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Friday I was able to wear my costume to school and walk in the parade and have a party in class.  We had a fun day getting ready for Halloween.  After school we came home and carved pumpkins.  It was such a mess and soo much fun!

We have a busy Halloween weekend.  Saturday I have a race in Dixon and Sunday I have a second race at Dixon.  These are the last two races of the series.  After the Sunday race, we will hurry home to go trick-or-treating.  I am going to be an Evil Jester.


BUMPS:  Monday night my Mom twisted her ankle and is not supposed to walk on it for a couple of weeks.  When she fell, the first thing I did was run to the freezer and get the bag of frozen corn to help her feel better.  That is what my Mom always does when I get hurt and she was so happy I was there to help her.  My Dad, Sister and I have been trying to help around the house but it has been hard to make Mom sit down.  I hope Mom feels better soon!

THE BLUES:  Wednesday was a “blue” day.  Everyday at school we start with our names on Green and we can move up or down the color chart depending on classroom behavior.  Blue is the highest you can go and I have gotten blue twice this week already.  My Mom and Dad love when I do good in school and they were so excited I got Blue today.

BIKES:  Wednesday I practiced at Club Moto.  The track was a little hard to ride on because they brought in a lot of sand and it had not yet been worked in.  I love practice days because I get to race against bigger bikes and older boys.  Although most of them are much older (over 14 years old) and the bikes have bigger motors than mine, I work really hard to hold them off as long as I can and race them as they pass me…..I try not to let them have an easy pass on me.  I thought you might like to see a couple of videos of practice.  Even though the track was a little rough and I did fall down (7:00 of first video on my 50cc bike), you can get the idea of how practice goes.

Last weekend our race was cancelled because of the rain, but I hope we get to race this weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed.  🙂

Many people often wonder what the difference is between SUPERCROSS and MOTOCROSS.  Even though they look the same, they have many differences and most dirt bike riders often choose one or the other when racing.

Motocross racing was developed first and it takes place in outdoor venues.  The track sizes vary, but many tend to be around one or two miles long.  The tracks most commonly include large hills, different size jumps, irregular right and left hand turns, and other obstacles that require gear changes.  Because of the large track layout, motocross races allow for larger class sizes and very high-speed riding.  Motocross tracks can usually be found in rural or country locations and it is sometimes difficult for spectators to see the entire track from one location.  Motocross tracks usually use the dirt on the ground and bring in additional dirt to build jumps, because of the high-speed and large class sizes motocross tracks usually get large breaking  bumps and become rutted up throughout the day.

Supercross is conducted on a specially constructed dirt race track usually within a stadium style facility.  The man-made tracks are created to duplicate similar racing conditions found in outdoor motocross racing in a smaller venue.  The length of the course is dependant on the size of the facility used.  Supercross tracks are usually easier for spectators to see the entire course, but the number of riders are usually limited because of the smaller track size.  Because the track is much smaller, you have less speed coming into the jumps.  The jumps are constructed with a sharp take off which will project you higher than the motocross track that projects you further.














So the weather changed our plans this weekend.  We did practice on Wednesday at club Moto and Thursday at Argyll in Dixon.  The two-day race at Argyll was re-scheduled for next weekend because of rain.  Since I was going to have the weekend off from racing,  I thought I could get a little more riding in before the rain came…..not exactly.  I decided to race Friday night at Sacramento Raceway, but the race was in the rain.  I had never been to the Sacramento Raceway and it was very different from what I usually ride.  The track was more of a supercross track, a lot slower than I am used to and more technical.  The race started at 6pm and we raced under the lights in the rain.  I was able to show up at this track and get two 1st place trophies and a 2nd place trophy.  It was a lot of fun, but the race went until late.  My friend Brandon #19 went with us to the track and spent the night at my house after.  We were so tired!

Saturday my Dad and I cleaned the bikes and worked to get them ready for next week.  The family went out for pizza and went to the end of Booville.  Sunday My Mom and sisters went shopping and my Dad, Nick and I had a boys day of playing ball, XBOX, and raced dirt bikes.  We had a family night of playing games, wrestling, making cookies, and watching TV.

Last night I practiced at Club Moto in Livermore.  We worked on a few new things and tried a new suspension.  The new suspension was awesome!  It was so different…..I was able to jump higher and further off the jumps and come out of the corner faster.  With the new suspension every time I landed or went over the bumps the bike just sat down and went, I was not getting bounced forward.  What a difference!  I did have one hard fall in the first round of practice.  I was on my old bike and the track was really bad.  I went over a bump going up hill and just got thrown out….the bike and I went tumbling a few times and I landed right on my butt cheek.  I got a little scratch on my arm, but I really hurt my butt, ouch! 

