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Last week I went to practice on Wednesday at Club Moto and I rode good, but I felt a little off.  On the way home my stomach was really upset and I got sick.  I got sick several more times that night and was not feeling very good the next few days.


On Thursday my sister Hailey had surgery to get her tonsils removed.  On Friday she was bleeding really bad and had to go back into the hospital and have emergency surgery.  On Friday she was in a lot of pain, because she had two surgeries and they put stitches in her throat, but she was doing better. (This picture was taken before the first surgery…she was not as happy after.)


I was also feeling better and I was excited to race the Mammoth qualifier race at Oatfield.  (Remember a few weeks ago I raced the Mammoth qualifier at Comp Edge and my bike broke in the open class during the second race and I didn’t get to finish so I didn’t qualify in that class)

My Dad and I went to the race by ourselves because my Mom had to stay home with my sister Hailey.  Saturday practice went well and I was excited to race on Sunday.  In the first race (65 Open) I got up to second place and was pushing on the leader but was not able to make a pass and finished the race in 2nd place.  In the second race (65 age) I got off the gate well, but the bike next to me hit me and I had to slow down a little so I didn’t fall.  I was able to fight back to third place and stayed close to the second place rider but I made a few mistakes and was not able to make a pass, I finished the race in 3rd place.


The third race of the day was the second 65 open race and everything started off good, I got a good start I was in second place right behind the leader and my suspension was not working very well.  On the second lap my back tire kicked me and I tried to save it but ended up crashing.  I ran to my bike to try to finish the race and when I picked up my bike I realized that my right arm had no strength and a sharp pain.  I got back on my bike and tried to ride, but it was really hard to hold on and every jump and bump on the track was hurting.  I definitely did not ride my best, but I tried really hard to finish the race the best I could.  I was able to finish the race in seventh place which gave me a 5th place overall finish, luckily I was able to qualify for the Mammoth race.


When I got back to the van, I realized that something was really wrong with my arm.  My Dad checked me out and we decided that I needed to go to the hospital to get my arm looked at.  I did not stay to race the last race, but I already qualified for that class at Comp Edge.  The doctor said that I dis-located my shoulder and broke my humerus up by my shoulder.


My arm is not too bad during the day as long as it doesn’t move, but at night it is really hard for me to sleep.  My Mom is taking care of my sister and I and it is like a hospital at my house.


Im going to heal up my shoulder and my arm and my Dad is going to go through my bikes and when I am all better, we will be ready to go!

My bikes always look great thanks to Moto Efx graphics, but this week they got crazy with my moto van.  I went to get my van wrapped and it was so cool to see it change from a basic black van to a custom CROSS71 – moto van.


Not only does the van look amazing driving down the road, but you have to see it in person.  The van has several different ghost pictures in the background that really pops out in the sun.


The best part of the whole thing is that it has me on all three sides.  🙂


It has ghost skulls in the background, some ghost MotoEfx logos, and it looks like I am jumping in motion.  In this picture you can see part of the ghost skull and me in motion.


If you have your own designs and logos or if you are looking for something new and different, Moto Efx will give you what you are looking for.  I like that the dirt bike kits they do look different and really stand out on the track.  Moto Efx likes to create new and different graphics with crazy designs and colors.

Make sure you contact Moto Efx for information on your dirt bike kits and vehicle wraps.


Thank you Carlos with 51 Fifty Energy Drink and Larry from Moto Efx for the awesome bikes and now the awesome moto van!


This last weekend I raced in LA for the second Loretta Lynn area qualifier.


During the week my Mom had work and my sister Hailey was not feeling well so I didn’t get to go to the Friday practice at Comp Edge.  Friday night we drove to LA and on Saturday morning it was time to race.  On Saturday morning we got to the track and I got ready to race in the 7-9 stock class and it was super windy and cold.  Even though I didn’t get to practice the day before, I was excited to race and feeling very good.  My first start was not very well, I did a huge wheelie off the start but was able to save it and only lose a few spots.  It took me a little to get through traffic and I was able to win the race.  The second race I started much better and was also able to come in first for a 1st place overall finish.


After the race we went back to the hotel with some friends and we ate pizza and watch supercross.  After supercross I got to go in the hot tub and pool with my friends.  My Mom thought I was crazy because it was super cold outside, but the water wasn’t too bad.  After the pool it was time for bed because we had to turn our clocks back and loose an hour of sleep.


Sunday morning It was time to race the 7-11 mod class.  I still didn’t have a mod bike and had to race with my stock bike, but I was excited to see if I could battle with the older kids.  In the first race I got a bad start and had to battle through traffic.  By the time I was able to make my way to the fourth place spot, the top three riders were out just a little.  I was pushing to try to catch them and I slid out in a turn.  I was able to get back up pretty fast and didn’t lose any spots but I lost a little ground on the leaders.  By the end of the race I was catching the third place spot but I wasn’t able to get close enough to make a pass.  I finished the first race in 4th place.

compedge03.11.13 599compedge03.11.13 526compedge03.11.13 512

In the second race I came out of the gate well but again got pushed between a couple of bikes.  I was able to make my way to third place and worked to get around him.  I finally got around the third and second place rider and tried to catch up to the leader.  I was riding well, but I let the leader get out too far in the beginning of the race and I wasn’t able to get close enough to catch him in the end.  I was able to finish the race in second place and finished the race with an overall 2nd place finish for the day.


This weekend my family went to Hollister to race the Northwest Area Qualifier.  A lot of people came out for the race and we watches a lot of good races all weekend.   The track got really rough and very rutted, but it was really fun.  My classes had some good gates and I had fun playing with my friends off the track and racing them on the track.

holl 3.1.13 110

My parents and my sister Hailey always give me a pep-talk right before the race starts.


My first day of racing was the 65cc 7-9 Stock class.   In the first race I got out of the gate a little slow but I was able to stay up and keep the lead for a 1st place win in the first race.  In the second race I got a better start and I got out to the front.  I was out in the lead and I hit a rutt and flew across the track and I hit a tree.  I was a little shaken after the crash, but I was able to get up and get back going.  I was in eighth place and I was able to battle back to 3rd place.  I finished the class with an overall 1st place finish.

holl 3.1.13 242holl 3.1.13 164holl 3.1.13 158

The second day I raced 65cc 7-11 Mod class.  In both races there was a lot of really good battles.  I finished the first race in 2nd and the second race in 3rd with a 3rd place overall finish.

holl 3.1.13 181holl 3.1.13 172holl 3.1.13 169

The plaques for the race were the coolest ever!  THEY HAVE A PICTURE OF ME ON THEM…. The picture on the plaque is from the start of the 65cc race from last year Loretta’s race when I got the hole shot.  It was pretty cool.


1st and 3rd overall finishes in the first Loretta Lynn area qualifier