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Last week was the big event!  I did my first ever supercross race on TV at MEC in Las Vegas.  The week before the race I had several sponsors that helped me get myself and my bike ready for the race.  I am very thankful for all the support I get throughout the year!!!!   I was able to get a private ride day at the Yamaha track to help get prepared which was awesome.  The guys from Bills Pipes came out and worked on my bike.  The Grindstone Compound gave me lots of tips in tricks that I would need for the race in Vegas

When we got to Vegas we had a day to relax, do virtual reality games, get a henna tattoo and have a little fun.


My Dad had my bike looking awesome and when we got to the track all my sponsors gave me all my gear and I was looking pretty good!

In the morning I had a track walk.  We walk the track and figure out what the strategy will be for practice and the race.

We had two qualifying sessions that we were practicing while trying to qualify for a gate position for the race.

My bike and I were under the 51 Fifty Energy Drink tent and after practice we signed autographs for people.

I filmed a video for Wienerschnitzel.

I got advice and help from several people helping me throughout the day.


When it got dark the lights come on in the stadium and the place was packed with people cheering very loud.  We waited for the camera because the race was aired live and then it was time to race.

In my first race I didn’t get the best start but was able to stay on two wheels and finish in 10th place.  In the second race I got a better start and finished in 7th place for a 7th place overall.

The whole event was so much fun!  I learned a lot and can’t wait until next year!


This last week was the Fly Amateur National Race in Sacramento.  The race was great timing for me because I have never before raced a Supermini and I am getting ready for Monster Cup so it was a good time for me to get some extra practice.The race was really fun and I did a lot of testing on my bike.  I struggled a little with the suspension and we made changes after each race and continued to get it better each time.

I wanted to race an extra class so I signed up in schoolboy but I rode my Supermini and they combined my class with Vet 30 plus A and Vet Master 50 plus.  It was awesome because I got to line up next to Arik Swan with was so funny to see me on a little bike and him so tall.

In each race I was pretty consistent on my starts and got several hole shots.

Because we were close to my home, a lot of my family came out to visit and to watch me ride.  Thank you to my sister Hailey, my cousin Darrian and her boyfriend, and my Aunt Cheryl.

Also, I have to thank Cari Schehr from Grindstone Compound for all the support and help.

We also had fun off the track.  In the Karaoke contest I sang the new song I wrote and recorded that is coming out soon and gave everyone a preview.

I also took a picture with a lot of my friends that are all supported by Honda, Kawasaki, KTM of Modesto

I finished out the event with two 2nd place finishes in Supermini and 5th place in the Schoolboy class.

I can’t wait to get back on the track for more!