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His name is Doctor Miller…….Some people call him Doc Hollywood…….I call him The Magic Man!

My family has been going to Doctor Miller for many years.  When my Sisters played sports and they got injured he was always able to get their injuries to heal faster than normal.  Whenever I get injured I can always call him and he is there for me.  He does amazing treatment procedures that speed up the healing process and before you know it, I’m all better.

Doctor Miller does sports therapy and treats many athletes including the S.F. Giants and the S.F. 49ers, and many dirt bike riders.  He heals muscles, tendons, ligaments, and inflammation by using electro sound waves, pulse therapy, message, and more.

This last weekend when I hurt my hand, the first thing I did was call my friend…Dr. Miller.  While I was in his office he did treatment on my knee, elbow and hand.  First he put ice on all three and got everything really cold.

Then during this session he did electro sound waves, in different amounts of intensity, to all three areas

He finished up with massage, traction, and a trigger gun.  He sent me home with some things to work on and then another appointment in a couple of days.

Dr. Miller is amazing and totally fun and nice and I recommend you call him if you have any injuries.

Dr. Miller

Antioch, CA


This last weekend was Memorial Day Weekend and my family went to Hollister to race at the Hollister GP Track.  My Grandma and Grandpa decided to go with us this weekend and we were all excited to camp for the weekend.  We got to Hollister Friday afternoon, got settled and went to bed early for practice the next morning.

Saturday morning practice started at 8am and I was excited to get on the track.  The first round of practice went very well, I had really fast lap times and the track was really fun.

85cc practice

65cc practice

In the second round of practice I was again riding really well and half way through the 85 practice I took a fall and I was thrown over the bars.  I got back up and finished my practice and then continued practice on my 65 bike.  When the round of practice was over and I got back to my trailer I realized my hand was really hurting.  When I took my glove off I saw my knuckle was triple in size and was all purple.  I wanted to keep riding, but because it is my hand and I need to make sure I am able to hold on to my bike, my family knew that I needed to go to the hospital to get an x-ray.

After spending several hours in the hospital the x-ray showed that I had a small line on the growth plate on my knuckle.  The doctor said that I shouldn’t move my hand for a few days and then see how it heals after that.  Hopefully it will heal fast and when I follow-up it will be all better.

The guys from the cast room are really fun, but I would rather not see them again…..Sorry guys!  Instead of getting hurt I will just stop by and say HI.

I forgot to tell you about the hangtown sticker…..  Remember the Racer X sticker contest that I won.  When I got to the track I was finally able to see the final design of the sticker and it looked totally cool.

Incase you forgot, this is the design I turned into Racer X magazine:

This is the final look of the sticker:

I have to also give a shout out to Shoji Nakayama who also turned in the same design, we were co-winners.  Thank you Racer X magazine for picking my design and mentioning my website in your press release about the sticker.  You can read about the press release at STICKER DESIGN CONTEST


This weekend was the pro outdoor race in Sacramento……Hangtown National.  I raced the amateur day on the National track the day before the pros raced.  Before the race Moto Efx hooked me up with my new graphics and they looked so sick.


I was racing the 65cc ages 6-11.  I was really excited to race and while we were getting ready to get on the track, we were watching the pro riders come in and check out the track.  It was really cool to race and have the pro’s watch us.  We saw riders like Stewart and Alessi and while I was on the line to race, Mike Alessi came down and he gave all of us a high-five, wished us luck and gave us all advice about the race.

In the first 65 race I started towards the front and as I was completing the first lap I was working on making a pass for the lead…..when I fell down.  I rushed to get back up and was pushed all the way back to seventh place.  I had to ride really hard to try to race back to the front.  I thought I was going to be able to get back into second place, but I ran out of laps and I finished the first race in 3rd place.

In the second race the track was really rough and it was so fun.  I was able to get the hole shot and I was in the lead.  On the third lap I came out of a turn to hit a double and my back tire was hopping over the bumps so hard that I couldn’t get any traction leading up to the jump and I didn’t have enough speed and crashed really hard.  I got up fast and was able to get back to second place……I finished the day in 2nd place overall.  I really wanted to finish in first, but falling twice and finishing in second was not too bad……I really have to work on not falling!


We got up early and headed back to the track for day two and to watch the Pros race.  The place was packed and all the riders were there….we even saw Ryan Villapoto who was there to watch the races.

