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Because I race Nationally, I spend a lot of time traveling.  Many of my friends that I race against are home schooled and don’t go to school every day like I do.  I am not able to travel to go to different places and practice everyday like a lot of them, but I do have to miss a lot of school for big races.  When I go to big races some of my friends will race and then stay the night and go home the next day or travel half way and then stop to get a hotel.  My family and I always travel throughout the night so I get home just in time to go to school the next morning.

Some of the things I have to do…….

  • I miss my entire first week of school because I am at the Loretta Lynn Nationals.  It has been a little interesting coming into school a week late and not knowing any of my teacher, the rules of the classes, or all the homework I have to make up.
  • I miss Friday’s when I have regional or area races for Nationals
  • When I went to Texas to race my family drove 24 hours straight to get to the track and home so I could go to school on Monday.
  • When we come home from Loretta’s we drive 36 hours straight so I can get to school on Monday.

Although I do everything I can to not miss school, It is in my contract that I have to be at some events, photo shoots, appearances, etc.

When I miss school I have to come back and make up all the work and tests from when I was out.

I am very proud that every year I have gone to Nationals, I have been a full time student, and on the Honor Roll….. and this year is the same.  Today is my last day of school and these are my grades.  Not bad for missing the first week and several times throughout each month.


NOTE:  A couple of the teachers have not yet put my makeup test into the book yet so these grades will be just a little higher on my actual report card.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day….and say Thank You to all past, present, and future military!


I know that Memorial Day is to honor the people who have died serving our country and it is very sad that there has been so many.


Now that I am older, and my brother-in-law is in the Army and my sister lives in another state, I know a little more about the sacrifice everyone in the military makes.  It is sad that so many great people died to protect our country.





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My birthday was on January 18th and I was so excited when I found out that AMP was having a race at Oatfield on my birthday.  My parents took the trailer to the track so I could spend the weekend with my friends and race on Sunday.  Practice on Saturday went really well and I had so much fun riding.


When I woke up on my birthday Sunday morning I had a high fever and was soooooo sick.


It was not the best way to wake up and I was so mad that I couldn’t race.  I went from being super hot to having the chills and I was sore all over so my parents packed up the trailer and we headed home.  I spent my whole birthday in bed.


Although I spend the next few days in bed, I did get some very awesome gifts for my birthday that I was able to enjoy late.  I got an XBox One which is very cool


I got Blue Beats that sound amazing


Yamaha sent me a huge box of swag so I can look totally fitted!


51 Fifty Energy Drink hooked me up with the new Fruit Punch drink….make sure you ask me for one at the track, you have to try it.


Von Zipper sent me new goggles and tear offs that are so sick


And so many other awesome gifts….. So bummed that I couldn’t race, but thank you everyone for all the amazing gifts!!!!!!

Christmas in my house was awesome!  My sister and I couldn’t decide on which Christmas tree we wanted so we each got our own trees.  Hailey got a pink tree and I got a blue tree.  I also got to decorate my tree myself and I made a 71 out of blue ornaments.


On Christmas night my sister, brother-in-law and my niece flew in from North Carolina to spend some time with us.  My niece Lola and I played in the airport while we waited for them to get their bags.


My whole family came to watch me practice and it was really fun to play with them all and have them watch me ride.


I also had a lot of fun with my friends at the track.


Riding my pit bike on the kids track.


A short video of me on my Yamaha 85

A few pictures



Because I have some of the best sponsors, family and friends, this year I was able to give a lot of kids some early Christmas presents.  It all started a few months ago when DVS shoes sent me the wrong size shoes and told me to give them to someone that could use them.  I then got some things from my other sponsors and my family and friends also donated gifts and money to buy more gifts.  My Mom found a local women’s shelter that has 39 kids living at the facility.  We didn’t have enough for that many kids so my Mom and I went shopping and bought at least two gifts for each child in each age group.  It was really fun to think of gifts for all the different age groups and we ended with a van full of gifts.



Earlier this week my family all loaded into the van to go to the shelter and surprise all the kids with gifts.


I had never been to any kind of shelter or place like this before.  There were so many kids and they were all so excited to see what we had brought.  It was really awesome to be able to give them things and have them be so excited to get each of the gifts.  Everyone got one of my Hardcore Racing Shirts and at least two new gifts.  We also had a lot of donated used items that the facility could keep in the playroom for everyone to share.  I took some pictures but really didn’t want to photograph any of the children and the below pictures I also blurred for privacy.


Guys, these kids were so excited!  I will defiantly be taking them more items throughout the year so if you are looking for a place that could use some help, this is the place.  Contact me if you have money or items you would like to donate to kids from ages 10 months to 16 years old.  Thank you to everyone who gave items and cash for me to help these kids get some awesome toys and clothes just before Christmas….and thank you to my parents for finding the perfect local place to help!


This week my parents threw me a Blue Party.  It was a party to celebrate my new Thousand Oaks, Yamaha contract and all of my other sponsors for the 2015 race season.  We had so much fun and a ton of my friends and family came to the party.


We had so much fun and a ton of my friends and family came to the party to celebrate.


We had a blue cake and a blue chocolate fountain… it was really cool.


Many of my friends were able to come over and we ran throughout the house, it was so much fun.


My Dad and I also messed around a little.


Huge THANK YOU to everyone that showed up for the party and to all of my 2015 sponsors!!!




Last weekend was the 6th annual Ride and Rock for Autism.  51 Fifty Energy Drink puts on a Harley ride – poker run – and concert featuring the Moonshine Bandits and DJ Chopsticks.  I didn’t get to go but my parents went with some of their friends.


I didn’t get to go but my parents and their friends went.


At the event they had a lot of things on display and they asked that we bring my dirt bike and the van to have on display to everyone.


The race cars, outdoor motorcross race bikes, and Harley were on display




The 51 Fifty girls took a picture with my dirt bike and with my Dad’s Harley



All the Harley’s rode through the side of the shop and out on the poker run.


At one of the stops some of the riders put on a street show with wheelies and burnouts


It was all fun until the police showed up and the show was over


The poker run ended back at the 51 Fifty shop and it was time for the concert


They had several opening bands including the Sober Junkie that my Dad loved.  The band was really cool and they took a picture in front of my van.


DJ Chopsticks was awesome.  He mixed together Shots, Islands in the Streams, Monster, and Boot Scoot-in Boogie.  It was the strangest mix ever but he made it totally work.


Then for the main event….DJ Chopsticks was joined by The Moonshine Bandits.  They came out and rocked the stage!


The event was huge and it raised a lot of money for a great cause…..Autism




The last time I had a hair cut was before Christmas and it is all because of the Vaccarello Family….

During practice one day when my hair looked like this…


Todd Vaccarello started a bet between his son Dom and myself.  The bet was the first kid to cut his hair has to detail the other kids dirtbike.  Dom and I accepted the challenge and I have been letting my hair grow ever since.  I have never had my hair even a little long, I always buzz my hair so this challenge was way more difficult than I thought it would be.  Because Dom and I are both racers, we didn’t care about having to wash each others bikes, we were both determined to not lose at any cost.

Soon my hair looked like this


and then this


and then




and it kept growing


Last week when Dom and I were hanging out and we both looked like this….


My Mom had enough….She knew that we would never let the other person win the bet.  Before our hair was long enough for her to braid she wanted it cut.  We both sat down and at the same time……




The bet was off and I didn’t have to let my hair grow out anymore.  Dom and I agreed on a two way tie with no winner and no looser.  I couldn’t wait to run home and get the clippers out.


