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This last weekend was the last round of the Gold Cup Series in Los Angeles and the race was at Pala Raceway.  I had never been on the race track and I was excited to race on a new track.

The track was sandy, had a lot of fast turns and a lot of tight turns with a few jumps.  A couple of the jumps were kinda big and they were totally fun.  When I was going over one of the big jumps the bike in front of me rolled it as I jumped it and he was riding closer and closer to me and I had to try to move my bike over in the air….luckily when I landed we just missed each other.

Only one other rider was clearing this jump and he was in the older class.

In my 65 open class I was in 2nd place 12 points behind first place.  I finished 1st in the first open race and didn’t have the best start in the second race but was able to fight back up to third.  I finished the day with a 2nd place overall finish which meant that I was 1 point away from finishing 1st in the series.  I finished up the series with a 2nd Place Gold Cup Trophy

I was entering into the final round of the 65 Age class in 1st place by 11 points.  I was up front in the first race and on the third lap of a five lap race I got a flat rear tire.  (Getting a flat tire is like riding a dirt bike on ice and it is very hard to stay up)  I did my best to finish the last two laps with a flat tire, but I wasn’t able to clear any jumps and I rode as fast as I could to finish the race in 5th place.  The second race I was able to finish in 1st place which gave me a third place finish overall.  …….SO, I was in first place by 11 points, I finished third place for the day, and because of the strange way they do the points……I lost the championship by 1 point.  I was bummed that I didn’t get the Championship, but I learned a lot, had a ton of fun, and was very proud of my 2nd Place Gold Cup Trophy.

I am not holding the trophies because they are sooooo heavy!

I had a ton of fun racing new tracks and traveling to Los Angeles to ride new tracks and race different people.  I look forward to racing more at new places with new riders in the future.

You probably know by now that most of the time my family has drama or a story or something that happens every week….my family is never boring.


Thursday we got everything ready to go to LA for the 4th round of the Gold Cup Series at Lake Elsinore Raceway.  We wanted to have everything ready to go so we could leave Friday as soon as my Dad got home from work.  My Dad was driving his truck home from work Friday afternoon and he got a flat tire.  He changed the tire on the side of the road and he was back on his way to pick us up for LA.  When Dad got home we jumped in the van and headed to LA.  We got about twenty minutes down the road and the van stopped running.  Because my Dad is an awesome mechanic I knew that if it could be fixed my Dad would find a way, but it was looking like our trip to LA was over.  My Dad got the van running and we headed back home to see if it could be fixed.  Half way home the van stopped running again.  A few more adjustments and we were headed back home again and this time we made it.  After Dad worked on the van for a while, he found what the problem was and I couldn’t believe he even had the spare part in our garage.  He changed the part and we crossed our fingers that the problem was solved and we would make it all the way to LA and back…….and we did.  YA!

Me sleeping on the way to LA holding my football.

Saturday started off much better……  We woke up early and headed to Lake Elsinore MX to practice.  In the morning the track was really deep and muddy and by the afternoon it got really dry and very rough.  Right away I was able to get the rhythm sections down and I had a really good practice day.

I wore the Go Pro during one of my practice sessions so you can see how the track looked.

In this 11 minute video you can see me checking different lines and passing 50 riders

Sunday was race day.  I had some really great battles and a few lead changes that was really fun and exciting.  Overall I had good starts, I was either up front or close enough to catch the front guys and battle for the lead.  After a very fun day I was really excited to be able to pull out the wins!


-Thank you Michael for putting the video up for me.


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This weekend I had my third race in Los Angeles, it started like a typical weekend road trip…..but it ended up a little different.   This time we left Friday right after school and we got to my Uncle’s house around 9:30 at night.  I got some rest and we woke up bright and early to get to Glen Helen Raceway for a full day of practice.  The closer we drove to the race track the darker the clouds were and by the time we got to the track it was raining pretty hard.  We figured the rain would go by so we hung out in the rain for a while and it continued to get worse.  Finally it was clear that the rain was going to continue for the whole day so we left without practice and would have to come back the next day ready to race.

Sunday morning again we got up bright and early and headed back to the track to race.  We got to the track and I got a 3 lap practice to check out the track and then they posted the race order.  I was race 10 on my 65 age and race 18 on my 65 open.

The first 65 age race went Ok….. I started about 5th and because the track was still a little messy it was difficult to find spots to pass.  I was able to pass a few people and end up with a 2nd place finish.

