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Last week I picked up my new helmet.  It is a custom 51 Fifty Energy Drink Helmet that was painted by Lufo’s Kustom Designs.


The helmet is so sick!


Just like the Supercross helmets, but just for……    CROSS


The 51 Fifty Supercross Team racers have the same helmet that Lufo painted for me.  He rushed to paint it and get it back to me in time for my Mammoth race, but unfortunately I got hurt and didn’t get to race that one.  I am hoping to get to use it for the first time at the Loretta Lynn National Race.


Lufo’s Kustom Designs paints the most awesome helmets…….. under the lights and out in the sun the paint on the helmets is amazing.  You have to go to his Facebook page and see some of his past work.

Contact Lufo to get your helmets painted:


Facebook:  Lufo’s Kustom Designs

Phone:   (831) 901-6585


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Before heading to Mammoth for the big race I was getting some last minute practicing in and the track was a little to wet and slick for the speed I was going and I went down.  I knew as soon as I hit the ground that something was wrong with my arm and my parents took me to the doctor to get it checked out.  I was so devastated because I knew that I would not be able to go to the Mammoth race and I was instantly nervous about if I would be able to go to the Loretta National race that is about a month away.


The doctor confirmed that I did have a fracture in my humorous but they didn’t know how bad it was or how long it would take to heal.  My medical coverage is with Kaiser and whenever Kaiser sees a fracture or a brake they put it in a cast for 8 weeks.  I want to make sure my arm is taken care of the way it needs to be, but I don’t want it in a cast for more time than it needs to be.  If my arm heals before 8 weeks I can make it to Loretta’s.  My parents paid for me to go to an independent sports medicine doctor to find out how bad my arm is and how long it will take to heal.  My family also paid for an MRI to make sure there is no additional damage in my arm that might need to be taken care of.  I have another appointment with him in a few days to see what my outcome looks like.  Fingers crossed that my arm heals in time to go to Nationals……..I will keep you posted!

I  have had pictures of me racing in magazines and brochures, but I have not had pictures of my face…….till now.

I don’t know what took so long, look at my face.  lol

So last year at Loretta’s, you all know that I got a hole shot and I won $100 gift card from the Motorcycle Superstore.


A few weeks ago I used my gift card to buy some stuff for my Dad for Father’s Day, which he loved!  Later that day my Dad was looking through the Motorcycle Superstore catalog and there was a picture of my face in it.


It was cool that out of all the kids that got hole shot awards last year the three of us were chosen to be put in the magazine.  Thanks again Motorcycle Superstore and a special thanks to all my sponsors that helped me get to Loretta’s last year.  I am so excited I get to go again this year and represent you there.

A few better shots from last year.


A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks……last week my Sister Hailey graduated from high school and I was supposed to race at a Loretta Lynn Regional Qualifier race in Washington at the same time.

The Deruyter family was totally awesome and they drove me and my bikes to Washington so I can see the track on Friday and get a good night sleep before time to race.  My parents went to Hailey’s graduation Friday night and then the family took her out to dinner before she went to grad night at her school.


GA.WA 0138GA.WA 051

After dinner my parents got in the van and drove 12 hours straight to the Washougal track.  They got to the track about 7am, just when the practices were starting.

GA.WA 183I was able to check out the track and work on sections with my Dad throughout the day.  Since Saturdays races were for the stock classes I didn’t have to qualify in that race because I already qualified in that class in the race in LA.  My big race was on Sunday.

4GA.WA 133GA.WA 207

After hanging out at the track all day we went out to dinner and then back to the hotel to swim.  Mom and Dad were really tired because they hadn’t slept all night so we went to bed early and got up early to race in the Open class on Sunday.


In the first race I got a good start and I came around the first turn in third moved to second and raced up horsepower hill to take over the lead.  I was in first place and I tucked my front tire and went down.  I was able to get back up and going and I fought my way back to 2nd place. (below is pictures of the start of one of the races and a look at horsepower hill)

GA.WA 062GA.WA 065GA.WA 071

In the second race I didn’t get the best start but I was able to get into second place and finished the day out with an overall 2nd place finish. (below is pictures of me going over the whoops)

GA.WA 136GA.WA 143GA.WA 149

With my second place finish I was able to get another ticket to Loretta’s.


After the race it was back in the van for a 12 hour drive home. 😦  When we got back home we took a couple of days to get caught up on all the sleep we lost over the weekend.  In the middle of the week my Mom got really sick and she even had to go into the hospital.  It was scary, but she got better after a few days and she was back to herself.  Saturday was my sister Hailey’s graduation party and a lot of our friends and family came over.

126GA.WA 014

Sunday was Father’s Day and since I hadn’t been on my bike all week, my Dad spent his day with me at the track.  My parents and my sister Hailey and I all hung out at the track, then we took Dad out to lunch.  On the way home we went by my Grandpa’s house to wish him a Happy Fathers Day.  My Dad is always working on my bikes and taking me to practice and race… are the best Dad!  Thanks for everything you do for me.



Thank you to the Deruyter Family for taking me to Washington

Congrats to my Sister Hailey, good luck in college

Glad you are feeling better Mom


Happy Father’s Day Dad!

This last weekend was the Vurb Classic at Oatfield MX Track.  We took our trailer because we knew it was going to be really hot and I wanted to be able to stay cool throughout the day.  During practice my Dad  worked on my bikes and the suspension and tried to get everything dialed in for me.  The Vurb Classic is different from most races I do.  This event had two separate race days and two different events.  Saturday I raced two complete races (4 motos) and on Sunday I raced another two complete races (4 motos).    So I raced a total of 8 motos for the weekend.

vurb 167

On Saturday I raced two races with kids in my age group and I raced two races with all the kids including the older class.  I was trying to work on my gate timing and my starts throughout the weekend.  In my two age group classes on Saturday I was able to finish both races in first place for an overall 1st place finish in the class.  In the two open classes I finished both races in third place for a 3rd place finish overall.

vurb 059

Saturday night I rode my SMX dirt scooter on the pump track and raced my bike with my friends.  Sunday morning I woke up with two parts of my body hurt…..(You probably remember my older post when I got bite by a spider on my eyelid and my eye was swollen shut, well I am pretty sure I am allergic to spider bites.)  I got bite by another spider on my arm.  It was really swollen, hard, red, super hot, and it hurt really bad.


My hands have a lot of calluses on them but I had a new blister on my finger that had popped.  It hurt soooo bad!  Just to hold on to the bike really hurt but I tried not to think about it while I was riding.


Sunday was time for a second day of racing.  Our generator stopped working in our trailer so we also had no A/C and it was about 100 degrees.  😦  I was able to again race for another two first place finishes in both of my age group classes for an overall 1st place finish.  I had a couple falls in Sunday’s open class races but I was still able to pull off fourth and sixth place finishes with a lot of really fast riders, with an overall 5th place finish.

vurb 120vurb 121vurb 123

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Vurb Moto did a small recap of some of the races and they mentioned my name in one of the sections.  They put up a picture of me coming in for a pass for the lead in one of my races on Saturday:

Jett Reynolds
Jett Reynolds (above) is the pick of the really small bike riders as he goes up against Ryder DiFrancesco and Hunter Yoder in both the Pee Wee and 51cc Stock 7-8 classes. However he had nothing for Hunter Cross in the slightly bigger 65cc 7-9 class as the #71 took both wins.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I am still getting back into the swing of things after being off with my broken arm, and it was fun to have 8 races in two days.   I have to thank my Mom and Dad and my sister Hailey for all the help and support all weekend!