….and I was back!  



My Mom said I can no longer talk to Todd Vaccarello!


It has been a few weeks since I wrote about anything and so much has been going on.

I told you that my oldest sister Elyssa and her daughter Lola were in town from North Carolina visiting and while they were here they watched me ride my bike a lot.


I hung out with friends a lot at the race tracks.  I love going to different tracks and hanging out with different friends at each place I go.  This picture was taken in Hollister at the GP track.


I also went with my Mom, my Sisters and Lola to the Zoo.  We had a lot of fun running around and showing Lola all of the animals.  My sisters and I ran around and acted crazy the whole day.


When I was practicing my bike cut out going through a turn and I tipped over.  No big deal, but when I picked up my bike I noticed that my finger was pointing the wrong way.  Yep, broken finger.  The doctor gave me a shot and then set the finger back in place and put it in a cast to heal.


My Grandparents took my Great Grandpa and my Uncle to the Sacramento Fish Hatchery.  It was really cool to watch the salmon jump up the ladder and fight to get to the top to lay their eggs.  It was really crazy to watch.


My parents and I went bowling.  We all had a lot of fun but I think we all agreed that our family are never going to be professional bowlers.


This year for Halloween, it was the last year that my school walks in the parade through my Mom’s work to get candy. (Next year I switch to middle school)  I didn’t know what I wanted to be, I was thinking I would be the guy from breaking bad but that didn’t fit me very well.  I decided to go with something completely crazy and different from what I could ever be in real life……A Nerd.


Halloween night when we went trick-or-treating we took our golf cart to the golf course down the street that my Grandparents live at.  We went with my friend Marks family and all 8 of us piled into the golf cart and ran crazy from house to house getting candy.


My parents and I went to Stockton to the sprint car races with some friends of ours.  We had awesome seats and had fun watching the action.  The 51 Fifty Energy Drink girls were at the races and I got to say Hi.


I spent Thanksgiving with my family at my Aunt and Uncle’s house.  I made sure to tell everyone that I was Thankful for my entire family and for dirt bikes!


I jumped around to a lot of different things, but there is still more to come…….

Last year my older sister Elyssa, her husband Nick and my Niece Lola moved to another state because Nick is in the Army. We haven’t seen them for a long time and a my Sister my Niece came to visit us. It was so cool to see them both and My Niece Lola is so much fun. She is almost two years old and she loves to run around and chase me. She is constantly yelling Uncle, Uncle, Uncle.


While Elyssa and Lola have been home a lot of our family and friends have been coming over the house to visit them both and we have been very busy making sure we do lots of fun stuff with them while they are here.

I have also taken the time to rehab my arm from the injury I got at Hollister. When I went to the doctor the day I got hurt they told me that nothing was broken and that I was going to be just fine. Over the next few days I couldn’t move my arm and finally found out that my shoulder was dislocated and they had to pop it back into place…..OUCH it hurt really bad.

After my arm was put back into place, it was really sore and all my muscles needed to be repaired. Terry Bostard introduced me to a guy that was able to totally work with my shoulder to get me back into shape really fast. Thank you Terry……

Terry Bostard
Terry Bostard MX SChool
“Where Technique Equals Winning”


I went to see Ryan Steen from Steen chiropractic who worked a long time on my arm each day. Every time Dr. Steen worked on my arm I could feel improvement. I was so excited every time I left the office because I could feel that I was getting better faster and I was closer to getting back on my bike. Thank you Dr. Steen……..

Ryan Steen
Steen Chiropractic
5151 Lone Tree Way
Antioch, CA 94531


Now that my arm is better I was able to get back on my dirt bike this week.  My Sister Elyssa and my Niece Lola even came to watch me ride so that was very cool.





A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks……last week my Sister Hailey graduated from high school and I was supposed to race at a Loretta Lynn Regional Qualifier race in Washington at the same time.

The Deruyter family was totally awesome and they drove me and my bikes to Washington so I can see the track on Friday and get a good night sleep before time to race.  My parents went to Hailey’s graduation Friday night and then the family took her out to dinner before she went to grad night at her school.


GA.WA 0138GA.WA 051

After dinner my parents got in the van and drove 12 hours straight to the Washougal track.  They got to the track about 7am, just when the practices were starting.

GA.WA 183I was able to check out the track and work on sections with my Dad throughout the day.  Since Saturdays races were for the stock classes I didn’t have to qualify in that race because I already qualified in that class in the race in LA.  My big race was on Sunday.

4GA.WA 133GA.WA 207

After hanging out at the track all day we went out to dinner and then back to the hotel to swim.  Mom and Dad were really tired because they hadn’t slept all night so we went to bed early and got up early to race in the Open class on Sunday.


In the first race I got a good start and I came around the first turn in third moved to second and raced up horsepower hill to take over the lead.  I was in first place and I tucked my front tire and went down.  I was able to get back up and going and I fought my way back to 2nd place. (below is pictures of the start of one of the races and a look at horsepower hill)

GA.WA 062GA.WA 065GA.WA 071

In the second race I didn’t get the best start but I was able to get into second place and finished the day out with an overall 2nd place finish. (below is pictures of me going over the whoops)

GA.WA 136GA.WA 143GA.WA 149

With my second place finish I was able to get another ticket to Loretta’s.


After the race it was back in the van for a 12 hour drive home. 😦  When we got back home we took a couple of days to get caught up on all the sleep we lost over the weekend.  In the middle of the week my Mom got really sick and she even had to go into the hospital.  It was scary, but she got better after a few days and she was back to herself.  Saturday was my sister Hailey’s graduation party and a lot of our friends and family came over.

126GA.WA 014

Sunday was Father’s Day and since I hadn’t been on my bike all week, my Dad spent his day with me at the track.  My parents and my sister Hailey and I all hung out at the track, then we took Dad out to lunch.  On the way home we went by my Grandpa’s house to wish him a Happy Fathers Day.  My Dad is always working on my bikes and taking me to practice and race… are the best Dad!  Thanks for everything you do for me.



Thank you to the Deruyter Family for taking me to Washington

Congrats to my Sister Hailey, good luck in college

Glad you are feeling better Mom


Happy Father’s Day Dad!

While I was out with my arm I took time to rest my body and work on my dirt bikes.

I did a lot of activities with my family, like I told you last week we went to the car races, the movies and some family functions.  My sister wanted to go see the Croods and my Mom and I went to see Jurassic Park 3D and we were the only people in the whole theater which was totally cool.


I played a lot of Xbox


I got a lot of physical therapy.


I visited some of my friends that also got hurt riding their dirt bikes, and some of my friends came over and spent the night a few times.  When my cast came off and the weather got hot, my friends and I were able to play in the water in the back yard.


My Dad went through the dirt bikes and got everything ready to go.  We sent out my suspension to get re-done (more information on that later.)  I also got some new gear that I couldn’t wait to use.

I got really bored and was missing my dirt bike.


Now it is time to get back on my dirt bike and start riding again.

See you at the track…….


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This week was a little up and down for me… literally!

I practiced Wednesday night and things went well.  At the end of the night I was a little more tired than usual and by midnight, I was totally sick.  I had a super high fever, sore throat, and totally body aches.  My family was going to travel to Los Angeles to do some riding, but I was at the doctors all day Thursday and by Thursday night I wasn’t feeling any better.  We canceled our plans to go to LA and decided I needed to rest and get better.


By Friday I was feeling much better, not 100% but I couldn’t believe how much better I felt than the day before.  By Saturday I was sad I wasn’t in LA riding, and my parents let me go to Oatfield to do a little practice.  I a lot of fun and we decided to go back to the track on Sunday for the race.

