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This last weekend I decided to do some practice on my wrist, body and bikes!


that is how……..


Saturday morning we got up early and drove to Marysville to ride at E-Street MX.  I planned on meeting a lot of my friends their and we raced together with the other riders all day.  I rode for five hours and then it was time for lunch.


My parents and I went to get something to eat and then we went to the night practice at Riverfront MX.  My friends couldn’t go with us, but I had sooo much fun because I got to ride with the big bikes.  The big bikes kept getting on behind me and we would battle and have little mini races, I even got to bump bars with some of them.  It was fun riding under the lights and racing with big riders.  By the end of the night I was very tired and ready for bed. 


I woke up Sunday morning and it was time to do some more riding.  We went to MMX and I rode half the day on the sand track and half the day on the main track.  I rode my bike from one end of the property to the other. 


I liked riding several different tracks at the same time and having to change my riding style from track to track.


I am glad I took 51 FIFTY ENERGY DRINKS and so were the other riders…..


After a weekend full of riding, I got about 7 new blisters and only one scratch on my arm…..I think it was an amazing weekend.


My Great-Grandpa is 93 years old and he has never seen me ride a dirt bike. My Great-Grandpa lives with my Uncle Johnny on over a half-acre of property and he still rototilles his own garden and it is an amazing garden.


Great-Grandpa has been to several car races over the years, but has never been to a dirt bike track. When he comes over my house he likes to go in my Man Cave and he loves to look at all of my trophies. My family and I thought it was time for Great Grandpa John to see what dirt bike racing is like.

This week my Dad picked up my Great-Grandpa and my Uncle Johnny and brought them to the race track to watch me practice. My Mom and I took my Grandma and Grandpa and we all met at the track. My Great-Grandpa was so excited to see the bikes ride, but he had no idea what to expect. I wore my brightest gear I had so that Great-Grandpa would be able to see me on the track and it was time to go ride.


My Great-Grandpa thought I was amazing!


My Grandma and Grandpa and Great Grandpa and Uncle Johnny all had sooooo much fun. My Great-Grandpa had never seen motorcycles jump in the air like we did and he couldn’t believe how fast the bikes went. We sat Grandpa in a chair on the starting gate and he yelled every time my bike went in the air because he was so excited and couldn’t believe I could do that.


I was sooooo excited to be able to show my Great-Grandpa what I do, and I think he really had a lot of fun! I love my family!


OK, so I know that we decided I wasn’t going to be a singer and I should stick to dirt bikes after my last song HUNTER CROSS CRAZY ABOUT 51 FIFTY ENERGY DRINK……but I decided I should try a second music video.

Now that I have made two music videos I am wondering if I should have a cool name like the guys on the radio…..What do you think my name should be?

  • 71 CENT
  • ????????

This second music video is my take on the LMFAO song that works great with my dirt bikes.

I got my cast off and I got cleared from the doctor to ride my dirt bike again….I was so excited!  I went to practice and my wrist feels really good, but my body is a different story.  I am soooo sore and my blisters on my hands were back just after one practice.  😦


I also need to work on my stamina…..I only did a few laps and I was ready for a break.  So it is time to work on getting back into shape and getting up to speed!


I went to practice at Riverfront, which I have never been to before.  The track was really fun and I was able to practice a new track and work on getting back into shape.  I also went to E-Street with some friends and we had a lot of fun!


It was fun to kick up dirt again!


A couple of weeks ago I got hooked up with a television producer that was filming 5 episodes of a TV show about people who do extreme sports. They asked if they could do an episode about me and dirt bike racing……YES!

Last Friday we filmed the show and it was amazing! The whole thing was totally cool and it was really fun to see how it all works, I couldn’t believe how much goes into it.

First I need to say Thank You to Ralph at 408MX for letting us shoot the dirt bike stuff at his track. It was very strange when we showed up at the track because I have never been to 408MX and no one was in the parking lot. We got to the track early to get all my bikes ready to go.


Shortly after we got there, a ton of people showed up to start filming the show…..they had several film people, photographers, production people, people who handled contracts that needed to be signed, and the hosts of the show. Soon it was time to start filming…The filming at the race track took about 4 hours. They would set up the cameras in a spot on the track and I would do several takes in that one spot and then they would adjust the cameras in a different angle and I would do the same spot some more. Then we would move to a different spot on the track and do it all again. Before I even got on the track we did about 7 takes of me putting on my gear and starting my bike. It was really cool they would start with the cameras far away from me and by the end they were right on top of me.


After we got the shots of me getting ready… was time to go ride. First the cameras got set up at the end of the finish line jump and in the first turn. Then they moved to the middle of the jump and then on the back side of the jump. Each camera filmed on opposite sides of the track and they took pictures at the same time also. (I think the pictures were to do a press kit about the episode, but I’m not sure)


Then I waited while they set the camera’s up in a different spot on the track. We did this in about 7 different spots on the track. They would tell me what kind of shot they were trying to get and what part they would be filming and I would try to jump right in the spot they were at.


