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This weekend Moto Efx and 51 Fifty Energy Drink invited me to be a support rider at the Over The Hill Gang race at Oatfield.

I had never been to an over the hill gang event before.  They had a ton of people at the event, but not many support riders.

It was really cool because I had never been on the track with so few riders before.  I got to have fun and work on several different lines.

Thank you Dave and the Moto Efx guys for inviting me to be a part of the 51 Fifty Energy/Over The Hill Gang ride day. 

This weekend was super busy!  First we drove to Milford Nevada to race the Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier.  I had never been to Honey Lake MX track before and I was excited to see what it was like.  The track is right off Highway 395 and it is basically a track that goes all around the hills.  The turns were super sandy, some big and fast jumps and of course hills.  I took a hard crash in practice and hurt my foot, but after some rest it started to feel better and I was able to go by race time.

This Loretta Lynn qualifier was really big for a few reasons….(1) This was a qualifier race for both North and South divisions. (2) The Northern Regional qualifier race will be at this track so even if you have already qualified for the North at a different track you want to practice on this track for the Regional. (3) Most of the previous qualifiers have been on the same weekend as big National races when a lot of riders were not around to race.  I raced 65 7-9 Stock and 85 9-11 Stock and the kids that raced at Loretta’s last year were racing with me.  I was really excited to race and see how I could match up.

In the first 65 race I got hit by two riders in a turn and we all went down.  I got back up and battled all the way back up to 5th place…..On the last lap I got a flat rear tire but I continued to ride hard and I was able to hold on to my 5th place finish.  In the second 65 race I was able to stay up, I came out of the first turn in 8th and by the end I had almost caught the second place rider and finished in 3rd.  We had some really fun battles and raced really hard on a very rough track.  I finished the race in 3rd place and took an overall 3rd place for the day.

In the second 65 race I would say I came out of the first turn in 8th by the end I almost caught the second place rider

In both my 85 races I again had really good battles and had a ton of fun, but in both my races my rear brakes got too hot and stopped working.  It was really hard to race the track without brakes, but I was able to pull off a 12th and 9th place finishes with kids up to 12 years old.

After the races we drove home from Nevada and got home at Midnight.  We woke up Sunday morning at 6am and headed to Argyll MX in Dixon to race the CMC race.  We didn’t get to practice with everyone on Saturday and the track was completely different from the last time I rode on it, but I was excited to try to race.  I was racing 65 Intermediate, 65 Open and I moved up on my 85 to 85 Novice.

In my first 65 race as soon as I left the line my bike did not have much power.  I finished the race the best I could but my bike was not running right and I was only able to finish in 3rd.  My Dad worked on the bike and found out that I had a torn power valve, he was able to fix it for the next races.  The next three 65 races I didn’t get the hole shots but I was able to battle to the front and finish all three races in 1st place.  I took an overall 1st and 2nd.

In my first 85 race I was able to pull off a 3rd place finish.  In my second 85 race I fell on the second lap and I was able to pick up my bike and get back going.  (can you believe I got my bike up…it was sooo heavy.) I finished the second race in 5th place which gave me a 4th place overall finish.

Saturday in Nevada (Loretta Lynn Qualifier Race)

  • 65 7-9 Stock           3rd Place
  • 85 9-11 Stock         9th Place

Sunday in California (CMC Spring Series Race)

  • 65 Intermediate       2nd Place
  • 65 Open                   1st Place
  • 85 Novice                4th Place

Last month I went on vacation to Mexico and I made sure to pack my 51 Fifty Energy Drinks……They were a huge hit!


At the Wold Mini Grand Prix I was racing in three different classes.

  • 65 Stock – 35 bikes
  • 65 Mod  – 25 bikes
  • 65 Open – 64 bikes

Wednesday it was still  REALLY HOT outside and I got up early and watched some races and then got ready for my race.  I had only one race on Wednesday which was 65 Stock.  I did not have a good start and I DIDN’T RIDE VERY WELL.  I think I was kinda still in practice mode and trying to get a feel for the different sections of the track.  I finished the race in 7th place.

Thursday morning I was re-focused and ready for my two races.   THE WIND WAS BLOWING OVER 50 MPH and we were in the middle of A SAND STORM.  The sand was flying around so hard that it hurt when it hit you and everyone had to wear goggles to walk around.

The first race was 65 Open with kids up to 12 years old.  I didn’t get the best start again but this time I was battling and working my way past some riders.  I was moving forward and I TOOK A REALLY HARD FALL over a double, double, double section and ended up with my legs in the air over my head.  I was able to get back up and going and pulled off a 6th place finish.

In the second race, 65 Mod, I got a good start and was making a pass into second in the third turn when the FOURTH PLACE RIDER CROSSED INTO ME AND FELL ON ME.  I couldn’t get up because his bike was on my bike, on top of me.  By the time I was able to get up and get going I was in last place and was only able to get back up to twelfth place.

The part for my Dad’s track got shipped to the track so my Dad spent the afternoon working on our truck so we would be able to drive back home….I am so lucky my Dad is a mechanic so he could fix our truck.  He rocks!  I laid down to rest and fell asleep so fast….I was out.