Not too long after Loretta’s I had gotten hurt, and this was my first race since then.  I was excited to practice my starts and race on the track.  When we got to the track in the morning it was sooooo cold that the entire track was covered in ice.


In the first race 65 Int I was out of the gate second and by the time I got to the third turn I was able to take the lead.  It was a good battle for the first lap and the second place rider went down and I was able to stay out front for the win.  The second race was 65 Open, I got the hole shot and the second place rider stayed close till the end, but I was again able to take the win.  In the third race, my luck ran a little short….I did not get off the gate well and got a little pinched off by other riders.  I came out in fourth place and battled through to second.  I was pushing hard to catch the leader and was riding a little out of control until I went down.  I again found myself in fourth and I again passed back to second but was not able to catch the leader and finished the race in second place.  In the final race of the day the track was really rough, but I was not happy with how I rode in the third race and I was ready to do better.  I was able to get the hole shot and pull away from the field each lap with a first place finish.

01.12.13 13601.12.13 04401.12.13 048

Overall I think it was a really good practice race after being off the line for so long.  I look forward to more races to come!


After New Years I went to Los Angeles to do a little practicing and to go to A1 for the Supercross race.

20130109-074041.jpg20130109-074051.jpg20130109-074110.jpg I went to some of the race tracks that I have been to before like Milestone, Perris and Pala and I also went to The Ranch for the first time. The track was really fun but it was super, super cold and very, very windy. The track had some sandy parts and was a fast track with a few big jumps.


My Mom took this picture of me that I thought looked really cool, but….maybe someone can teach her how to set her camera up so she can take pictures at night. Lol


Supercross was sooo much fun! I saw a lot of my friends there and the races were awesome because all of the big names were back from injury and ready for battle. With so many great riders on the line, a lot of people were surprised with many of the finishes.


I got to hangout in the 51 Fifty Energy Drink Pitts and all of the guys were awesome.  Joe hooked me up with a lot of products….Thank you Carlos, Joe and 51 Fifty!…..especially the 51 Fifty girls!


  Moto Efx did an awesome job on the graphics for the bikes. They used reflective stickers they look 3D…so cool.


Lufo’s Kustom Designs hand painted all the helmets that also popped in the lights…he does amazing work.


The boys looked amazing and were ready to go racing. They had really great qualifying times and were riding really great but with a couple bad starts and a bad crash they were unable to make it out of the LCQ….look for them to make some noise in Phoenix.

Chris Plouffe


Scott Champion


This year Christmas was extra fun at our house because it wasn’t just my sisters and I we also had my niece who turned 1 the week before Christmas.  Because she had her birthday just before Christmas, by the time Christmas morning came she knew exactly what was going on and she was ready to see what was in all the packages….. it was so funny.

Christmas Eve we had dinner and gifts at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins.  We played some fun games that were crazy and loud with all of us….and I won $22 – awesome!  I also got some great gifts including a new chest protector, new shoes, an I love haters hat, etc.  Grandma and Grandpa also gave everyone CASH…..Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!


We came home from my Grandparents house and made some cookies for Santa and went to bed.  When we woke up we had a ton of gifts under the tree and Lola even had a slide.   My Grandparents and my Brother-In-Law’s parents and grandma came over to watch everyone open presents. Lola got lots of toys and clothes, my sisters got clothes, money, nail stuff, makeup, and a bunch of girly stuff, and……..  I got an awesome neck brace, Black Ops II, XBox points, a bean bag, legos, games, dirt bike stuff, etc.  When we were all done it was time for the SCAVENGER HUNT.


Every year my parents give us one bigger gift but we have to play a game or something to get the gift.  Years before we had to play the game of Survivor, we had to follow different color yarn through our neighborhood to find our gift, we have scavenger hunts, etc.  This year because it was raining outside and because Lola was little Mom and Dad kept the game inside with THE 12 CLUES OF CHRISTMAS.  Each clue lead us to another clue and we kept going all together until we found the last three clues that were for each of us individually   My sister Hailey’s clue lead her to a spot where she found a new stereo and speakers for her car.  My niece Lola’s clue lead her to a spot where she found a Strider, and my clue lead me to a new IPHONE……Yah!  Thanks Mom and Dad.


After breakfast and playing with all the stuff we got, we got ready to go to my Mom’s Aunts house for more Christmas fun with the extended family.  Everything was extremely tiring and extremely fun!


Make sure you check back or SUBSCRIBE TO THE FEED on the page because… won’t want to miss it, exciting changes for 2013.


My first Halloween my Mom dressed me up as a TURTLE….Really!  I know I wasn’t old enough to say what I wanted to be, so lets all be happy that I now get to decide what I am going to be for Halloween each year.


My second Halloween I refused to wear any costumes.  My parents tried to buy me several different costumes that they thought were cool, but I think I was still traumatized from the year before and I said no costume.  My Mom dressed my in camo clothes and told everyone I was HUNTER THE HUNTER.


The next year I wanted to wear a costume and I was BUZZ LIGHTYEAR.  I loved the costume so much I would wear it all the time for like a month.  I will update with a picture of me in it later, but trust me I looked amazing. 

To infinity and beyond!

After I grew out of my Buzz phase I was into the BLACK SPIDERMAN….not the red spiderman, I liked the evil one better.  This started my fun with wanting to scare everyone on Halloween.


The next year I was the EVIL JESTER.  I took the regular Jester costume and also got a scary mask to make it a little different.


The next year I put another costume together and I also made up my own name….I was THE MASTER OF DEATH.  Pretty good, right?


Then it was time to be an EVIL CLOWN.  I actually had two different ways of wearing this costume.  I had a scary mask and I also painted my face so I could scare everyone twice.


Last year I was the GRIM REAPER complete with a bloody knife.  I would just stand in the doorway of people and stare at them…..I didn’t say anything, they wanted me to say trick-or-treat but I didn’t I just stood there.  The people would be kinda nervous and but a candy in my bag and close the door.  I would just stay till they were gone, it was sooooo funny.


and this year I was THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN.  It was pretty cool because I even had to wear shoulder pads so it would look like my head was really missing.


My whole school does a parade for Halloween and we go to my mom’s office and she passes out candy to everyone.  This year she dressed up as CARRIE.  None of my friends knew who she was, but all of the adults and teachers kept saying she looked like a really cool Carrie and they thought it was funny her name is really Kari.


Can’t wait till next year!

My Great-Grandpa is 93 years old and he has never seen me ride a dirt bike. My Great-Grandpa lives with my Uncle Johnny on over a half-acre of property and he still rototilles his own garden and it is an amazing garden.


Great-Grandpa has been to several car races over the years, but has never been to a dirt bike track. When he comes over my house he likes to go in my Man Cave and he loves to look at all of my trophies. My family and I thought it was time for Great Grandpa John to see what dirt bike racing is like.

This week my Dad picked up my Great-Grandpa and my Uncle Johnny and brought them to the race track to watch me practice. My Mom and I took my Grandma and Grandpa and we all met at the track. My Great-Grandpa was so excited to see the bikes ride, but he had no idea what to expect. I wore my brightest gear I had so that Great-Grandpa would be able to see me on the track and it was time to go ride.


My Great-Grandpa thought I was amazing!


My Grandma and Grandpa and Great Grandpa and Uncle Johnny all had sooooo much fun. My Great-Grandpa had never seen motorcycles jump in the air like we did and he couldn’t believe how fast the bikes went. We sat Grandpa in a chair on the starting gate and he yelled every time my bike went in the air because he was so excited and couldn’t believe I could do that.


