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Saturday we went to Supercross and it was so much fun!

We got to the pits early and I was so excited to see everyone.  I saw all my friends that I race with and all of  the pro riders.  We saw my good friend Rodney Smith (5-time Brazilian Motocross Champion, 5-time AMA Enduro champion, 2-time AMA Hare Scramble Champion, 2-time ISDE Gold Medalist, and 5-time GNCC Champion.)  Rodney invited my family into the THOR/PARTS UNLIMITED VIP Tent.  It was so nice of him and it was totally cool.  Rodney introduced me to the people from Thor and Parts Unlimited and they were so nice.  It was such an amazing thing to be able to do and it was all thanks to Rodney.  While I was in the Thor tent we got to see Ryan Villopoto, Jake Weimer, Josh Hansen, Broc Tickle, Tylar Rattray, and more.

I got to take a picture next to the number 71 bike……I can’t wait until that is my bike!

After hanging out in the pits for several hours it was time to go watch some racing.  The track was so crazy.  It was a tight track with some really big jumps.  I couldn’t believe it started raining….really?  We were lucky that my Dad had huge garbage bags in the trunk of his car to help keep us dry.  We all looked stupid, but not as stupid as the people that were wet and cold.

For a little while we could see a rainbow above the track.

My Mom and I went back into the pits right after they were closed and we were able to talk with a lot of the riders one on one.  I got a lot of autographs and James Stewart’s gloves.  We went back out to watch the races and they were awesome.  Because it was raining outside the track was wet and slippery and made for really good racing!

Friday was my swim party and it was sooooo cool!  It was foggy outside and about 45 degrees and we were going swimming.  We had the whole pool, play area and club to ourselves. 

My friends showed up and we started playing in the play structure.  We all ran around and played air hockey, wall ball, sat in the movie theatre, ran through the play structure, and ran all around the place.

We ate pizza and got changed to go swimming.  The pool was so much fun and the water was very warm.  I think everyone had fun!  I want to thank all my friends and family that were able to come to my party and share the fun with me.

We went to MMX this weekend because they had a race there on Sunday.  I practiced on Saturday and had a really great time riding with all my friends.  I was able to practice my 65cc bike with the 85cc kids and my 50cc bike with the 65cc kids.  I had some great battles and the track was great!  My Grandma and Grandpa came to watch me ride and I made them nervous.  My sisters were there watching and we got to go on rides in the Polaris. 

On Sunday they didn’t have any kids signed in to race so instead of racing I went to E-Street to practice.  They didn’t have many riders there, but I got a lot of riding time on the track and had a lot of fun.

On January 18th I had my 8th birthday…. After a three-day weekend, I had school that day.   I woke up to my Mom and my sister singing Happy Birthday to me.  Soon after that my Dad, my other sister and my Grandparents called to sing to me.  My Grandma and Grandpa took me out to breakfast and I picked to go to McDonalds.  My Mom got me Subway for lunch and it was so delicious.  My family, my grandparents, and my Aunt and Uncle came over for cake and presents.  I got a new helmet, a huge toy dirt bike, a DS and some games, cash and a new dirt bike.  It was such a great day!

I still have more birthday fun coming.  I am going to MMX to practice on Saturday and I get to see all my friends. 

A week after that I am having a swim party at an indoor pool for a bunch of my friends.  Then the Saturday after that I get to go to see Supercross.  This is a good Birthday Month!


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I am sure you are wondering from the last post if I was able to practice on Thursday.  After not being able to practice on Tuesday, and Wednesday, we tried again on Thursday.  Everything was good until Noon when it started raining…..No practice again.  At least it started raining before my Mom loaded up the bikes this time.

This last weekend we decided to finally take the trailer out and go camping.  Since we got our new trailer we still had not taken it camping and even slept in it yet.  We loaded up the whole family, My Mom and Dad, Elyssa, Hailey, me and the dog and we left.  We had so much fun from start to finish, it is always an adventure when our family goes anywhere and this time was no different.  I rode my bike a little and Hailey drove her Polaris around.  We watched movies together and definitely used the heater a lot.  When I woke up in the morning the dog and I jumped into Hailey’s bed and it wasn’t long until Elyssa joined us for a tickle fight.  It was so fun!

Can’t wait for this week……Tuesday the 18th is my Birthday.

It has been difficult this week to get out and practice but it has not been from lack of trying.  Tuesday my Mom loaded up the bikes and we were going to go ride at Sand Hill which is right down the street.  The weather said we had a 40% chance of rain after 5:00.  We figured we could ride for a couple of hours and then stay a little and have fun in the rain for a little longer and go home.  On our way to the track it started sprinkling and it was only 2:30.  We kept going thinking the rain would just pass by and we would be in the clear still till 5:00.  The windshield wipers were on and we didn’t see any break in the sky at all.  By the time we were close to the tracks we could see puddles on the side of the road and knew that we should turn back and go home.  We unloaded everything and figured we would try on Wednesday.

Wednesday we were going to go to Club Moto to practice.  My Mom loaded up the bikes again, picked up my sister and I,  and my Dad was going to meet us there on his way home from work.  Half way through Vasco the truck was smelling really bad and then started smoking.  We pulled over and my Mom could see that some liquid had been blown all over the engine – not good.  We were stuck on the side of the road until my Dad could come and see if it was fixable.  We were so close to the track we were thinking that maybe friends could pick us up on their way to the track and my Mom could stay and wait for a tow truck if we needed to….I was ready to get to the track.  At this point it was starting to get late and we could tell that going riding was out again.  My Dad showed up and found that it was diesel fuel that was blowing out through one of the injector lines.  We called AAA to come pick us up and got ahold of our friend Mark who said he would pick up the part for us on his way home from work.  The tow truck showed up and they brought the wrong kind of truck.  They said they would put a call in for a different tow truck and again we were waiting on the side of the road.  Three hours later Mark was driving home with the part and my Dad fixed the truck and drove it home.  My Dad can fix anything with a wrench and a wire.  🙂  Thank you Mark, we might still be on the side of the road if it wasn’t for you.

Now it is Thursday and it is calling for small showers………Do we even try to go riding?

Mom made us sit in the truck with our seatbelts on the whole time.  Uggh


I wanted to stay up all night to bring in the new year.  I played yatzee and watched movies with the family and fell asleep on the coach at 11:45.  My Mom woke me up just before midnight so I didn’t miss anything.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It rained all weekend and I have been waiting to get out and go riding.  The weather looks like it will start to clear up and we can begin the winter racing season.  My first race will be this weekend in Livermore at Club Moto.  I am hoping to be able to get out and practice at least one day this week.  I will practice all day Saturday in Livermore to get ready for the Sunday race.  I am hoping to go to some new tracks this winter and have fun getting ready for summer races.

Wish me luck!