Tonight I am going to practice in Argyll MX in Dixon.  This weekend we have a two-day race at the Dixon track.  Instead of practice on Saturday and race on Sunday like most race weekends, this weekend we have a full race day on Saturday and another one on Sunday.  Sunday is the finale of this CMC Spring series and the points from all seven races of the last races will be added up to crown a champion.  I have been working really hard this series to keep my points up to try to win the championship, so keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck!

I have been “banned……..from writting about dirt bikes” in school.  My teacher told me that I had to write my stories about something other than dirt bikes…..what?  I was so upset about being banned.  Even though all my stories are about dirt bikes, I write about different race tracks and about my different dirt bikes, it’s not always the same story. 

I really like my teacher and I know she is just trying to help me learn new things!  She lifted the ban and said I could write about dirt bikes only one day a week….I guess that is better than never.  I am not really good at new things, I think it will take some time to get used to…  😦

This last weekend I raced in Marysville at the MMX Track.  I love this track because it is a wide track that allows you to go really fast.  The track is very sandy with wide sweeping turns so you can keep your speed up through most of the track.  I love going fast!

Saturday was practice and I worked all day to find the fastest way around the track.  The last practice of the day I took a really hard fall.  As I was going over the long table top I landed sideways and went down so hard I broke my helmet.  Thanks to Dylan #123, he loaned me a helmet to be able to continue riding….. I guess first thing this week we will have to go buy a new helmet.

Sunday the races started and so did the rain.  The day started mild, but as we went through the races, the rain started coming down hard.  By the end of the day the track was really wet and a little tricky to ride.  I worked really hard and was able to finish up the weekend with a 1st place in all six races…..YA!!!  what a weekend.

I have attached a video, but it is not the best…..  It was really windy and it is hard to see the whole track.  I know a lot of you like to see what the different tracks look like, and this will give you an idea of the layout.  This is the 1st 50cc race.  They had two gates with the beginner kids leaving in the second gate.  towards the end of the video you will see me passing some of the riders from that class.

I have been asked a lot, “Is it really you on your blog?”  Although it takes the whole family to put the site together, YES….IT IS ME! 

Friends and family help with blog ideas and then we discuss them at home.  My Mom does do all of the typing, but we work together on what to say.  It is so much fun being able to keep everyone informed with what is going on in my life, and I am so happy that so many people are taking the time to read it.  I think I might be able to count these blogs as reading time for school…..what do you think?

If you have any blog suggestions, please let us know.

Last night I practiced at 408MX in San Jose.  I had not been there in a really long time, and it was really hot.  I had such a great practice, I was really feeling it!

Tonight I am practicing at Club Moto in Livermore and we are racing in Marysville this weekend.  I hope things go as good as they did last night.  Wish me luck!


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Lets play 20 questions…….I thought I would have a little fun and let everyone know a little bit more about me:

1.  WHAT IS MY FAVORITE COLOR?: Yellow and Orange

2.  BEST VACATION?:  Washington and Dodge, because I got to vacation with the  family and ride my dirt bike  🙂


4.  BEST MOVIE?:  Step Brothers, I have watched it 100 times         “Did we just become best frineds…..YEP!”

5.  WHAT IS MY FAVORITE SNACK?:  String Cheese

6.  DO I HAVE ANY PETS?:  I  have a small  dog named Tobi.  She is the best dog…she is not very pretty because she has wire hair, but we love her.

7.  FAVORITE SONG?:  All I want to do is Win,Win, Win

8.  WHAT DO I HAVE IN MY BEDROOM?:  Black and white themed with checkered flag walls, Travis Pastrana and Chad Reed signed jersey’s, Ryan Dungy’s Target gloves signed, many signed goggles, a ton of Trophies, lounge chairs to play XBOX,  a tool box, bed and dresser.  It is more of a “man  cave” than a bedroom.  Really cool! 

9.  BEST BOARD GAME?: Would you rather

10.  FAVORITE VIDEO GAME?:  Reflex for XBOX, Nightclub 3 for PSP, and MX vs ATV for WII


12.  FAVORITE I PHONE APP?:  Supercross

13.  THING I LIKE TO DO OFF MY DIRT BIKE?  Ride my bicycle

14.  FAVORITE TV SHOW?  Wipeout   and It Only Hurts When I Laugh…….LOL!

15.  WHAT I DO ON NIGHTS I DON’T RACE?  Ride my bike, help my Dad work on the dirt bikes, play in the man cave with friends, play dirt bike video games.