I was sooooo excited to be able to show my Great-Grandpa what I do, and I think he really had a lot of fun! I love my family!



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It has been about three and a half weeks since I fell and broke my wrist. I had a doctor appointment this week, and I was hoping to get the cast off and be ready to get on my bike.

First I went to visit my friends in cast room to get my cast cut off.


Then I went to get new X-rays taken.


While I waited for the doctor I was being silly with my Dad and Mom.


I was not still happy after I visited the doctor…..I was so sad to hear I needed another cast. I can tell my wrist still hurts but I miss riding soooo much I was hoping the doctor was going to give me better news. Instead the doctor sent me back to the cast room.


I hate my new cast! I am happy that this cast doesn’t go all the way up my arm, but I am sad I am still not on my bike. 😦


I guess I should find this shirt since I only go to school and to the doctors these days!


While I was in Tennessee my class was starting school. As soon as I got back it was time to start the fourth grade and catch up on all the classwork I missed while I was gone for the week. If you remember last year I wrote about my ( first day of third grade )and I shared pictures of the first day of school every year. This year my sister and I couldn’t take pictures together because her first day was while I was gone and my first day was a week later.20120816-095449.jpg20120816-095438.jpg

So back to school to practice multiplication, division, and spelling and back to the track to practice for next years Nationals.  Even though it was way hot in Tennessee, it has also been really hot here at home. I have still been able to get a little practice in……

Practice makes perfect……so I will see you at the track!



Last week my family and I went on vacation.  We drove to Los Angeles and then took a cruise to Mexico.  It was a family reunion with 14 of us meeting at the ship and spending the week together.  We went on the Carnival Splendor.

When we got to the ship, it was kinda cool because we had to wait inside the Queen Mary before we went on our ship.  The Queen Mary was totally cool it was like a museum and everything was really old.

The boat was really fun….it had a pee wee golf course, twisty slide, basketball hoops, video arcade, and 24 hour pizza and ice cream.  We had so much fun.

On our first night on the boat my Mom and I went to watch a show and they had bingo right before the show and we played.  I was excited because our card had a 71 on it.  We were so excited because WE WON BINGO and we won $500.00…..What?  we were so excited!

We spent two days in Cabo and one day in Puerto Vallarta.  The first day in Cabo we walked around and shopped.  My sister and I got to hold a Jaguar and it was so cool.

The second day in Cabo we took a boat to the beach and then rented jet skies.  It was so fun and I got to drive one with my Dad on the back and we chased my sister all over the place.

For our third day in Mexico we didn’t do too much.  We just walked around a little, did some shopping and then it was back on the boat to play some more.


On the ship my family had fun playing, dancing, swimming, eating, and staying up late.

and Mexico fun!

I am always looking for the number 71 or making the number 71 in my food and with things I have:

Remember back to the first time I went to LA to race I found the best number 71……..The SR71

When my family went to the March Field Museum and we saw the LOCKHEED SR-71 BLACKBIRD.  The 71 Blackbird served with the U.S. Air Force from 1964 to 1998 and it had held the world record for the fastest air-breathing manned aircraft.

The SR-71 was a long range, advanced strategic reconnaissance aircraft.  The Blackbird flew many missions and was never shot down or hit by enemy fire.  In flight the SR-71 generated heat of over 1,000 degrees and up to 200 degrees in the cockpit.  The crew had to ware a special space suite to travel.  Throughout the 24 year career the SR-71 remained the world’s fastest and highest flying aircraft setting two world records:  Speed 2,193 mph and altitude over 85,000 feet.

Once it flew from London to Los Angeles (5,645 miles) in 3 hours and 47 minutes.

The SR71 and I are both really fast and are really cool…..right!

I have been having pain in my elbow for a while.  The other day I got an MRI to see if the doctor’s could find anything wrong with my elbow.  (See my MRI sticker on my shirt)

The MRI came back and the doctor said that I have a torn UCL in my elbow.  After I spoke with the doctor I called my friend and miracle worker for athletes…..Dr. Miller.

Dr. Miller had a treatment plan all ready for me to get me back on my bike in a quarter of the time and speed up the healing process of my UCL.

First it was pulse therapy with ice.  It felt so strange because my arm muscle was moving all my itself….it was so weird.

Then it was time for hot wax.  He covered my arm in hot wax and then wrapped it and let it set for a while.  It was so cool when he peeled off the wax, it was like a layer of my skin.

The final step was medicine and ultrasound.  The medicine smelt really bad and the ultrasound hurt a little but when he was done my arm felt so much better already.

I followed up with some home treatment including ice and heat and then more appointments with Dr. Miller.

I am doing everything the doctor ordered so I will be back on my bike soon.

So last Friday we were getting ready for our road trip to Los Angeles for my first race there.  It was Friday The 13th……My Dad got home from work and started to load up the van.  As he was loading things in he hit his head really hard on the edge.  The garage had blood everywhere and he couldn’t get his head to stop bleeding.  My Mom had to take him to the hospital and he had to get 10 staples to close the cut.

After a few hours in the hospital he came home and finished loading the van.  We got a late start, but we finally left for LA.  Luckily my seat in the van makes into a bed because we arrived at my Uncle Mikes house at 2am Saturday morning.

We got just a couple of hours of sleep at my Uncles house and then headed to Perris Raceway for the 8am practice.  After a day of practice we went back to my Uncles house to rest.

Sunday we got to the track for an 8am practice and then races started right after that.  I was the last race of the day and we were finished at 8pm.    As soon as my race was over we threw everything in the van and hit the road.  My Dad had to be at work at 3am so we had to get home fast.  My Mom drove all night and we got to our house at 2:15 Monday morning.  My Dad jumped in the truck and left for work and was able to get to work on time.  I was lucky because Monday was a holiday so I got to sleep in and relax all day.

To be continued…….

part 3 – THE RACE


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……so during the last round of practice at club moto I took an easy fall in a turn and hurt my elbow.  I went to the doctor and found that I dislocated my elbow and I had to take a short break from my bike.  I was so mad !!!!

The next week my sister Elyssa had to go into the hospital.  She was eight month pregnant and was having problems.  After being in the hospital for three days I was an Uncle.  Baby Lola Lynn was born.  She was so cute and I was so excited to finally see her.  My Mom and my Sister had to stay in the hospital for a few more days with the baby and then she was able to come home.  Elyssa and Nick brought Lola to our house to stay for a while so it has been really cool to play with Lola.

I am working on teaching her how to say UNCLE 71

Sunday we woke up early and headed to the track so we could get a little riding in before we drove all the way home.  We decided to go to Glen Helen Raceway and my Aunt, Uncle and two of my cousins followed us to the track to watch me ride.

Glen Helen was different from the other two tracks I rode at.  This track was really sandy, more high-speed, more table tops instead of doubles and triples, and some really really big hills.

You climb up to the top of the huge hill, come straight down, back up and down again… crazy.

At Glen Helen, the water truck sprayed the track while the riders were still on the track.  The truck would go around and stop spraying when a rider was coming instead of having the bikes come off the track.  When I came around the huge sweeper turn I guess the water truck didn’t see me because I jumped into a huge wall of water.

It was really windy at the track and I want to thank everyone for coming to watch me ride.

We went to lunch and then it was time to go back home.

Thank you Uncle Mike and Aunt Jane for letting my family stay at your house……we had so much fun!