The 51 Fifty Energy Drink team was there and they looked amazing.  The hauler was all set up, all five bikes and helmets were wrapped with Moto Efx Graphics, and all the boys had new 51 Fifty Energy Drink riding gear.  Since I raced at the track the day before, I had my bike and trophy at the hauler on display and it looked cool next to the other guys bikes.

I had fun all day watching some really fun races and hanging out with all the team riders.  The guys were all so cool, we talked a lot about riding and they even gave me some tips that I will definitely be using when I ride.  Thank you…..Ryan Rangel, Brandon Rangel, Preston Mull, Preston Tilford, and Chris Plouffe

See my cool new jersey!

I want to really thank Carlos and Joe from 51 Fifty Energy Drink and Larry and Dave from Moto Efx Graphics for everything they have done for me.  It was so much fun to hang out with everyone, and thanks for making me feel like I was part of the team.

Hangtown is two days away, and tomorrow is my amateur day at Hangtown.  Make sure you don’t miss a minute of it……  I am now using Twitter and Instagram and I will be using those as well as Facebook to provide different information as the days go on.  For a full recap of the entire event, make sure you also subscribe to my blog for the full story and all the pictures.  Please add me on your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and I will be sure to follow you back…….. see you at the races






Hunter Cross


Thanks for being my friend and for following my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Blog….

This weekend is the Hangtown Outdoor race and it is close to my house so I will for sure be going to watch round 1 with the pros.  For those of you who don’t get a chance to come see the race I thought you might want to see what the track is going to look like this weekend.

I will be there cheering on the 51 Fifty Energy Drink team!

I will be racing at Hangtown amateur Day on Friday before the pros which will be so awesome.  Moto Efx will be unveiling my new graphics which I am sure will look amazing.  I will be representing the 51 Fifty Energy Drink team and I am so excited for the new look.

Make sure you come out to watch me ride on Friday and stop by the 51 Fifty hauler to say Hi on Saturday.  It should be a really fun weekend and I can’t wait to update everyone next week.

The 2012 Motocross Season kicks off this Saturday in Sacramento at Hangtown.  I have the schedule for you but first………A few months ago Racer X and Lucas Oil had a contest looking for someone to help design this years track stickers.

  • For those of you who don’t know…..every year, at each of the outdoor tracks, you can collect the event stickers.  The stickers are always similar in design with the unique track name and date from the event you attend.  The idea is to attend as many outdoor events as you can and collect a sticker from each event.

I entered a design idea into Racer X Magazine and guess what ?……….my design was chosen to be this years sticker.  I knew that many different ideas would be entered and my family thought it would just be fun to try to come up with a cool idea and I was so excited when they contacted me and said that our design would be featured at this years outdoor national events.

This is the press release that was recently issued –

Winners Revealed for Racer X Sticker Design Contest

This year’s exclusive stickers will be fit for a champion.

Racer X turned the creation of their annual motocross stickers over to the fans for the first time this year. The fans stepped up to the challenge, delivering some awesome concepts, but there was one idea in particular that was so good, it was actually submitted by two different people. Shoji Nakayama and Hunter Cross took different approaches to mocking up their concepts, but the message was clear: championship plates are in.

Shoji Nakayama (left) and Hunter Cross (right) both submitted a championship plate sticker concept

California’s Hunter Cross, 9, may be gunning for the real deal one day. He isn’t just a fan – he’s a racer. Hunter recently competed in the World Mini Grand Prix. If you’ve ever wondered what the sport of motocross is like through the eyes of a child, check out Hunter’s blog ( for some insight.   Joining Hunter in the metaphorical Winner’s Circle is Shoji Nakayama of Schererville, Indiana.

If you’re coming to the races this summer, be sure to stop by the Racer X booth to try to get your hand on one of these stickers. They’ll be customized for each round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, so see how many you can rack up.


Pretty cool right?   My design was chosen, They mentioned my name in a press release, and they even mentioned my website.

