished 1st.  Because some of the other kids also had problems, I was able to pull out a 2nd place over all.

The 50cc class I had a hard time on my first two starts.  My bike hooked some bad rutts and although I started mid pack, I was able to work through and come out 1st.  All four of the 50cc races I finished 1st.


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On Monday I went into surgery to remove the rock that was under my skin just under my right eye.

The surgery went well!  The doctor thinks everything was removed and I am healing well.  Everything is looking great with the eye and I am clear to race in Hollister this weekend!

MORE INFO:  The rock is left over from a bicycle accident I had on July 21st.  We traveled 12 hours to Washougal Washington to race in a National Event.  While I was waiting for dinner, I had an accident on my bicycle.  Along with a ton of road rash I also broke my nose.  Although I was hurting, I was determined to race my dirt bike.  I finished 6th overall on my 65 and 2nd overall on my 50.  Not bad for one good eye!!!!

September 12th was the second round of the CMC Series at Club Moto in Livermore. 

Despite many obsticles, the race went very well.  The track was different than it had been before and because of a knee injury I was unable to practice during the week.  During the scheduled practice before the race I had one of my 50cc and one of my 65cc  motors go down.  Now racing on back up motors, I had to make sure that I worked hard to limit any mistakes during the race. 

50cc 7-8 and 50cc Open:  Once the gate dropped, everything seemed to fall into place.  Having slower motors, I did not get the hole shots.  I worked hard to keep everyone close and before the first lap was over I took over the lead and stayed out front all the way to the checkered flag.  I raced 4 50cc races and was consistant in all four races.

65cc 7-9:  I got the hole shot and jumped out to a quick lead.  Going up the back hill my front tire slide out and I went down.  I am not tall enought to hold the bike up myself, but eventually I had someone hold the bike for me.  I was in 4th place when I start the bike and got back going.  Each lap I made a pass and before the checkered flag fell, I was in 1st place for the win.  The second race I got the hole shot and stayed out front for the win.


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Many people ask were I race at.  although most of my favorite tracks are close to home, over this next year I will be traveling to many National Tracks.  I will be sure to let you know what we find along the way!  Below is a list of the top 10  motocross tracks I have raced on to date.

  1. Washougal MX – Washougal, WA 
  2. Hangtown – Sacramento, CA 
  3. Hollister MX Track – Hollister, CA  
  4. Oatfield – Turlock, CA 
  5. Club Moto – Livermore, CA
  6. MMX – Marysville, CA 
  7. 408 MX – San Jose, CA
  8. Argyll – Dixon, CA
  9. E- Street MX – Marysville, CA
  10. Chico MX – Chico, CA

Hello world!

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Welcome to the world of dirt bike racing through the eyes of a 7 year old.   I have 4 dirt bikes (2-50cc King Cobra’s and 2-65cc KTM’s) and I race 3 differnet classes each weekend.  I will keep you up to date with how I am doing as well as other racing information.