While we were in Las Angeles we stayed with my Uncle Mike, Aunt Jane, my four cousins (Michael, Chelsea, Cheyenne, and Calais) and Grandma Clara.  It was really fun to run around with all of them except when I was picking on my Uncle and he locked me in the dog kennel. lol

When I woke up I was so excited because I could smell bacon cooking… favorite!  We ate pancakes, bacon and sausage and then it was off to my second track.  All the girls went shopping in Oceanside and the boys went to Perris Raceway.

Perris Raceway has three different tracks but I had fun working on the main track.  The track had a lot of kickers and long jumps.  It was a very fast track and really fun.

Thanks Uncle Mike for coming to watch me ride!

Then it was back to Temecula to eat and rest.  I hung with the family, played arcade games and video games, and watched movies.  I was really tired so I went to bed early to get ready for day three.

To be continued………….

My Mom’s extended family all had Thanksgiving at our house, we had Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Grandparents.  It was a lot of fun and the food was sooooo good.  After we were done eating everyone watched some football.

Hailey, Mom, Dad, Elyssa, Nick and me……..and the baby in Elyssa’s stomach

When everyone left, we went to bed for three hours and then got up at 2am to drive to LA for a weekend of visiting my Dad’s family and dirt bike riding.  I slept in the truck and when I woke up we were at Milestone Raceway just as they were opening.  The place was really cool, it has 7 different race tracks on the facility.

The tracks in LA are a little different in many ways, the biggest difference is the way they run the practices.  In Northern California we rotate time on the track between big bikes and little bikes (20 minutes mini’s, 40 minutes big bikes each hour), in Southern California big bikes and little bikes ride at the same time throughout the day whenever they want to go on the track.

I worked throughout the day on the big track and it was really fun riding with the big bikes.  The track was really fun it had some big triples, large whoops, and big swooping turns.  The turns were a little different because they didn’t get big ruts in them like at home, I had to make the turns almost like I was on a flat track.

After riding my 65 for a while, I also rode on my 85.

While we were at the track pro’s were also at the track practicing.  We saw Tadesco, Tickle and someone with a red number 1 plate and no name on his jersey…….who do you think it was?  It was so cool to watch them ride and see how they practice and how fast they can blitz the whoops.  I couldn’t believe they were just right there parked right next to us…..except for the number 1 rider, he was a little more private..huh!

When we were done riding we drove about an hour to visit our family.  On the way to Temecula we passed March Field Air Museum and we had to stop and check it out.

They had so much to look at that I will have to tell you more about it later.

Then it was back on the road to visit family

………to me continued!

With the weather getting worse, the tracks won’t always be open for me to go riding.  A few weeks ago my Dad got a new dirt bike and I was so excited because now we can go play……and I can tell my Dad what to do when he is riding. 🙂

Last week we went to Sand Hill just to play, it was so much fun!  The track was really, really bad……it was so slippery and dusty, but that is OK because we were the only people there and we got to just go wherever we wanted and play.

My Dad even let me ride his new 450 in the parking lot…..So Cool!


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Halloween was Monday and I am sure you have been wondering what my costume was this year……. well I don’t really know.  I like to try to scare my family so this year I picked an all black costume with a bloody knife.

I even laid on the floor hoping to scare people when they came in the door.

We went trick-or-treating in the Golf Course by my Grandma’s house like we do every year.  My cousins came and my friend Mark and his family and other people.  Over the years it has been like the place everyone meets and anyone is invited.  We ran from house to house and got a ton of candy.  It is fun to go house to house with a big group of friends.

My sister’s back was hurting her so she stayed at Grandma’s and carved a pumpkin.  Pretty cool spiderman with opposite sides cut out.

Halloween is also my cousin Joshua’s birthday……..HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH!

My family went to the Dell Osso Pumpkin Patch in Lathrop this week.  It was so big and they had so many things to do.  We got lost in the corn maze, went into the haunted castle, shot pumpkins from a cannon, walked on a rope course, and of course picked out pumpkins.

Shooting mini pumpkins out of a cannon.

My friend Mark and I on the tire pyramid

Walking on the rope course.

Monday we went to Nick and Elyssa’s house in Monterey and we played on the beach.  The weather was perfect, and it wasn’t very crowded.

We looked for crab in the rocks and fish in the water.

We rode the waves and swam in the water.

After being in the water for a couple hours I got really cold.  I wanted to make a sand castle, but made a little tiny one so I could get out of my wet clothes and go home. 🙂


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Since I have a short summer break, I get a two weeks off in March and the first two weeks in October off.  So when I got back from Dodge…..NO SCHOOL!  YA.

Last week I played with my family and friends.  I spent the night at my Grandpa’s house and we woke up really early to go fishing.  My Grandpa and my Uncle Mike go all the time, but this time I went with them.  I drove the boat while they got all the poles and lines ready.  Grandpa made me hot chocolate and we threw out the lines.  Before long I had a fish on my lines.  It was fighting really hard and it was really fun to play with it.  I finally got it in the boat and the fish was going everywhere… even bounced in my cup and spilt my hot chocolate all over the boat.  I laughed so loud it was so funny.

My Uncle Mike took this picture of me on the boat and I taught him how to send picture on his cell phone so my Mom could see my fish.  I brought my fish home and my Mom made it for my Dad and my sister for dinner.  I did taste it but I didn’t like it.

I had a lot of fun…..Thanks Grandpa and Uncle Mike.

More pictures to come of me and Grandpa with the fish.


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Last weekend I got a little kitten!  I named him MOTO (Get it…Moto Cross) and he is soooo cute!  It has been fun playing with him and he loves to be pet all the time.  Moto has been getting used to my family and he even sleeps in my bed with me all night.  Moto has been playing with all his toys and gets along good with our dog Tobi.

Saturday was the last round of the 408mx Summer Series and at the end of the night the Series Champions were crowned.

The day started with practice and I was riding really well during the day.  We had a short break then it was time to start racing.  The night started out a little rough…..  In my first 65 race I had a bad start and had to fight through traffic to race my way to the front, and after a couple laps I was able to take the lead.  While I was in the lead I went over the back triple and as I rounded the turn toward the finish line I hit a large rock on the track and my bike went crazy and I flipped.  I finished up the race in third place, I was pretty sore and I hurt my shoulder, but I was OK.  The second 65 race of the night ended much better and I came in first.  With the way all the other riders finished for the night, I went third and first and ended the night with a 1st overall.

The 85 races for the night were also a little difficult.  They moved the 85 race to the last race of the night, and by the time I hit the track it was pretty rough.  I raced really well, but it was difficult to compete with the big wheel 150cc bikes in my class.  I raced really hard and finished a very close third to the two big wheel bikes in my class.  They were both really exciting races and everyone was fighting hard.

Between the first and second round of racing, the moon started to come out and everyone was treated to a BBQ.  The food was great and it was really fun to sit with everyone and hangout a little.  At the end of the night the series awards were given out and I was a TWO TIME 408MX SUMMER SERIES CHAMPION!  I was able to come in 1st in both of the classes that I raced the full series.  (I did race more classes throughout the series when fast racers showed up, but only raced two classes for the entire series.)

It was really cool to race under the lights this summer… Thanks 408MX

I want to give an extra thanks to Moto Efx Graphics for making my bike look amazing under the lights.

A final thanks to my family for coming to my races and practices all the time!

P.S.  Even though the title says “The Race Is Over,” it is only over at that track.  See you at the next race!

Last weekend was very hot and very busy……   Saturday I raced (read more at 408MX Sprint IMS Race) and had a lot of fun riding and watching the pro’s.   In the last race of the night my friend Dom fell and broke his collar bone.  It was a really hard crash and I was so sad to see him get hurt.  Get better soon!