I will be at Hangtown so if anyone is going to round 1 make sure you find me and make sure you pick up the coolest outdoor sticker to date…


05/19  Hangtown – Sacramento, CA

  • May 19 Fuel TV 4:00pm 250/450 1st Motos
  • May 19 NBCSN 12:00 AM 250/450 2nd Motos
  • May 23 NBCSN 12:00 AM Highlight Show

05/26 Freestone – Wortham, TX

  • May 26 Fuel TV 2:00pm 250/450 1st Motos.
  • May 26 NBCSN 12:00am 250/450 2nd Motos
  • May 30 NBCSN 12:00 AM Highlight Show

06/02 Thunder Valley – Lakewood, CO

  • June 2 – Fuel TV 3:00pm 250/450 1st Motos
  • June 2 NBCSN 5:00pm 450 2nd Moto
  • June 2 NBCSN 12:00am 250 2nd Moto
  • June 6 NBCSN 1:00 AM Highlight Show

06/09 High Point – Mt. Morris, PA

  • June 9 – Fuel TV 1:00pm 250/450 1st Motos
  • June 9 NBCSN 5:00pm 450 2nd Moto
  • June 9 NBCSN 6:00pm 250 2nd Moto
  • June 13 NBCSN 12:00 AM Highlight Show

06/16 Budds Creek – Mechanicsville, MD

  • June 16 – Fuel TV 1:00pm 250 1st Moto
  • June 16 NBC 2:00pm 450 1stt Moto
  • June 16 FUEL TV 3:00pm 250 2nd Moto
  • June 16 NBCSN 4:00pm 450 2nd Moto
  • June 19 NBCSN 11:00 PM Highlight Show

Mid-Season Review Show July 3 NBCSN 11:00 PM Mid-Season Recap

07/07 RedBud – Buchanan, Mich.

  • July 7 – Fuel TV 1:00pm 250/450 1st Motos
  • July 7 NBCSN 4:00pm 250 2nd Moto
  • July 8 NBC 1:30pm 450 2nd Moto
  • July 15 NBCSN 11:00pm Highlight Show

07/14 Spring Creek – Milllville, Minn.

  • July 14 – Fuel TV 2:00pm 250/450 1st Motos.
  • July 14 NBCSN 4:00pm 250/450 2nd Motos
  • July 21 NBCSN 4:30pm Highlight Show

07/21 Washougal – Washougal, WA

  • July 21 – Fuel TV 4:00pm 250/450 1st Motos
  • July 21 NBCSN 11:00pm 450 2nd Moto
  • July 22 NBCSN 11:00pm 250 2nd Moto
  • July 24 NBCSN 1:30 AM Highlight Show

08/11 Southwick – Southwick, Mass

  • August 11 – Fuel TV 1:00pm 250/450 1st Motos
  • August 13 NBCSN 4:00pm 250/450 2nd Motos
  • August 15 NBCSN 12:00am Highlight Show

08/18 Unadilla – New Berlin, N.Y.

  • August 18 – Fuel TV 12:30pm 250/450 1st Motos
  • August 18 NBC 3:00pm 450 2nd Moto
  • August 18 NBCSN 4:00pm 250 2nd Moto
  • August 22 NBCSN 1:00am Highlight Show

09/01 Steel City – Delmont, PA

  • September 1 – Fuel TV 1:00pm 250/450 1st Motos
  • September 1 NBCSN 3:00pm 250/450 2nd Motos
  • September 5 NBCSN 12:30am Highlight Show

09/08 Lake Elsinore – Lake Elsinore, CA

  • September 8 – Fuel TV 4:00pm 250/450 1st Motos
  • September 8 NBCSN 11:00pm 250/450 2nd Motos
  • September 12 NBCSN 12:00am Highlight Show

2012 Season Highlight Show September 26 NBCSN 12:00 AM Season Recap

*Make sure to check your local listings, schedule is subject to change

Because Sunday was Mother’s Day this weekend’s race was on Saturday in San Jose at 408MX.  Saturday was also my sister Hailey’s prom, so Mom drove to the track separately and stayed for only a little then left to help my sister get ready for her prom.

I rode really well, but I did make a mistake on my 85 race that really messed up my final results.  In my first 85 race I was in 3rd place and on the last lap I slid out on a turn they had just put water on in the back of the track.  I was able to lift up my bike and I worked really hard to get it started and I was finally able to get it started just as I fell over again.  By the time I got my bike up a second time and got going I finished the race in last place……I really wish my legs would grow!  In the second 85 race I rode well again and was in 2nd place….this time I was able to stay up and finish the race in 2nd place.  With my good finish and my bad finish I ended the day with a 5th place overall finish in the 85 class.

All 4 of my 65 races went really well, but I did have something crazy happen in one of my races…..  On my second lap I went into the back and coming out of a turn they were watering the track and not only did I ride through a huge puddle I also got sprayed with the water hose.  I was totally wet and it was hard to see through my goggles because they were soaked.  It was like 90 degrees so the water felt good, but it was hard to see through my goggles and because my hands were wet it was hard to hold onto the bike also.  I was able to finish the race and I still got 1st place but it was kinda crazy.                      