16.  WHAT TIME DO I GO TO BED AND GET UP?  9:00pm – I must have my beauty sleep!  7:00am I get up so we have time to drop my sister off at school before I start school. 

17.  LAST YEAR WHAT WAS I FOR HALLOWEEN?  A scary Clown….It was really creepy and I loved scarring everyone.

18.  BEST PRESENT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS?  Last year Santa brought me a KTM 65


20.  LAST BOOK I READ?  Merry Christmas Amelia Bedilia

I hope that was fun for you, let me know if you have anything else you would like to know…….

Below is a video of my first 65cc race at Chico Cycleland on 10-10-10.  In this race they had two gates, and  I was in the second gate.  I was able to get the hole- shot and stay in 1st throughout the race.  As you will see in the video I was able to catch up and pass riders from the first gate.   

October 10th was the CMC race at Chico Cycleland.  We went to Chico Friday night, practiced all day Saturday and raced Sunday.  The Chico race track is not like most tracks I race on.  At Chico it is much slower and tighter than I am used to, more like a supercross track than a motocross track.

The first three races of the day went great, (50cc age, 50cc open, and 65cc age)!  I started all three of these races in first or second and was able to finish all three in 1st place.

Round two was a little more difficult. 

I started the second 50cc open race in first place and my front tire slid out in one of the turns.  Because of the slop of the turn, I had a hard time getting my bike back up.  Once I got it up I was in 5th place and really far behind the leader.  I rode the last three laps as fast as I could and was able to finish in 2nd place.

The second race in the 50cc age class started even worse.  Because I broke the radiator on my bike when I fell in the previous race, I had to switch bikes for the next race.  The second bike was set up a little different and when the gate dropped the bike went out of control.  I tried to stay on the gas and ride out of it, but the bike was cutting from side to side and I just bumped another rider and I went down.  By the time I got the bike up and got it re-started, I was very far in last place.  With a six lap race, I rode as hard as I could and by lap 4 I was in 1st place.  I was able to go from last to 1st and finish up with a win.

The last race of the day was 65cc age, and I started this race out with a hole shot.  I was in the lead and can you believe I slid out in a different turn.  Because I can’t reach the ground on my 65 I had to wait for someone to help me start my bike and of course I was at the farthest turn.  My Hailey, Mom, Dad and our friend Jerry ran the whole track to get me up as fast as they could.  I was up and running again, but now I was in last place.  I road really hard and pulled out a 1st place.  I couldn’t believe I was able to catch everyone and win.  I knew I wasn’t going to give up, but it was really cool to be able to still come in 1st.

I thought you would like to see a video of me racing. 

This was a CMC race at the Hollister MX track September 2010.  Things did not start out very well.  I was lined up in a rutt that shot me to the side and I started the race in almost last place.  I was able to battle back and before long I took the lead and walked away with a win.

CROSS71 License Plate

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Just picked up my personalized license plate….now all I need is to be about 9 years older, a driver’s license, and a car. 

I guess I will let my Dad put it on his truck until I get older. 

I Can’t Wait!

Great Practice

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Yesterday I practiced at Club Moto in Livermore.  Because of my surgery and going to The Nationals, I had not been there to practice in a few weeks.  It was a really good practice!  My Dad worked on some suspension problems and I think things are getting better, my times were good.  I can’t believe how cold it was after the heat we had last week.  I can’t wait to see what the weather will be like this weekend for my next CMC Race.  -Wish Me Luck!

When the family took a trip to the Grand Canyon, I decided to “jump right in.” 

Don’t worry….I lived to tell about it!

My sister Hailey and I.


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Now home from the Dodge Amateur Motocross Nationals and it is rainy, cold and windy.  What happened to the weather?  I was sitting in the 110 degree sun with all my gear on for thirty plus minutes waiting to race….then racing on a huge dirt track that felt like riding through a desert.  I can’t believe it is overcast and windy this week. 

I want to thank my Mom, Dad and Sister Hailey for all the support this week.  Auntie Cheryl and Mike came out to watch me a couple of days and even washed my gear so I could look great.  Another big thank you to MAC Industries for the generator and letting me come over to go swimming so I could cool off.