Sunday my Mom took my sister and I back to San Jose to see Dom and make sure he was doing ok.  After we saw him my Mom took me to the Fair that was right next to the race track.  We played with the animals and rode some rides and had a lot of fun.

Today was the 1st day of the third grade.  Just like every year, my Mom had to take a picture of us before we left for school.  I hope this school year will be fun!

THIRD GRADE 2011-2012

SECOND GRADE 2010-2011

FIRST GRADE 2009-2010



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I’m going to be an Uncle!  My sister Elyssa and her husband Nick are going to have a baby.  They told my that I am going to be Uncle Hunter and I told them that the baby will have to call me “Uncle 71.”  🙂

On Saturday we went with Elyssa and Nick to find out if the baby was going to be a boy or a girl.  I was hoping for a boy so I could teach him how to ride a dirt bike and play Xbox with me.

Before we went we all made a guess what we thought it was going to be.  I of course guessed both so I was sure to be right…..I don’t like to loose anything!

Soooooo IT’S A GIRL!  Which means instead of playing Xbox, I think I will have fun teasing her when she gets older.  lol


Right after the race was over we loaded up the truck and trailer to head back to Cali.  My Dad and Mom drove all night and we got back to our house at 5am.  We slept for 3 hours and spent the rest of the day cleaning the trailer and the bikes.  It was such a fun week!









Sunday is Father’s Day and I want to say THANK YOU to my Dad for all he does for me.


  1. He always acts silly with me
  2. He plays Xbox with me even when he gets mad he doesn’t win
  3. He works on my dirt bikes
  4. He takes me dirt bike riding
  5. He helps me tease my Mom and my sister
  6. He takes me swimming
  7. He wrestles with me
  8. He buys me toys
  9. He takes me on bike rides
  10. He is proud of me for doing good in school

If my bike breaks down I give my Dad a hard time…..I call him a saboteur!  lol  So now my Dad makes me do some of the work. 

Since it has been raining and I can’t go riding this week my Dad and I replaced the top end of the motor on my 65.  I took the top end off, cleaned all the surfaces, put on new gaskets, a new piston, and put it back together.  It was really cool to take the motor apart and then have is start right up after I put it back together. 

My Mom is the best….  she takes care of my sisters and me and is always there when we need her.  When I go to school, she makes my lunch and when I go racing she makes sure all my gear is ready.  My Mom works in my classroom at school each week and she plays dirt bikes with me after I finish my homework.  She is not very good at video games, but she plays with me anyway.  When I get hurt, she always makes me feel better and she always makes me laugh.

My Mom loves family pictures…..So my Dad and I found a few family pictures from the last couple of years that I know she loves.

The last week and a half has been very crazy in my house.  It all started when my Sister Hailey had a pain in her stomach last Thursday that was so bad she had to go to the hospital.  For the first two days the doctors thought my sister needed her appendix removed, but after further test they found she had an infection in her stomach.  Hailey was in the hospital until Tuesday night then she came home to recover.  While Hailey was in the hospital I got sick with the flu.  I have had a fever that has been up and down and achy all over.  Now My body feels a little better, but I have a cough.  My doctor was concerned because this is the second time I have been sick in the last month so I had to do some blood work to make sure everything is ok.   On Monday, while my sister and I were down my Dad had his surgery to fix his shoulder and his wrist.  This injury came from the bike accident my Dad and I had last year in Washington see the more at Cleared To Race Post.  My Mom was bouncing from Hailey’s hospital (Walnut Creek), to my Dad’s hospital (Pleasanton) to me at home (Discovery Bay.)  We have been a mess!  My sister is doing better, but I think I gave the flu to my Dad…..sorry Dad.  My Sister Elyssa and my Grandma and Grandpa helped my Mom take care of all of us, it was a family effort.

It has been raining all week and it looks like it is going to continue raining.  😦  I can’t wait for the sun to come back and dry out the tracks so I can get back to racing.  While we are waiting for the sun my Dad has been cleaning and servicing the bikes. 

With no racing to report….I thought I would share some of my silly pictures with you:

Last Wednesday I told you I was sick, and I was sooooo sick!


Even with medication, I had a fever all day on Wednesday and didn’t wake up the whole day and night.  Thursday my fever was down a little, but I still laid on the coach and slept all day.  Thursday night I started coughing and Friday when I woke up my throat was on fire.  Since I didn’t eat anything on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday it was time to go to the doctor.  I found out that I had a cold that turned into Strep Throat.  I started taking my medicine and was able to start eating on Saturday.  On the road to recovery!

On Saturday night our friends called and said that there was a race at Carnegie and they had a few riders.  Even though I was not 100% (actually not 50%) and I didn’t get to practice on Saturday with everyone else, I would go and just get a little seat time. 

We showed up on Sunday and the day was beautiful and sunny out.  I raced for most of the day and did really well, but I was soooooo tired.  The track got really rough and I was having a hard time holding on.  I did get a couple first place finishes and a couple of second place finishes.  We did not stay till the end of the day and I missed my last race, but I got some really good practice in.

When I got home I was sooooo hungry and tired.  I ate some mac-n-cheese, watched the Supercross race and the Super Bowl and went to bed early.  I can’t wait till I am all better!

Our pictures are just in from DC Shoes at the Oakland Supercross 2011….. 

Who do you think did the best trick?

I think I should get extra style points, but I can’t believe my Sister, Mom, and Dad even did it. 

So much fun!  Thank you DC Shoes!


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Last night I went riding at 408 MX in San Jose.  The track was really bad, but I had so much fun!  I worked on some jumps and some corners and had fun riding around with my friends. 

After practice we had a long ride home.  I put on a movie and was relaxing while we were sitting in traffic.  Half way home I started to feel achy.  By the time we got home I was feeling really bad and couldn’t wait to go to bed.  I woke up around 11pm and I was on fire.  My Mom gave me some medicine and I just couldn’t get comfortable.  My Dad left for work at 3am and I was still awake.  Just a little bit after that I got sick and was up in the bathroom for another hour.  I have been sick with a fever all night.  YUK!

How did I ride good when I was getting so sick?  Maybe that is my thing.  🙂  Hope I feel better soon so I can get back on my bike!



Saturday we went to Supercross and it was so much fun!

We got to the pits early and I was so excited to see everyone.  I saw all my friends that I race with and all of  the pro riders.  We saw my good friend Rodney Smith (5-time Brazilian Motocross Champion, 5-time AMA Enduro champion, 2-time AMA Hare Scramble Champion, 2-time ISDE Gold Medalist, and 5-time GNCC Champion.)  Rodney invited my family into the THOR/PARTS UNLIMITED VIP Tent.  It was so nice of him and it was totally cool.  Rodney introduced me to the people from Thor and Parts Unlimited and they were so nice.  It was such an amazing thing to be able to do and it was all thanks to Rodney.  While I was in the Thor tent we got to see Ryan Villopoto, Jake Weimer, Josh Hansen, Broc Tickle, Tylar Rattray, and more.

I got to take a picture next to the number 71 bike……I can’t wait until that is my bike!

After hanging out in the pits for several hours it was time to go watch some racing.  The track was so crazy.  It was a tight track with some really big jumps.  I couldn’t believe it started raining….really?  We were lucky that my Dad had huge garbage bags in the trunk of his car to help keep us dry.  We all looked stupid, but not as stupid as the people that were wet and cold.

For a little while we could see a rainbow above the track.

