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I recently traveled to LA for the 2nd Annual Road 2 Recover Jessy Nelson’s MX school. 

We spent the day at Pala and everyone got to practice at different stations with some pretty awesome motocross racers and trainers like Ryan Villopoto, David Bailey, Destry Abbott, Jeff Ward, Grant Langston, Kris Keefer, Jessy Nelson, and more.

I was very excited that Wienerschnitzel was there providing lunch for everyone. I got to have my favorite chili dogs and see my “best bud” Joey

Speaking of hot dogs…. My buddy Rico was also there with Chili  😉     aka T-Rex

Road 2 Recovery is an amazing non-profit organization founded to help professional athletes with financial, motivational, and emotional support and  assistance if they sustain career-ending injuries.   

I have to tell you when I was in Texas and broke my back my good friend Rico called his friends from Road 2 Recovery and they contacted my parents immediately.   They knew exactly what we had to do and what we should ask the doctors and what we shouldn’t do to ensure that I was able to make a full recovery.  I am not a pro racer and the people from Road 2 Recovery took the time to continue to talk with us and help us through everything.  They truly care about helping everyone and it is such an amazing foundation.  I owe them so much and I am so thankful for all they did for me.

We had a fund day of motocross

and a fun day with old and new friends.

More information on Road 2 Recovery can be found at:

A few months ago I went to Chaney Ranch for a photo shoot for Fly Gear.  Now that the gear is ready for release I can share pictures of the shoot.


I got to wear the new Fly gear and it was all really sick.   My Dad got my bike all clean and shiny for the pictures.  I got to ride with Weston Peick, Davi Millsaps and Zach Osborne.


Peick’s girlfriend Kelly was there and I had fun hanging out with her also.

imageWe took still pictures first.

imageThen we got out on the track to ride.


The brochure just came out and three of my photos made the cut……



imageIt was a fun day of riding and showing off the new Fly Gear.  Make sure you check out the full line of 2017 gear thats available now.

Thank you Fly Gear and Chaney Ranch for having me out to ride!

I recently switched to Von Zipper Goggles and I have to tell you how different they are from the old goggles I wore.  First let me tell you that I have tried on every different kind of goggles and none of them fit my nose.  Every time I put goggles on with my helmet there is a huge gap between the goggles and the top of my nose.  After speaking with the guys at Von Zipper they said we will send you some goggles that will fit your nose.  I didn’t believe them because I have tried everything and could never find anything that fit.

I mean look at my amazing nose.


I got a shipment from the guys of Von Zipper and DVS and the goggles looked so sick!


The colors of the goggles are amazing, but I couldn’t believe how perfect they fit my nose.  If any of you have a little nose you have to try the kind I have, they are awesome!  Look at all the different colors they come in.


The best thing about the kid goggles with Von Zipper is that they sell them with laminate tear offs.  I had never used laminate tear offs before and I could never go back to regular tear offs.  No more dirt between my tear offs or hard to see through lenses.  If you have never used laminate tear offs, they are a must!


To get your Von Zipper Goggles and tear offs, go to:

Toll Free: 888.509.5934
Phone: 949.341.3075


The people at Lucas Oil have put together a really amazing digital magazine.  After the race at Mammoth Mountain I spoke with them and we discussed an article they were writing for the Mammoth issue.  The magazine is really awesome and the things you can do with the magazine is so cool!  Because it is online and digital you get way more from it than any traditional magazines.


The magazine has over 100 pages of pictures, articles, videos and information about everything dirt bike racing.  The pictures are awesome, the articles are really cool, they have videos you can watch right in the magazine, and links that can take you directly to other sites.  As you look through the magazine just run your mouse across the magazine and the links are highlighted that will take you to hundreds of different websites.  With the way they put in videos and links, the magazine is totally interactive.

In the last ISSUE #3 MAMMOTH MOTOCROSS they have a featured article about me.


Issue #3 on Page 84 and 85 is an article that I wrote for the magazine.  Although I won one of my other races at Mammoth, the article is specifically about the race I finished in second place and the pass/battle for the second place spot.


