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Since most of our tracks are under water, I have taken a couple of trips to LA to do a little riding and to start getting into race shape.


Because I have been in LA the last two weekends I was able to catch a couple supercross races.  Because I have been doing more practicing than playing I haven’t been able to spend the day playing at supercross but I have been able to watch some really great racing.


This weekend I was able to hang out just a little with my Wienerfam.


And my 51 Fifty Family


It was so fun to be able to say Hi to everyone before the races started.


Then it was back to riding again early in the morning.


It has been a long couple of weeks.  Really Fun, But Really Long.


GOODBYE 2016… HELLO 2017

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I finished out 2016 with my leg finally healed.  After my two surgeries and 6 months of not moving my ankle, it feels amazing to be able to walk again.


I am now able to climb rocks with my friends, go indoor surfing and ride my Oset that I got for Christmas.


Speaking of Christmas…every year my family plays a game to “win” our presents.  This years game was extreme target shooting.


My blindfolded shot didn’t even make it on the board, but my between the legs and over the back shots were pretty close.  At the end of the game I got my new assault riffle.  Now it’s time to make a trip to the shooting range.


My sister took me to a G-Eazy concert that was off the hook.  We had a ton of fun.  Thanks Sis.


Of course I missed my baby!!!!  It is so much fun to be back on the bike again.


Riding and getting into shape has been fun.  Of course it has been raining a lot so I haven’t been able to ride as much as I want.  When the weather clears up you will see me back out on the track.


While I am at home and it is raining, I have been hanging out with my new dog Abby.  She is really fun.  Check out her eyes, they are two different colors.


I got a really awesome special delivery just in time for Christmas.. Thank you Yamaha!


Now it is time to go racing!