The guys wanted to stand on the track to get the closest shot, but I think they were a little scared I was going to land on them. I convinced them that they could stand on the track and I wouldn’t hit them and I think they got some really great shots.


After we were done getting all the shots of me riding, it was time for me to be interviewed with one of the hosts of the show. I was interviewed by Josh Williams who was totally fun. Throughout the day Josh and I started picking on each other and got real silly, you will see that part in a little.


I think the interview went well. I was a little nervous at first, but I started having fun with Josh and then it was better…..I hope!


After the interview, the hosts and I had to go and shoot at the second location…..Rock Climbing. I had never been rock climbing before and I was a little sore from riding all morning (because I haven’t rode in 2 months because of my broken wrist) But, I was ready to go!


We waited for the cameras to get set up and then it was time to start climbing. We did 3 different climbs and it was me and each of the three hosts of the show (Leila, Karyn, and Josh). The cameras set up one on the ground and one up on the second level and I started climbing.


After my climb, I watched and cheered on each of the hosts, and we all took turns watching.


By the time we got to the last wall….I was so tired and my arms felt like jello. I was very excited I was able to finish and get to the top. A few times during the climb I was thinking that was far enough, but they all cheered me on and I made it. (not all the hosts made it to the top of the last one….you know who you are. lol)


Between takes I liked to pick on Josh and he and I had fun messing with each other. Thanks for having fun with me!


Of course I also had a ton of fun with the girls…they were totally awesome, and much prettier than Josh. 🙂


After we were all done filming, we went out to lunch with everyone and even though it was totally fun, I was so tired and my muscles were very sore….I think I might have slept through lunch. lol

We finished filming for the day, but I do get to see everyone again for a third location that we will be filming at in about a week……I CAN’T WAIT!

I got to see some of the shots through the camera that they took of me riding and it looked AMAZING! I can’t wait to see the show and what it will all look like put together. I will keep you all posted when all the editing is done and after it is given to the network. The whole experience was amazing and I was so lucky to have been given the chance to experience something as cool as making a TV show… is a lot more complicated than I thought it would be.



Please support Leila, Karyn, and Josh! Make sure you LIKE their Facebook page (PRO X TEAMS) to see upcoming show information.



  • 408MX

I just received the current issue of Racer X magazine.  I was reading about Villapoto, Dungey, Bagget, and all of my other favorite riders……then I came across my picture and my name.  WHAT? 


I couldn’t believe it…..they did a little write up about Loretta Lynn’s.  They put a picture of the start of the race when I got the hole shot and I am right in the middle of the picture.  On the side it says (The 65cc class is changing colors as orange KTMs including #71 Hunter Cross……..) I know, it is not a spread like Villapoto but it is still cool that I am in there at all.  lol




At the end of the week I went back to Sacramento to be with my team and watch everyone race. It was really hard to watch my class race and not be on the track.


When our teams pro riders were ready to go out to race i got to wear the headset and communicate with the team.


After they raced the guys and I hung out…and they even let me drive…..I don’t know what they were thinking.  lol  we all had so much fun!


After the races were over they had a fashion show. I walked in the fashion show and handed out energy drinks. The announcer interviewed me…. He asked me if I drove the 51 Fifty Semi-truck to the track and I told him I did. Lol. I walked down the runway and I handed out a couple of energy drinks at the end. Of course I rocked it! (I had a video I was going to share with you but everyone was screaming so load for me, you can’t hear it very well.   🙂 )


I was really sad that I couldn’t ride on the track, it looked really good!  The team made everything soooo much fun we did a lot of really fun team things.


My Dad bought me a Cyco Cycle….It was really fun and I even learned a couple of tricks on it.  It was really cool because I could ride it without any hands.  My Mom was not happy, she thinks it is sketchy.


The guys on the team all did really good.  I had a ton of fun watching them and cheering for them during the races.  Good job guys!


I had fun hanging out with some of my other sponsors also, Larry and Dave from Moto Efx.  I love hanging out with those guys….and I love when they get me cool new graphics, because my bikes always look sick!   Call 209-649-5394 or check out the website at


While I was there and I also met Paul with Lufo’s Kustom Designs….he paints helmets and they look amazing.  He uses crazy paint that looks amazing in the sun and he even uses reflective numbers or designs that will glow in the dark or when the camera flashes….it is so cool!

Call Paul at LUFO’S KUSTOM DESIGNS 831-901-6585

The whole 51 Fifty Energy team was amazing!  Michael was so much fun…..I got to do some work around the tent and help out the team which was really cool.  It was nice to see how the system works and how things in the rig works.  Thank you Michael for letting me work with you!