Friday the weather was SOOOO COLD and it was time for round two of my 65 Stock race.  The start line is a concrete start and my TIRE SPUN OFF THE LINE and then I GOT STUCK IN A CRASH ON THE FIRST TURN.  I was stuck in the middle of a huge crash and it took me a too long to get back in the race.  I battled as hard as I could and I was only able to get up to the eleventh spot.  I was able to take home an 8th place overall trophy for the 65 stock class.

I had about a 10 minute interview on the radio that was really cool.  I was able to talk about my sponsors and thank everyone and talk about what I love to do.  It was fun when I got back to the pits everyone said they were listening to me and they said I did a good job.

Saturday I had three races and started out the morning with the 65 Open race.  While I was in line waiting for my race IT STARTED TO RAIN.  I was in some really great battles and finished up the race in seventh place.  Because they had so many riders in the 65 Open class, 15 riders from the two motos in division 1, and 15 riders from the two motos in division 2 transferred into a main event showdown.  In the main event I got a really great start and I rode really well but during the race I GOT A FLAT TIRE.  I continued to ride the best I could and tried not to fall to far behind.  I finished the race in eleventh place which gave me a 10th place overall finish.

In the 65 Open class I started out the race with a great start and was in second place.  I continued to put pressure on the leader in each turn and we had a really fun battle.  The two of us continued to battle and we continued to pull away from the rest of the riders.  Going up the up-hill on the last lap I gained on the leader and as I went across the top to go down the hill I STALLED MY BIKE.  I was able to get it started quickly and continue riding and because we were out so far from the other riders I still finished in 2nd place.  Because of my crash and bad finish in the first race, I finished with a 5th place overall.

Two top 10 finishes and a top 5 finish……not bad for all that went wrong in the process.  After the first couple of races I felt like I was back to myself and had so much fun battling.  It was crazy because everyday I rode on different track conditions in different weather.  It was super hot, just right, very windy, sandy, cold, and raining.  I learned a lot over the week and can’t wait till the next National Event.

  • 65 Stock – 35 bikes – 8th OVERALL
  • 65 Mod  – 25 bikes – 5th OVERALL
  • 65 Open – 64 bikes – 10th OVERALL

Last week was the World Mini Grand Prix in Mesquite Nevada….which is actually in Little Field Arizona.  The World Mini Grand Prix has been run for the last 40 years and is a week-long event where the top riders come from as far as Hawaii, Japan, Alaska, etc.

At the last-minute I wasn’t sure that I was going to make the race because MY SISTER HAILEY WAS IN THE HOSPITAL.  I was so worried about Hailey and after a full day and night of medication and tests the doctors released her and said she would get better…I am so happy Hailey is finally feeling better!

My family woke up Easter morning and spent some time together as a family and finished getting things ready for our trip to World Mini’s.  We left for the track around lunch time and I was super excited to see what the track was going to look like.  Half way through our trip OUR TRUCK BROKE DOWN.   My Dad was able to drive very carefully, and slowly, and we got to the track at about 2AM.  We had to sleep in a field outside the track until the gates opened in the morning and there was already of ton of people in line.

First thing in the morning the gates opened and we had to wait for our turn to park inside the track.  After several hours of moving people, it was finally our turn and we were inside.  While we were getting settled we saw smoke from the front gate and we realized that THE SIGN IN TRAILER WAS ON FIRE.  Before we knew it the fire department was on the scene and they quickly put out the fire, which they said was caused by something electrical.

We woke up Tuesday morning and it was time to practice.  It was very hot outside and the track got really dry.  I ONLY GOT 8 LAPS OF PRACTICE on the track.  It was really difficult for me to figure out the track.  After being off the bike for over a month and having only two days of practice before going to World Mini’s, I think I was more off than I realized.  With two 4 lap sessions of practice I figured out the layout of the track, the deep sand and hard sections, and worked on some turns, but I couldn’t get my rhythm down on the jumps.

Because the closest hospital is about two hours away, they have to have a helicopter on site during the races.  The helicopter was parked right next to us and it was really cool to watch it take off and land throughout the day.

To Be Continued………

Saturday I spent the day helping my Dad work on bikes and we started packing to go to the World Mini Grand Prix that was coming up.  Saturday afternoon my Dad took me to Stockton 99 Speedway to cheer on Larry from MotoEfx and Carlos from 51 Fifty Energy Drink.  The race was soooo fun!  Larry and Carlos gave us pit passes and I got to hang out with the teams.

MOTO EFX:  Larry and the Moto Efx team had wrapped like every car and hauler that was in the pits.  The whole place looked amazing with the coolest graphics.  Larry’s rider, Jacob Gomes who drives the number 16 Sunnyvalley Meats car, made the race look too easy.  He qualified first but because of the starting draw he started the race in fourth.  Before long he took the lead and never looked back.  Larry and his family let me hang out in the center of the track with them and I even got to wear the ear phones to listen to the team communication.  THANK YOU MOTOEFX!