I was able to finish all 4 of my 65 races in 1st place.

My sister looked really pretty for her prom!

Sunday was Mother’s Day and we made it all about Mom.  I love you Mom!

This weekend was a little difficult because Friday night I got sick and by Saturday morning I really wasn’t feeling well.

Earlier in the week the amazing people from Moto Efx contacted me and said they wanted to try to help me with the suspension on my 85.  Not only do they do amazing work and always make my bikes look sick, they really care!  Moto Efx gave me the number to Justin from Alamo Motorsports and we were supposed to meet on Saturday to see if he could work on the problems I was having.  Even though I was sick, I was excited to go meet with Justin and see if he could help.  I was able to ride a little and Justin tried some different things on my bike, but I wasn’t 100%.  Thank you Justin for spending the day with us and helping with my bike!  Thank you Moto Efx for everything you guys do for me!!!!!!

On Sunday they had a race at Club Moto in Livermore.  My head was totally plugged up and I just didn’t feel well, but I wanted to go race.  When I got to the track Sunday morning I saw that they made a couple small changes to the track and I watched some of the big bikes to see how I should go through those sections.

I raced two 65 classes and one 85 class.  I finished 2nd in my two 65 Open classes and I finished 1st in my two 65 Intermediate classes.

In my first 85 class I finished 3rd but in my second 85 class just as the race started for some reason I wasn’t able to shift.  I looked down at my foot peg and I couldn’t see anything wrong…..I kept riding and kept trying to race but throughout the whole race I had to really work my clutch and ride in only one gear.  When the race was over I was able to stop and see what was going on and I saw that the swing arm bolt had broken off and was almost all the way off the bike.  I was so lucky it didn’t come all the way out….that would have been sooo bad.  I was able to finish the day with a 4th place overall finish.

(If the long bolt sticking out of my frame would have fallen out a little more my bike would have broken in half)

I think I might be growing a little because I can now use crates for starting blocks instead of the gas cans I had to use when I first got my 85.

A couple other random pictures…..

In my last post I said I was going to add some pictures of me riding at MMX, but when I got the pictures I thought they needed a separate post.

These pictures have the best color I have ever seen in a dirt bike picture.  The pictures were taken by Sebastian Lee and he does amazing work.  As I was looking through his web page, I couldn’t find a bad picture of anyone……maybe he has some shots of you.  He goes to tracks all over Northern and Southern California and you can view some of his pictures at

and just a few more…

Make sure you LIKE his facebook page at    You want to make sure you know the next place he will be taking pictures at and see if you can find a shot of yourself……he goes everywhere!


Last Sunday morning my family woke up early and we left for Marysville to race the second round of the CMC series at MMX.  The other riders spent the day on Saturday practicing and learning the fast lines around the track for Sunday’s race, but I was not there Saturday.  I had not been to MMX in over a year and the last time I was at the track it was totally different.

When we got to the track I was supposed to get 4 laps on my 85 and 4 laps on my 65 to learn the track and figure out how to be competitive before the race started.  During my 85 practice my bike would not run and I was not able to practice at all.  I did get the 4 laps on my 65 and then it was time to start racing.

My first race was 65 Intermediate……I got the hole shot and then was passed on the first lap.  While following behind the rider that past me, I was able to find more speed and was able to chase him back down and was looking to try to make a pass on the last lap when I slid out going over a jump and crashed.  I was able to get up and going again and finished the race in 3rd place.  In the second 65 Intermediate race…..I got another hole shot and was able to stay in the lead all the way to the end for a 1st place finish.  I ended the day with a 2nd place overall.

65 Open was my second race…..I finished in a close second place and again by the time the second round came around I was getting more comfortable on the track.  I finished the second 65 open race in 1st place and finished up the day with a 1st place overall finish.

85 Novice was a little more difficult……. My Dad changed the spark plug on my bike and it was running better.  I went out for my first race and about two laps in the bike had no power and would cut in and out.  I tried my best to finish the race, but only pulled out a 6th place finish.  My Dad worked on the carburetor and the gas tank and again thought we had the problem fixed for the second race.  Again I started out really good and then a couple laps in my bike stopped working again.  I finished the second race in 5th place and finished the day with a 5th overall.  Not bad for a half working bike!

It was hard to try to pick up on the track and other riders and ride well, but it was really fun to show up and race without seeing the track.

Check back because I am going to add pictures later…..