My Mom and I went back into the pits right after they were closed and we were able to talk with a lot of the riders one on one.  I got a lot of autographs and James Stewart’s gloves.  We went back out to watch the races and they were awesome.  Because it was raining outside the track was wet and slippery and made for really good racing!

Friday was my swim party and it was sooooo cool!  It was foggy outside and about 45 degrees and we were going swimming.  We had the whole pool, play area and club to ourselves. 

My friends showed up and we started playing in the play structure.  We all ran around and played air hockey, wall ball, sat in the movie theatre, ran through the play structure, and ran all around the place.

We ate pizza and got changed to go swimming.  The pool was so much fun and the water was very warm.  I think everyone had fun!  I want to thank all my friends and family that were able to come to my party and share the fun with me.

We went to MMX this weekend because they had a race there on Sunday.  I practiced on Saturday and had a really great time riding with all my friends.  I was able to practice my 65cc bike with the 85cc kids and my 50cc bike with the 65cc kids.  I had some great battles and the track was great!  My Grandma and Grandpa came to watch me ride and I made them nervous.  My sisters were there watching and we got to go on rides in the Polaris. 

On Sunday they didn’t have any kids signed in to race so instead of racing I went to E-Street to practice.  They didn’t have many riders there, but I got a lot of riding time on the track and had a lot of fun.

On January 18th I had my 8th birthday…. After a three-day weekend, I had school that day.   I woke up to my Mom and my sister singing Happy Birthday to me.  Soon after that my Dad, my other sister and my Grandparents called to sing to me.  My Grandma and Grandpa took me out to breakfast and I picked to go to McDonalds.  My Mom got me Subway for lunch and it was so delicious.  My family, my grandparents, and my Aunt and Uncle came over for cake and presents.  I got a new helmet, a huge toy dirt bike, a DS and some games, cash and a new dirt bike.  It was such a great day!

I still have more birthday fun coming.  I am going to MMX to practice on Saturday and I get to see all my friends. 

A week after that I am having a swim party at an indoor pool for a bunch of my friends.  Then the Saturday after that I get to go to see Supercross.  This is a good Birthday Month!


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I am sure you are wondering from the last post if I was able to practice on Thursday.  After not being able to practice on Tuesday, and Wednesday, we tried again on Thursday.  Everything was good until Noon when it started raining…..No practice again.  At least it started raining before my Mom loaded up the bikes this time.

This last weekend we decided to finally take the trailer out and go camping.  Since we got our new trailer we still had not taken it camping and even slept in it yet.  We loaded up the whole family, My Mom and Dad, Elyssa, Hailey, me and the dog and we left.  We had so much fun from start to finish, it is always an adventure when our family goes anywhere and this time was no different.  I rode my bike a little and Hailey drove her Polaris around.  We watched movies together and definitely used the heater a lot.  When I woke up in the morning the dog and I jumped into Hailey’s bed and it wasn’t long until Elyssa joined us for a tickle fight.  It was so fun!

Can’t wait for this week……Tuesday the 18th is my Birthday.

It has been difficult this week to get out and practice but it has not been from lack of trying.  Tuesday my Mom loaded up the bikes and we were going to go ride at Sand Hill which is right down the street.  The weather said we had a 40% chance of rain after 5:00.  We figured we could ride for a couple of hours and then stay a little and have fun in the rain for a little longer and go home.  On our way to the track it started sprinkling and it was only 2:30.  We kept going thinking the rain would just pass by and we would be in the clear still till 5:00.  The windshield wipers were on and we didn’t see any break in the sky at all.  By the time we were close to the tracks we could see puddles on the side of the road and knew that we should turn back and go home.  We unloaded everything and figured we would try on Wednesday.

Wednesday we were going to go to Club Moto to practice.  My Mom loaded up the bikes again, picked up my sister and I,  and my Dad was going to meet us there on his way home from work.  Half way through Vasco the truck was smelling really bad and then started smoking.  We pulled over and my Mom could see that some liquid had been blown all over the engine – not good.  We were stuck on the side of the road until my Dad could come and see if it was fixable.  We were so close to the track we were thinking that maybe friends could pick us up on their way to the track and my Mom could stay and wait for a tow truck if we needed to….I was ready to get to the track.  At this point it was starting to get late and we could tell that going riding was out again.  My Dad showed up and found that it was diesel fuel that was blowing out through one of the injector lines.  We called AAA to come pick us up and got ahold of our friend Mark who said he would pick up the part for us on his way home from work.  The tow truck showed up and they brought the wrong kind of truck.  They said they would put a call in for a different tow truck and again we were waiting on the side of the road.  Three hours later Mark was driving home with the part and my Dad fixed the truck and drove it home.  My Dad can fix anything with a wrench and a wire.  🙂  Thank you Mark, we might still be on the side of the road if it wasn’t for you.

Now it is Thursday and it is calling for small showers………Do we even try to go riding?

Mom made us sit in the truck with our seatbelts on the whole time.  Uggh


I wanted to stay up all night to bring in the new year.  I played yatzee and watched movies with the family and fell asleep on the coach at 11:45.  My Mom woke me up just before midnight so I didn’t miss anything.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It rained all weekend and I have been waiting to get out and go riding.  The weather looks like it will start to clear up and we can begin the winter racing season.  My first race will be this weekend in Livermore at Club Moto.  I am hoping to be able to get out and practice at least one day this week.  I will practice all day Saturday in Livermore to get ready for the Sunday race.  I am hoping to go to some new tracks this winter and have fun getting ready for summer races.

Wish me luck!

With all the rain, I have not been able to get out and go riding.  I have been hanging with friends and playing with all the new stuff I got from Christmas.  What a great Christmas!

My family got tons of great things.  I got some dirt bike toys, some bicycle flip tricks, new Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, clothes, FMF jacket, and remote control toys.  Thank you to everyone.  I also got a new tool box and frig that fits perfectly in my “man cave.”

After we were done with all the gifts under the tree, my parents had one more surprise for the family.  We first had to go on a scavenger hunt.  Each clue lead us to another clue that lead us to another one and so on.  The hunt ended on the front porch, but the next game was just beginning.  Each of us now had to follow our colored yarn through the neighbor’s yard and down the street until we found the end.  The game started off fun, but I very quickly got tired and just wanted to see what was at the end…it was worth the wait.  At the end of my string was a new 18″ custom pink bicycle, it is so awesome!









Everyone had a great time.


My new brother-in-law Nick has joined the Army and left for boot camp December 28th.  We got to go see him get sworn into the Army and watch him leave, it was very official and totally cool.  He will be in Missouri for about 9 weeks and we can’t even talk to him on the phone.  After he gets settled we should be able to get his address and send him letters but that is it.  I am really going to miss him and can’t wait till he gets home.  The whole family is very proud of him and really excited for him to come back home.







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This weekend my sister Elyssa graduated from college.  She went to Sacramento State University and we went to her graduation ceremony.  The whole family screamed so loud when they called her name, and my sister Hailey had a really load air horn.  When we saw her after I sprayed her with silly string, it was totally cool.

 I can’t believe she doesn’t have to go to school anymore….she is so lucky. 

The whole family was so proud of her and everyone was so happy.  Way to go Elyssa!!!









Back in school from the Thanksgiving Holiday and back to a routine.  It is a little hard to plan to far in advance when I am going dirt bike riding, because it really depends on the rain.  😦  It seems like when I think I might go riding it is raining or has rained too much to go.  How much longer till summer time?

