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Because I was hurt a few months back I wasn’t able to qualify to race in the Los Angeles Loretta Regional race.  So, this last weekend my parents and I drove to Washougal Washington to try to qualify for Loretta Lynn’s.


We parked right next to the track and we watched all the different classes riding on the track on practice day.


It had rained in Washington during the week and the weather was in the 90’s on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so the track was very hard and slippery throughout the weekend.  They kept putting water on top of it because of the heat and people were having a hard time getting through the track and especially on the whoops.


On Saturday I raced 85 7-11 Limited which is a stock 85 class.  There were 26 bikes in that class and to qualify I had to get in the top 4 for the day.  In both my races on Saturday I had really bad starts.  See…


I had to work my way through a lot of racers to try to get up to the front.  While I was passing people the front racers were stretching out and I was doing my best to work through as fast as possible.  I was able to finish both races in 3rd place which gave me a 2nd place overall finish.  This is a picture of me in the top 5 tent after the race.


On Sunday I raced 85 7-11 Mod.  After the bad starts I had on Saturday, I was ready on Sunday to get great starts and be up front battling for the lead.  I came off the line in the first race and had a great start I was in 3rd place going up the hill and then my bike jumped into neutral and I almost went over the bars.  I put it back into gear and kept racing around the turn in 4th gear and then the bike went into neutral again.  I wasn’t able to jump any of the jumps or go too fast because the bike would keep going into neutral and I didn’t know if the bike was going to go forward or stop.  I finished the race but with each lap I would get passed by riders that were clearing the jumps.  Something had broken in my transmission and my hope to finish in the top 4 was over in that class.


I was super upset that I wasn’t able to qualify in the mod class and very excited that I was able to get a ticket in the stock class and will be able to race at Loretta Lynn’s.


When I got home from Washington it was like Christmas……I had deliveries from Von Zipper Goggles, DVS Shoes, Lucas Oil, and 51 Fifty Energy Drink.  Thanks for all the great swag, I have the best sponsors!!!!!


See you next weekend at the races!

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks……last week my Sister Hailey graduated from high school and I was supposed to race at a Loretta Lynn Regional Qualifier race in Washington at the same time.

The Deruyter family was totally awesome and they drove me and my bikes to Washington so I can see the track on Friday and get a good night sleep before time to race.  My parents went to Hailey’s graduation Friday night and then the family took her out to dinner before she went to grad night at her school.


GA.WA 0138GA.WA 051

After dinner my parents got in the van and drove 12 hours straight to the Washougal track.  They got to the track about 7am, just when the practices were starting.

GA.WA 183I was able to check out the track and work on sections with my Dad throughout the day.  Since Saturdays races were for the stock classes I didn’t have to qualify in that race because I already qualified in that class in the race in LA.  My big race was on Sunday.

4GA.WA 133GA.WA 207

After hanging out at the track all day we went out to dinner and then back to the hotel to swim.  Mom and Dad were really tired because they hadn’t slept all night so we went to bed early and got up early to race in the Open class on Sunday.


In the first race I got a good start and I came around the first turn in third moved to second and raced up horsepower hill to take over the lead.  I was in first place and I tucked my front tire and went down.  I was able to get back up and going and I fought my way back to 2nd place. (below is pictures of the start of one of the races and a look at horsepower hill)

GA.WA 062GA.WA 065GA.WA 071

In the second race I didn’t get the best start but I was able to get into second place and finished the day out with an overall 2nd place finish. (below is pictures of me going over the whoops)

GA.WA 136GA.WA 143GA.WA 149

With my second place finish I was able to get another ticket to Loretta’s.


After the race it was back in the van for a 12 hour drive home. 😦  When we got back home we took a couple of days to get caught up on all the sleep we lost over the weekend.  In the middle of the week my Mom got really sick and she even had to go into the hospital.  It was scary, but she got better after a few days and she was back to herself.  Saturday was my sister Hailey’s graduation party and a lot of our friends and family came over.

126GA.WA 014

Sunday was Father’s Day and since I hadn’t been on my bike all week, my Dad spent his day with me at the track.  My parents and my sister Hailey and I all hung out at the track, then we took Dad out to lunch.  On the way home we went by my Grandpa’s house to wish him a Happy Fathers Day.  My Dad is always working on my bikes and taking me to practice and race… are the best Dad!  Thanks for everything you do for me.



Thank you to the Deruyter Family for taking me to Washington

Congrats to my Sister Hailey, good luck in college

Glad you are feeling better Mom


Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Friday morning we woke up and the sun was shining in Washougal Washington.  8am we started practice and the track was really muddy from the rain the night before.  I was racing my 50cc King Cobra and the track was so much fun!  After practice I had just over an hour till my race so I played xbox with my friends until it was my turn to race.

The Washougal Amateur National event had over 900 entries, and 32 of them were 50cc dirt bikes.

In the first race I slid into a rutt in the start and come out in about 4th place.  I worked my way to the front and was in the lead by the second lap.  On the last lap a lapped rider fell into me and knocked me off the track.   I was able to get my bike back on the track and going and finish the race in 2nd place.

In the second race I got the hole shot and stayed in the lead the whole race to win.  I got the 1st place overall win!

It was really cool to race because throughout the day some of the pro’s and their crew would come out to watch us race.

Since Ryan Villapoto is from Washington, the plaques we won had him on them.  I took my plaque into the pits and had Ryan sign my 1st place plaque and take a picture with me.


Monday we loaded up the truck and trailer and headed toward Washougal Washington for an Amateur National Race.  We drove for about 10 hours and meet up with our friends in Oregon at Albany Raceway.  As soon as we got into Oregon it started raining and continued raining the whole night.  We went to sleep and when we got up in the morning it was beautiful outside.  We walked around the race facility and saw that most of the track and the entire starting gate was under water.  We loaded up and continued on our trip about two hours into Washougal Washington.

The goal is to get to the field early enough to get into line to entire the park.  The place is huge and not having a good camping spot would mean a ton of walking to and from the track.  We got to the field just after lunch and we were about 9th in line.  Trailers continued to load up the field all afternoon and into the night.  At 10:00 in the morning the grounds were open and we went in to claim our camping sites.  All of our friends took over a great section close to the track, we set up camp and headed up to get a look at the track.

Thursday morning was race time!  We got up early and began practice at 7am.  As practice started, so did the rain!  We got through the entire practice schedule and tried to start the races, but the rain was getting worse.  The race had to be cancelled and moved to Sunday, and it continued to rain until late in the evening.  We all huddled under our awnings and wondered if we would be able to race the next day……….