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I have been very busy on and off the track since my last update and I am going to try to catch you up on everything……

1.  NEW SPONSORSHIP:  First I have to say Thank You to a couple of new sponsors that have offered to help me with my 2016 race season.





2.  DODGE NATIONAL:  After winning The Vurb Classic I was really excited to race at The Dodge National.  During practice the face of the jump gave out and when I went into a hole my bike kicked and I had a big crash.  Although my time at Dodge was over, the crash was not as bad as it looked.


3.  MY SISTER AND TWO NIECES IN TOWN:  My oldest sister Elyssa and my two nieces Lola and Vivian flew in from North Carolina to visit.


It was really cool to have the whole family together and I had so much fun with my two nieces.  The baby Vivian is starting to laugh and play.


Lola is now 4 years old and she loves to run around and play.  She is always very silly.


4.  MY AUNT IN THE HOSPITAL:  My Aunt Cheryl went into the hospital for a small problem and found out she had to have two very major surgeries.   She has now been in the hospital for 4 weeks and will have to stay in a lot longer.  I have been able to visit her and it is fun to see her because we always make each other laugh.


5.  RIDING:  While my Niece is in town my parents and I took her to ride on her own quad.  Her and I got all dressed in our gear and she wanted to jump high in the air just like her Uncle.  She wanted to take pictures with me and she rode her quad through the mud.


6.  I MET BRANDI GLANVILLE:  My Mom went to meet Brandi Glanville and she had just picked me up from school so I had to go with her.  Brandi was really cool…. she said that I reminded her of her son and she wanted to give me girlfriend and school advice.  Before I left she signed my cast and wrote… “Don’t say ______”   Brandi was really funny and my Mom and I had a lot of fun.


7.  RIDING MY BIKE:  I have been going to many different tracks and sometimes my sisters and my nieces have come to watch me ride.