I got my report card from school.  My parents were so happy with me because I am doing very good in school.  They like it when my homework is all turned in and I get good grades on my math, and my spelling is getting better (no spell check in class).  My family is also very happy with my behavior in class.  I got really good marks and my teacher told them that I am good in class. Yah!  Over break the family went bowling to celebrate my great report card……Hailey won, but I came in second.

My teacher recommended I start reading Diary Of A Wimpy Kid books.  I don’t really like to read a lot, unless it is about a dirt bikes, but this book was really good.  I could not put the book down and I had to keep reading to see what was going to happen next.

As you can see….the book is really funny and I can totally relate….. 🙂


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Friday November 5th my big sister, Elyssa, got married.  Elyssa got married to Nick who is a really nice guy and always plays video games and ball with me.  I held the rings for them and everything was really nice, I even wore a tie.  My sister Hailey was the maid of honor and the wedding had  a purple theme.  We went to Nick’s parents house after the ceremony to have a toast before dinner, and I was able to play with his little dog – Mickey.  The reception was at Scott’s Seafood in Walnut Creek and everything was very fancy.  Although dinner was good, I couldn’t wait for cake time.  Congrats to Elyssa and Nick Bugnatto……Love you guys!

Don’t we all look great! 


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Friday I was able to wear my costume to school and walk in the parade and have a party in class.  We had a fun day getting ready for Halloween.  After school we came home and carved pumpkins.  It was such a mess and soo much fun!

We have a busy Halloween weekend.  Saturday I have a race in Dixon and Sunday I have a second race at Dixon.  These are the last two races of the series.  After the Sunday race, we will hurry home to go trick-or-treating.  I am going to be an Evil Jester.


So the weather changed our plans this weekend.  We did practice on Wednesday at club Moto and Thursday at Argyll in Dixon.  The two-day race at Argyll was re-scheduled for next weekend because of rain.  Since I was going to have the weekend off from racing,  I thought I could get a little more riding in before the rain came…..not exactly.  I decided to race Friday night at Sacramento Raceway, but the race was in the rain.  I had never been to the Sacramento Raceway and it was very different from what I usually ride.  The track was more of a supercross track, a lot slower than I am used to and more technical.  The race started at 6pm and we raced under the lights in the rain.  I was able to show up at this track and get two 1st place trophies and a 2nd place trophy.  It was a lot of fun, but the race went until late.  My friend Brandon #19 went with us to the track and spent the night at my house after.  We were so tired!

Saturday my Dad and I cleaned the bikes and worked to get them ready for next week.  The family went out for pizza and went to the end of Booville.  Sunday My Mom and sisters went shopping and my Dad, Nick and I had a boys day of playing ball, XBOX, and raced dirt bikes.  We had a family night of playing games, wrestling, making cookies, and watching TV.

I have been “banned……..from writting about dirt bikes” in school.  My teacher told me that I had to write my stories about something other than dirt bikes…..what?  I was so upset about being banned.  Even though all my stories are about dirt bikes, I write about different race tracks and about my different dirt bikes, it’s not always the same story. 

I really like my teacher and I know she is just trying to help me learn new things!  She lifted the ban and said I could write about dirt bikes only one day a week….I guess that is better than never.  I am not really good at new things, I think it will take some time to get used to…  😦

I have been asked a lot, “Is it really you on your blog?”  Although it takes the whole family to put the site together, YES….IT IS ME! 

Friends and family help with blog ideas and then we discuss them at home.  My Mom does do all of the typing, but we work together on what to say.  It is so much fun being able to keep everyone informed with what is going on in my life, and I am so happy that so many people are taking the time to read it.  I think I might be able to count these blogs as reading time for school…..what do you think?

If you have any blog suggestions, please let us know.

Last night I practiced at 408MX in San Jose.  I had not been there in a really long time, and it was really hot.  I had such a great practice, I was really feeling it!

Tonight I am practicing at Club Moto in Livermore and we are racing in Marysville this weekend.  I hope things go as good as they did last night.  Wish me luck!


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Lets play 20 questions…….I thought I would have a little fun and let everyone know a little bit more about me:

1.  WHAT IS MY FAVORITE COLOR?: Yellow and Orange

2.  BEST VACATION?:  Washington and Dodge, because I got to vacation with the  family and ride my dirt bike  🙂


4.  BEST MOVIE?:  Step Brothers, I have watched it 100 times         “Did we just become best frineds…..YEP!”

5.  WHAT IS MY FAVORITE SNACK?:  String Cheese

6.  DO I HAVE ANY PETS?:  I  have a small  dog named Tobi.  She is the best dog…she is not very pretty because she has wire hair, but we love her.

7.  FAVORITE SONG?:  All I want to do is Win,Win, Win

8.  WHAT DO I HAVE IN MY BEDROOM?:  Black and white themed with checkered flag walls, Travis Pastrana and Chad Reed signed jersey’s, Ryan Dungy’s Target gloves signed, many signed goggles, a ton of Trophies, lounge chairs to play XBOX,  a tool box, bed and dresser.  It is more of a “man  cave” than a bedroom.  Really cool! 

9.  BEST BOARD GAME?: Would you rather

10.  FAVORITE VIDEO GAME?:  Reflex for XBOX, Nightclub 3 for PSP, and MX vs ATV for WII


12.  FAVORITE I PHONE APP?:  Supercross

13.  THING I LIKE TO DO OFF MY DIRT BIKE?  Ride my bicycle

14.  FAVORITE TV SHOW?  Wipeout   and It Only Hurts When I Laugh…….LOL!

15.  WHAT I DO ON NIGHTS I DON’T RACE?  Ride my bike, help my Dad work on the dirt bikes, play in the man cave with friends, play dirt bike video games.

16.  WHAT TIME DO I GO TO BED AND GET UP?  9:00pm – I must have my beauty sleep!  7:00am I get up so we have time to drop my sister off at school before I start school. 

17.  LAST YEAR WHAT WAS I FOR HALLOWEEN?  A scary Clown….It was really creepy and I loved scarring everyone.

18.  BEST PRESENT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS?  Last year Santa brought me a KTM 65


20.  LAST BOOK I READ?  Merry Christmas Amelia Bedilia

I hope that was fun for you, let me know if you have anything else you would like to know…….

CROSS71 License Plate

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Just picked up my personalized license plate….now all I need is to be about 9 years older, a driver’s license, and a car. 

I guess I will let my Dad put it on his truck until I get older. 

I Can’t Wait!

When the family took a trip to the Grand Canyon, I decided to “jump right in.” 

Don’t worry….I lived to tell about it!

My sister Hailey and I.


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Mom & Dad, Sister Hailey, Grandma & Grandpa, Sister Elyssa & Nick, Aunt Peggy & Uncle Mike, Mr. & Mrs. Little,

Intero Real Estate Services, Mac Industries, Moto Efx, Dragon Googles, Cycle Gear, No Toil, Knobby Shop,

Rodney Smith, Hogge Racing, Calvert Racing and Stone Racing

On Monday I went into surgery to remove the rock that was under my skin just under my right eye.

The surgery went well!  The doctor thinks everything was removed and I am healing well.  Everything is looking great with the eye and I am clear to race in Hollister this weekend!

MORE INFO:  The rock is left over from a bicycle accident I had on July 21st.  We traveled 12 hours to Washougal Washington to race in a National Event.  While I was waiting for dinner, I had an accident on my bicycle.  Along with a ton of road rash I also broke my nose.  Although I was hurting, I was determined to race my dirt bike.  I finished 6th overall on my 65 and 2nd overall on my 50.  Not bad for one good eye!!!!