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The last week and a half has been very crazy in my house.  It all started when my Sister Hailey had a pain in her stomach last Thursday that was so bad she had to go to the hospital.  For the first two days the doctors thought my sister needed her appendix removed, but after further test they found she had an infection in her stomach.  Hailey was in the hospital until Tuesday night then she came home to recover.  While Hailey was in the hospital I got sick with the flu.  I have had a fever that has been up and down and achy all over.  Now My body feels a little better, but I have a cough.  My doctor was concerned because this is the second time I have been sick in the last month so I had to do some blood work to make sure everything is ok.   On Monday, while my sister and I were down my Dad had his surgery to fix his shoulder and his wrist.  This injury came from the bike accident my Dad and I had last year in Washington see the more at Cleared To Race Post.  My Mom was bouncing from Hailey’s hospital (Walnut Creek), to my Dad’s hospital (Pleasanton) to me at home (Discovery Bay.)  We have been a mess!  My sister is doing better, but I think I gave the flu to my Dad…..sorry Dad.  My Sister Elyssa and my Grandma and Grandpa helped my Mom take care of all of us, it was a family effort.