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The last time I had a hair cut was before Christmas and it is all because of the Vaccarello Family….

During practice one day when my hair looked like this…


Todd Vaccarello started a bet between his son Dom and myself.  The bet was the first kid to cut his hair has to detail the other kids dirtbike.  Dom and I accepted the challenge and I have been letting my hair grow ever since.  I have never had my hair even a little long, I always buzz my hair so this challenge was way more difficult than I thought it would be.  Because Dom and I are both racers, we didn’t care about having to wash each others bikes, we were both determined to not lose at any cost.

Soon my hair looked like this


and then this


and then




and it kept growing


Last week when Dom and I were hanging out and we both looked like this….


My Mom had enough….She knew that we would never let the other person win the bet.  Before our hair was long enough for her to braid she wanted it cut.  We both sat down and at the same time……




The bet was off and I didn’t have to let my hair grow out anymore.  Dom and I agreed on a two way tie with no winner and no looser.  I couldn’t wait to run home and get the clippers out.


….and I was back!  



My Mom said I can no longer talk to Todd Vaccarello!


In the last two weeks I have went to two races that were both ran by 2X Promotions.  The first race was a Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier and the second race was a Mammoth Qualifier. 2x3 The race two weeks ago (The Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier) was at Porterville.  I had never been to Porterville before and I was excited to race on a new track.  Practice day was great and I was able to learn the track and find some good lines.  Just after practice it started to rain, and rain, and rain.  Normally when it rains here we cancel races, but because this was a qualifier for Loretta Lynn it had to be ran the next day.  In the morning the track was completely soaked the starting line was under a huge puddle of water. 2x4 After several hours of working on the track racing started to begin just after lunch.  The track was still very muddy and many big bikes were getting stuck in the middle of the track and not able to complete the race.  They decided to have all little bikes race on a back supercross type track that didn’t get as wet.  It was really crazy because we all lined up side by side and had a flag start instead of a gate start. 2x1 The track was really tight and we were able to go fast and have some great racing.  It was totally different and really fun.  I was able to pull out the overall win in my 65 class.


This last week the Mammoth qualifier was at Hangtown and it was an awesome event.  A ton of people showed up and all the classes had big gates and really good racing. 2x8 The track got really rough and it was super rocky.  The start was really important because if you had to pass someone you would get hit with huge rocks and it really hurt.  I had a couple bad starts and because of it I had huge bruises on both of my arms.  It was hard to pass on the track but much easier when I was able to get out front. 2x7

In my 65 class I was able to race for two overall 1st place finishes.


In the 65 race I got a 3rd place finish and a 4th place finish which gave me a 4th overall.

(love my new Fly Racing gear)

2x10 Lucas Oil was at the event and gave out products to all the winners.  They have been at all the 2X racing events and my Dad loves not only the oil but all the products they have. 2x5Now it is time to get ready for the next race.