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Last week was the 2013 Dodge Nationals in Sacramento California.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to race because the doctor was still working on my arm injury from the crash I had at Hollister.  A few days before the Nationals the doctor told me I was all better and I could race.  I was so excited to be able to race at the Nationals but I knew that I was going to be a little out of practice.  I was able to have two practice days before Dodge and I worked really hard to get back into my rhythm.


Usually the event is a week long event, but this year it was a little different.  Tuesday was move in day and the day you set up your trailers and find a pit spot.


Wednesday was a full practice day but because they had so many classes, I only was able to ride the track for two 15 minute sessions.  Just enough time to try the bikes to make sure everything was running right and the suspension was set up good.


I raced three classes (65 age stock, 65 age mod, and 65 open), each race is a three moto format which meant I had a total of 9 races for the week.  Wednesday I had three races, and I had two races each day on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Although I didn’t ride bad, I did improve my riding each time I was on the track.  I could feel that I was getting more comfortable each day and my stamina was also improving.


The first day I had three races and I got all third place finishes.  The second day I raced two times and I got 2nd place finishes.  The third day I had another two races, I got 2nd place finishes and actually got a 1st place finish but they scored the race incorrectly and I was given a second.  on the last day I had my final two races and in the last 65 open race I got into a crash in the second turn and broke my pipe.  I was over a half a lap behind and I was able to catch back up to 10th place.  

I finished with overall:      2nd – 65 Age Stock,        2nd – 65 Age Mod,         4th – 65 Open


At night after the races they had activities and events for everyone.  One night they had the fashion show and I walked in it for both the Braap Shop and for Americore SMX Scooters.

dodge and lola 271dodge and lola 276dodge and lola 278

For Braap Shop Yamaha I wore a zip up jacket that looks like I am wearing goggles.  I even got my name and number put onto the back of the jacket.  The Braap Shop sales bikes, all the gear you need to ride and they also have some very sick clothes.  As I walked down the runway I was rocking it for sure… me.

dodge and lola 265dodge and lola 266dodge and lola 269

For Americore SMX Scooters I wore the SMX shirt and hat.  I walked to the end of the runway and I jumped off and passed out stickers to everyone.  SMX Scooters have big tires that make it easy to ride the scooters in dirt and rocks.  The scooters are fun to ride and easy to jump and do tricks on.


It was a fun week at Dodge and I am so happy to be back on my bike and racing!

Two 2nd place finishes and one 4th place finish for the week!