51 FIFTY: Carlos is the driver for the 51 Fifty Energy Drink car and he drove the wheels off his car.  The team had problems with the car just before practice and got no testing time on the track.  He was able to pull out a thirteenth qualifying position which was amazing.  Carlos definitely passed the most cars of the night.  The track was really difficult to pass on and Carlos battled all the way to fifth.  What an amazing drive to the front!  After the race I hung out in the pits more with the teams and before I left Carlos hooked me up with banners and drinks to take to the World Mini Grand Prix.  THANK YOU 51 FIFTY!



5150 is the California Penal Code for someone who is a danger to themselves or to others…….AND IT IS ALSO THE NAME OF MY NEW SPONSOR!

51 FIFTY ENERGY DRINK is a local beverage company committed to produce the hottest energy drink on the market.  They utilize special ingredients like the Astragalus and the Maca Root, which is why people have switched from the old brands.  Go to to find your local stores and start to LIVE THE MADNESS!

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Not only is the drink superior to other energy drinks, Carlos and the 51 Fifty team are awesome.  Everyone is really nice and they are committed to giving back.  51 Fifty Energy Drink donates a percentage of all sales to Race For Autism which directly helps families living with Autism, and they are affiliated with Supercross, BMX, Car Racing, MMA, Pro Fishing, Boarding, and more.

I am very excited to be a part of such an amazing group of people and excited to help promote an awesome company.

I am looking forward to a future of LIVING THE MADNESS!


Are you someone that does not quit?

Are you always pushing the limit?

Are you unable to feel fear?

Are you up for any challenge?

Grab a can and LIVE THE MADNESS!


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The ROAD TO MAMMOTH began back in 1968 when a group of riders built a track 8,000 feet up in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.  Every summer racers qualify for a chance to race the Mammoth Mountain classic event, the oldest continuous running motocross event in the USA.  Many of the top racers in the world have honed their skills at this event and staged some epic battles….Riders like Ricky Carmichael, Jeremy McGrath, Steve Lamson, Kevin Windham, James Stewart, Mike Bell, Donny Hansen and many more. It also become one of the major amateur events in the country as well. You can see the factory riders of tomorrow racing in the mini classes at Mammoth.

This last weekend I went back to Los Angeles to race the Road to Mammoth Qualifier at Lake Elsinore.  This was my first time back riding since I took a break with my elbow almost a month ago.  I was so excited to get back on my dirt bike.

We got to my Uncles house early saturday morning and had a couple of hours of sleep before it was time to go to the track for practice.  Saturday practice went well and I had so much fun.  I felt like I was a little out of shape and a little rusty but I think I did pretty good.  After practice we went back to my Uncles house and I played XBox with my cousin, it was so fun.

I went back to the track early Sunday morning to get ready to race.  The track conditions were really different from anything I usually ride on.  They didn’t water the track very much and it didnt hold up very well.  The braking bumps were huge and turned into whoops going into the turn.  The turns became very hard packed and slick like ice and most of the turns were totally flat with no rutts.  The entire track was so dry that during one of my races I couldn’t see the rider in front of me because it was too dusty.

All day my starts were a little off so I had to race for position which was difficult on this track.  In my first 65 race I was able to fight to the front and pull out the 1st place win.  In the second 65 race I was again able to fight back to first but then I made a mistake.  Because we raced the younger class in the second gate behind the older class, some of us younger kids caught up to the older class.  As I was battling through traffic and sliding around the track I went down.  I got back up and wasnt able to catch back up to the leader and finished the day with 2nd place overall finish.

My 85 race was also a little difficult because the track was so loose but I did good.  The class is 9-11 and they had some really fast (and big) kids in the class.  Both races were really fun and we had some good battles and I was able to finish the day with no falls and a 7th place trophy.

In the 65 class the top 5 riders qualify and in the 85 class the top 9 riders qualify…… I am now officially qualified in both classes.  YA

Last week my family and I went on vacation.  We drove to Los Angeles and then took a cruise to Mexico.  It was a family reunion with 14 of us meeting at the ship and spending the week together.  We went on the Carnival Splendor.

When we got to the ship, it was kinda cool because we had to wait inside the Queen Mary before we went on our ship.  The Queen Mary was totally cool it was like a museum and everything was really old.

The boat was really fun….it had a pee wee golf course, twisty slide, basketball hoops, video arcade, and 24 hour pizza and ice cream.  We had so much fun.

On our first night on the boat my Mom and I went to watch a show and they had bingo right before the show and we played.  I was excited because our card had a 71 on it.  We were so excited because WE WON BINGO and we won $500.00…..What?  we were so excited!

We spent two days in Cabo and one day in Puerto Vallarta.  The first day in Cabo we walked around and shopped.  My sister and I got to hold a Jaguar and it was so cool.

The second day in Cabo we took a boat to the beach and then rented jet skies.  It was so fun and I got to drive one with my Dad on the back and we chased my sister all over the place.

For our third day in Mexico we didn’t do too much.  We just walked around a little, did some shopping and then it was back on the boat to play some more.


On the ship my family had fun playing, dancing, swimming, eating, and staying up late.

and Mexico fun!