You have to check out to view all the past issues of the digital magazine.

To see my article go to HunterCrossArticle for issue #3 to read about my race at Mammoth on pages 84-85

On page 113 of issue #3 make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss the next issue of The Roots Digital Magazine!

Thank you My Lucas Oil for putting so much time into giving us the amazing digital magazine.  Can’t wait to see what is coming next.

51 Fifty Energy Drink has come out with a new flavor and a new drink line.  You have tried their energy drinks (regular, sugar free, and extreme)


51 Fifty is now making an energy drink combined with a sports drink…….The new Berry flavored energy drink has ELECTROLYTES, VITAMINS and NATURAL HERBS.  This drink is like a sport drink with energy, so cool.


The Non-Carbonated Berry flavor is soooooo good!  I can’t get enough, my favorite flavor.



Just like all the 51 Fifty Energy drinks, part of the proceeds of the new Berry Vitamin flavor goes to help families with kids battling autism.


Go to to find a story near you and grab your energy.  LIVE THE MADNESS!



I wear out my riding boots very fast.  I use my feet to hold on tight to the bike and every time I ride they get covered in mud.   I have gone through a couple of pairs of Alpinestar Tech 6 Boots and they are my favorite.


No matter what kind of boots you get, they are all so stiff when you buy them that they are very difficult to ride with them.  New boots are the worst because it is hard to feel the shifter and the brake and the boots don’t bend well when they are new.  The Alpinestar Tech 6 boots have increased back and forth flexibility but they still need a little help.  My Dad and I always tape the boots for a couple of days before I ride with them.  We tape them in half for a few hours and then let them loose for a few hours and continue back and forth for a couple of days.  By the time I ride with them I am able to move my ankle in them much better.


The boots I use has the inner side of the boot specifically designed for control and features thick and wide stamped suede designed for better grip against the bike and guards against heat.  Heel protector guards and outer ankle features shock absorbing insert on the back of the boot.  Poly fabric internal lining is laminated with open cell foam for improved air circulation.  Increased flexibility at the ball of the foot for improved braking and shifting and it has a patented “ankle brace” protector.


….and they look totally awesome on me!


I just got my boots a few months ago and it is almost time for a new pair…..can’t wait!


Get your Alpinestar Boots at or your local motocross store or website.


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Last week I picked up my new helmet.  It is a custom 51 Fifty Energy Drink Helmet that was painted by Lufo’s Kustom Designs.


The helmet is so sick!


Just like the Supercross helmets, but just for……    CROSS


The 51 Fifty Supercross Team racers have the same helmet that Lufo painted for me.  He rushed to paint it and get it back to me in time for my Mammoth race, but unfortunately I got hurt and didn’t get to race that one.  I am hoping to get to use it for the first time at the Loretta Lynn National Race.


Lufo’s Kustom Designs paints the most awesome helmets…….. under the lights and out in the sun the paint on the helmets is amazing.  You have to go to his Facebook page and see some of his past work.

Contact Lufo to get your helmets painted:


Facebook:  Lufo’s Kustom Designs

Phone:   (831) 901-6585

A few weeks ago at the track, Americore started selling their new dirt scooters…..they are so cool!


They are better than the old scooters that we used to use because they have big tires so we can ride them in rocks and dirt.  When I rode the old scooters I would fall if I hit a little rock on the sidewalk, and now we were able to ride these in the dirt.


The tires are really big and it is fun to jump on them and do tricks.


Americore also makes a personalized front plate for the scooters.  When we had them all laying outside the trailers, it was easy for everyone to find which one was theirs.  I love anything with my number on it….the front plate rocks!

photo (99)

I also want to give a special respect to Heath Cunha who passed away February 17, 2013 at the age of 42.  Although I didn’t know Heath, I know several members of the Cunha family…they are an amazing family and we are very sorry for the loss of their Brother, Uncle, Husband, Father, and Friend.