My Uncle Mike and my cousin Michael came to watch me ride……..I was really happy they could see how I race and watch me ride.  Thank You!

The second race was 65 open and it didn’t go so well….. I started in about 4th and within the first 4 turns I was up to third.  Going through the back section I went to the right to pass for second, I went through a huge hole in the track and went flying.  I got up and the flagger was right next to me….he saw that my nose and my mouth were bleeding and he told me I couldn’t get back on my bike.  I tried to get on the bike to continue racing and he wouldn’t let me go.  My Mom and Dad couldn’t see me because I was way in the back of the track that no one could see.  My parents were on the way to the back to find me, but after waiting for a while the flagger walked away to help someone else and I started my bike and finished the race.   By the time I got going I missed a lap of riding but I didn’t know that.  I started passing as many bikes as I could hoping to get back to the front.  When I pulled off the track my Mom had to help me because I was in a lot of pain and I was bleeding really bad.  We found out I broke my nose, had a few cuts on my face, and hurt my leg really bad.

My parents started loading up my bikes, but I wanted to finish racing.  I told my parents that I wanted to try to at least race the age class to see if I can get a trophy.  After I rested for about an hour I knew I would be able to at least finish the race.

I geared up and raced in the 65 age class.  I started in third place and in the second turn I got stuck in the middle of a pile up.  I finally got going and had to work back through the riders.  I finished the day out with a 2nd place overall trophy….not bad for being injured!

I decided that because I couldn’t get any more points in the 65 open class that I would not race the last race and get home to rest.  I would have rather stayed racing because after I was resting on the way home, my nose really started to hurt and get fat.

Friday my Dad got home from work, did some work on my bikes, loaded them in the van and we hit the road to Los Angeles for round two of the Gold Cup race at Milestone MX.  We got to my Uncle’s house around 1am (thankfully I have a bed in the van.)

Saturday morning we got up early and got to the track for practice.  The Milestone track is very different from most tracks I ride on, it is more of a supercross style track.  Practice went well and they had a ton of bikes practicing.

After practice we went to HOOTER’S.  I have been joking with my parents that I wanted to eat there and they had one down the street from the track.  I took my picture with the girls and ate some chicken nuggets and fries.  We went to my Uncles house and I played Xbox with my cousin Mike and got some rest for the race the next day.

Sunday we got to the track early for the 8am practice and we were ready to go.  My 65 open race was the third race of the day and I was almost the last gate pick out of 26 bikes.  The start was cement, but it was not flat, it was bumpy and rocky and different from anything I had started on.  It took me a few races to get the hang of the start and my bike kept gripping to hard and I wheelied off the start in the first couple of races.  With really bad starts in both the 65 open classes I had to work hard on the track and pass as many riders as I could.  In the first race I finished 7th and the second race I finished 6th with an overal 6th place finish.

The 65 Age class was race number 18 so we had a long wait between races and my last race of the day ended at 7:30pm.  In the first race I had to battle through to catch the riders that started in front of me.  I was able to get into second place and was trying to catch first place when a lapped beginner rider rode into my lane as I was going up one of the supercross doubles.  When I moved just a little to avoid hitting him it threw me off and I landed on the top of the double and crashed really hard.  I was able to get up and finally got my bike started but I had dropped several spots.  I passed a couple of people back and ended the race in 4th place.  The second race I finally got a hole shot and was able to walk away with a 1st place win.  I got a 2nd place overall finish.

I rode really well throughout the weekend, but didn’t have the best of luck with my finishes.  8pm we finally got back on the road to come home.  My Mom drove all night while my Dad and I slept in the back.  We got home at 2am and my Dad had to rush to work.

SIDE NOTE:  Over the last three weeks I blew up two of my KTM 65 motors and I am down to only one bike.  If you know anyone looking for a tax write-off that would like to help me with new motors, let me know.  🙂

Thank you Aiden Tijero for letting me take your bike to LA with me if I had a problem with my bike during the race.  It is hard to go all the way to LA to race with only one bike because if something happens I don’t have a back up.  It was nice of the Tijero family to let me take the bike at the last-minute.

I have a video that shows the start of the race and a couple of clips showing some of the jumps, but it is really hard to see.  Just thought you might want to get an idea of all the bikes going into the first couple of turns.  Sorry for the bad video, next race I will get you guys a better one.