We spent all afternoon Saturday and all day Sunday washing the bikes and gear and getting everything back in order.   Time for next week.  Weather permitting I hope to practice this week and get ready for the next race in Chico.

The final day at Dodge started early with two 50cc races, Mod and Stock.  I was able to battle but because of the earlier falls I was only able to pull out a 6th and 7th place overall.

The final race of Dodge was my 65cc Mod final race.  What a final race!  Started out great and had a big battle with a few of the riders.  I passed a rider, he got me back, and I was able to get him back again.  Every turn was intense and all the riders were fighting to get to the front.  While going around one of the turns another rider and I were bar to bar battling.  The other boy was so close he was using his elbow to try to push me over.  This race was a fight from start to finish and was so much fun.  I finished the race with a hard-earned 16th and finished out the class with a 20th overall.

Day 4 we had only two races and it was the final moto in two classes.

I started the day racing the 50cc Open final moto.  Dad made big changes and the bike was perfect and back to how I like it.  I had a great race and after all three moto’s were done I finished with a 5th place overall.

The second race was the final moto of the 65cc Stock class.  I rocked out from start to finish and ended with a 16th place overall finish in the class.

Later that night all of the venders put on a fashion show and my sister was one of the models.  It was so cool to watch her model the clothes and I was able to cheer for her.  Way to go Hailey!

Day three was the hardest day with four races. 

First race was the 65cc Stock race.  I had a really bad start and was pushed out to almost last.  I worked really hard to battle past as many riders as I could and finished in 20th place.

Race two and three were both 50cc races, one Mod and one Stock.  We made some changes to the bike and it was better, but still a little hard to ride.  I fell in both the races and finished with a 6th and an 8th.

Race four was the 65cc Mod race.  A great battle with a lot of tough kids and we were able to finish in 15th place.

After the first day of racing was over, we found that the shock on my 50cc bike was bad.  We were able to have the people at the track re-build the shock.  We found that having the shock re-built made a huge difference in the suspension of the bike.  With no practice time…we were unable to make any changes to the bike until we watched it in the race.

First thing in the morning we had race 1… 50cc Stock.  Had a pretty good start, but the bike was not easy to ride and was really hard to hold onto.  I was riding around most of the track on the front tire because the back kept kicking up through the ruts.  Finished 6th

Second race was the 65cc Mod race.  I had a really good start and was in the front of the pack.  My front end washed out and I fell on the second lap.  I finally got help holding up my bike so I could get it started but I was now in last place.  I battled back and started passing riders one at a time.  I came out with a 20th place finish.

Third race was 50cc Open.  This bike had the same problem that the Stock bike had earlier in the day and was a very rough ride.  Again I finished in 6th place.

Many of the riders that come to the Dodge Amateur National event are older kids and are past Champions that have been racing these events for many years.  Being the youngest kid and the first time at an event like this was really cool. 

Day 1 we had 3 races. 

First thing in the morning, and the other two late in the day.  The first race was 50cc Open.  What a great start…..Off the line great and battled up front the whole race.  Finished in 3rd.

110 degrees and time for the second race, 65cc Stock-30 riders (19-10 year olds, 7-9 year olds, 3-8 year olds and me)  I had an OK start and battled in the middle of the pack and finished 13th.

Just after the second race I had time to get a cold drink and go back for the third race, 50cc Mod.  Start to finish it was a fast race and I came out in 5th place.

The Dodge Amateur Nationals was this past week.  What a great experience!

This was our first week long event and we had a ton of fun and learned a lot.  We signed up to race 5 classes with a three moto series which is a total of 15 races over the week.  The pro’s raced during the day and it was really cool to be sitting on the line to race and watching the pro riders rip by.  The only thing we did not plan on was the weather……End of September/beginning of October and over 100 degrees-What?  Racing all of the classes every day for five days with the heat was a lot, but it was so much fun.

We started the night before parking on the street to get in line for a camping spot for the week.  While parking on the side of the road, Dad scratched the side of the trailer on the tree branches.  The next morning we got up at 4am and got in line to enter the race.  While parking the trailer we got a dent in the truck.  Then needing to cool down and get out of the heat the generator stopped working…no A/C !!!!  While changing tires we lost a spacer.  NOT A GOOD START TO OUR WEEK.  Thanks to our friends and MAC Industries for bringing us a generator to use, the A/C was back up and running.  And a thanks to the Hogges for bringing a new spacer for the tires, the bikes were ready to go.  We were now back on track and ready to start racing….