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Last year my older sister Elyssa, her husband Nick and my Niece Lola moved to another state because Nick is in the Army. We haven’t seen them for a long time and a my Sister my Niece came to visit us. It was so cool to see them both and My Niece Lola is so much fun. She is almost two years old and she loves to run around and chase me. She is constantly yelling Uncle, Uncle, Uncle.


While Elyssa and Lola have been home a lot of our family and friends have been coming over the house to visit them both and we have been very busy making sure we do lots of fun stuff with them while they are here.

I have also taken the time to rehab my arm from the injury I got at Hollister. When I went to the doctor the day I got hurt they told me that nothing was broken and that I was going to be just fine. Over the next few days I couldn’t move my arm and finally found out that my shoulder was dislocated and they had to pop it back into place…..OUCH it hurt really bad.

After my arm was put back into place, it was really sore and all my muscles needed to be repaired. Terry Bostard introduced me to a guy that was able to totally work with my shoulder to get me back into shape really fast. Thank you Terry……

Terry Bostard
Terry Bostard MX SChool
“Where Technique Equals Winning”


I went to see Ryan Steen from Steen chiropractic who worked a long time on my arm each day. Every time Dr. Steen worked on my arm I could feel improvement. I was so excited every time I left the office because I could feel that I was getting better faster and I was closer to getting back on my bike. Thank you Dr. Steen……..

Ryan Steen
Steen Chiropractic
5151 Lone Tree Way
Antioch, CA 94531


Now that my arm is better I was able to get back on my dirt bike this week.  My Sister Elyssa and my Niece Lola even came to watch me ride so that was very cool.