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So it has been 26 days since I broke my back in Texas.  I had severe back, neck, and mouth pain.  I couldn’t move my jaw at all for two days.  After checking everything out in my mouth they found I had no broken bones but it had a lot of trauma and took a while to feel better.

So now after almost a month I was back in the doctor’s office.  This time I had to sit in the dentist chair because my front tooth was starting to turn brown.

Lucky for me my neighbors own a dentist office so I had them take a look at it.  They told me my tooth had such severe damage that the root of the tooth had died and I needed to get a root canal.  So yesterday it was time to get it fixed.

I was a little nervous because I have never had anything like this ever done to my teeth.  I was very happy that it wasn’t too bad.  Everyone at The Martin Family Dentist Office were so nice and they did it very quickly and I really didn’t have any pain.  I will see how I feel tomorrow?????

I have to give a huge thanks to Rigo and Martha and everyone from their office for taking such good care of me.  If you need a great dentist, make sure you give them a call.

Martin Family Dentistry

Brentwood, CA


Several months back I did a post about how my Leatt chest protector saved me from getting really burnt during practice.  My bike was stuck on top of me and the pipe was burning my back.  I had to wait for someone to come and help me get my bike off me and my jersey and back brace were all burnt.

Leatt sent me out a new neck brace and chest protector that looked like this.

I wear the back brace under my shirt so this is what it looks like when I am riding.

As you know I was in a bad crash in Texas and I broke my back.  The doctors said if I would have had any more of an impact I would have a lot worse injury and a very different recovery.

After crashing head first into the face of a jump and having my bike land on my back, I am lucky I was wearing my Fly helmet and Leatt neck and back brace.  I did break my back but imagine how bad it would have been with no safety gear.  Very scary!

I am very grateful for the support from Leatt.  The products they provide for our sport is very important and I know it saved me twice already.  I was very happy to do a photo and video shoot for Leatt even before this accident…… I am happy to do anything I can to get the word out and tell people to wear all your safety gear when you put your leg over a dirt bike.

….and all the people at Leatt are awesome!  When I got home they sent me a gift box with shirts, hats and a very nice card with notes from everyone in the company.  Thank you to everyone who wished me a speedy recovery, it was very nice of you all.

This weekend I went to a really cool 51 Fifty Energy Drink event.  First I met with the guys from the supercross team.  (Hayden Mellross, Tyler Bowers and Noah McConahy)  We met at A.V. Thomas Produce.

We took a picture with everyone that was working at the plant and we were all wearing blue.  A.V. Thomas and 51 Fifty Energy do a lot to help families with Autism and April is Autism Awareness Month.   Look at how many people they had in the picture.

I took a long time to get everyone in place for the picture.  The team and I stood in the front with a dirt bike and the Autism sign.

After we took some pictures, Carlos gave the team a tour of the plant and we learned a lot about how the sweet potatoes get to the stores.  I had no idea it was so huge.

And the have so many different kids of sweet potatoes.

First we saw how the machine cleans the potatoes and they get dried and hand sorted into different packages.

Then we went to another building where they were doing dry packaging.  If the potatoes are washed and packaged they don’t last as long as the ones that are packaged without being washed…..I never knew that.

In another building they had a machine that wold package individual portions that are shrink wrapped.

We also saw the storage facility that has cases and cases of potatoes that have not yet been processed.  These come straight from the farm to storage until they are processed and ready to ship to stores.

We learned that the potatoes that are scratched or broken get sold to farmers and they use them for pet food.  All of the potatoes in the fields are used someplace.

We toured the offices and met all the people behind the scenes that help get the sweet potatoes to the stores.

After the tour we went to the 51 Fifty clothing store and Fitness Center in downtown Livingston.

They have a full gym and every day from 3-6pm the place is FREE for all kids in support of the Gloves Not Drugs program.  Kids come and practice boxing so they are not getting into trouble around town.  The place was so cool.

The apparel store was having a raffle and autograph signing so we all got ready to sign autographs.

It was really fun to say HI to everyone, sign autographs and take pictures.  Everyone was very nice.

And of course I had fun hanging out with the 51 Fifty Energy Drink Girls.