For more information and to get your dirt scooter:

Like them on Facebook at



call (209) 632-5679

My bikes always look great thanks to Moto Efx graphics, but this week they got crazy with my moto van.  I went to get my van wrapped and it was so cool to see it change from a basic black van to a custom CROSS71 – moto van.


Not only does the van look amazing driving down the road, but you have to see it in person.  The van has several different ghost pictures in the background that really pops out in the sun.


The best part of the whole thing is that it has me on all three sides.  🙂


It has ghost skulls in the background, some ghost MotoEfx logos, and it looks like I am jumping in motion.  In this picture you can see part of the ghost skull and me in motion.


If you have your own designs and logos or if you are looking for something new and different, Moto Efx will give you what you are looking for.  I like that the dirt bike kits they do look different and really stand out on the track.  Moto Efx likes to create new and different graphics with crazy designs and colors.

Make sure you contact Moto Efx for information on your dirt bike kits and vehicle wraps.


Thank you Carlos with 51 Fifty Energy Drink and Larry from Moto Efx for the awesome bikes and now the awesome moto van!


Throughout this year I will be bringing some of the hottest and coolest products to your attention.  I am going to try to give you the best information about the products as well as the things that work and don’t work for me.  Those of you who know me, know that I don’t like change.  I love what currently works for me and I have a hard time trying new products……with this in mind I will be reviewing new products and giving you my opinions.  These are only my opinions, and even if things don’t work for me… will have the information you need to see if they would be a good fit for you.  Hope you enjoy!

The first product review I am doing is actually two things in one.  I am doing both the Leatt Neck Brace and Chest Protector at the same time because ideally these products are designed to work together.  In the past I have used a different kind of Leatt neck brace and a bull riding chest protector, but these new products go together to distribute an impact more evenly throughout your body.  With the way they fit together, a neck impact force is felt in the chest and taken away from the shoulders.



I have chosen the Leatt GPX Pro Neck Brace.  This brace is a fully ventilated carbon-fiber chassis with a completely redesigned, open-cell padding.  It has anodized CNC spring loaded aluminium hinges, alternative load path technology, collarbone cutout, and unique one piece rear support designed to break away in a severe impact.  The GPX Pro brace is advertised to be the lightest, most ventilated and most comfortable brace ever made.


The second I put this neck brace on I could see a complete difference.  The biggest difference is the weight of this brace versus the one I usually use.  This brace is really very light and it was also very comfortable.  I think I really liked it because I couldn’t even feel like I had it on.  Even though it is very light, the metal hinges are really strong and secure I really love everything about this neck brace.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  The GPX Pro and the GPX Pro Light are the same brace with a couple of differences.  The Pro Light has plastic side clasps and the Pro has metal clasps.  The Pro also comes with a very nice carrying case.  At the time of this post Leatt is running a special and the Leatt GPX Pro is being sold at a huge discount and is the same price as the Leatt Pro Light.



The second part of this is the Leatt Body Vest Lite Junior.  This chest protector is designed for kids and works with any Leatt brace.  The chest protector has straps on the shoulders to hold the neck brace and the chest protector together, but allows for easy movement.


Wearing this chest protector after wearing a bull riding vest was like night and day for me.  This chest protector is way lighter and smaller than what I am used to, it almost felt like I wasn’t wearing anything.  I loved wearing both the neck brace and the chest protector and they were extremely easy to wear when I was riding.  I did have one problem….I crashed during practice and took a handlebar to the chest.  I didn’t feel anything in my chest at all and the chest protector absorbed the impact excellent  but with this chest protector being shorter and harder than the vest I usually wear and the bottom of this brace hurt my gut.  With this brace having harder edges than I am used to, I didn’t like how it felt when I crashed.  I did go back to my old chest protector after the crash….I know that the new one will take some getting used to, I am sure I will like it when I do.


Both of these products are very well made and are so important to our safety when we ride dirt bikes.  Make sure you go to to find the right products that works for you.


When you ride, make sure you are protected!