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While we were in Las Angeles we stayed with my Uncle Mike, Aunt Jane, my four cousins (Michael, Chelsea, Cheyenne, and Calais) and Grandma Clara.  It was really fun to run around with all of them except when I was picking on my Uncle and he locked me in the dog kennel. lol

When I woke up I was so excited because I could smell bacon cooking… favorite!  We ate pancakes, bacon and sausage and then it was off to my second track.  All the girls went shopping in Oceanside and the boys went to Perris Raceway.

Perris Raceway has three different tracks but I had fun working on the main track.  The track had a lot of kickers and long jumps.  It was a very fast track and really fun.

Thanks Uncle Mike for coming to watch me ride!

Then it was back to Temecula to eat and rest.  I hung with the family, played arcade games and video games, and watched movies.  I was really tired so I went to bed early to get ready for day three.

To be continued………….

My Mom’s extended family all had Thanksgiving at our house, we had Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Grandparents.  It was a lot of fun and the food was sooooo good.  After we were done eating everyone watched some football.

Hailey, Mom, Dad, Elyssa, Nick and me……..and the baby in Elyssa’s stomach

When everyone left, we went to bed for three hours and then got up at 2am to drive to LA for a weekend of visiting my Dad’s family and dirt bike riding.  I slept in the truck and when I woke up we were at Milestone Raceway just as they were opening.  The place was really cool, it has 7 different race tracks on the facility.

The tracks in LA are a little different in many ways, the biggest difference is the way they run the practices.  In Northern California we rotate time on the track between big bikes and little bikes (20 minutes mini’s, 40 minutes big bikes each hour), in Southern California big bikes and little bikes ride at the same time throughout the day whenever they want to go on the track.

I worked throughout the day on the big track and it was really fun riding with the big bikes.  The track was really fun it had some big triples, large whoops, and big swooping turns.  The turns were a little different because they didn’t get big ruts in them like at home, I had to make the turns almost like I was on a flat track.

After riding my 65 for a while, I also rode on my 85.

While we were at the track pro’s were also at the track practicing.  We saw Tadesco, Tickle and someone with a red number 1 plate and no name on his jersey…….who do you think it was?  It was so cool to watch them ride and see how they practice and how fast they can blitz the whoops.  I couldn’t believe they were just right there parked right next to us…..except for the number 1 rider, he was a little more private..huh!

When we were done riding we drove about an hour to visit our family.  On the way to Temecula we passed March Field Air Museum and we had to stop and check it out.

They had so much to look at that I will have to tell you more about it later.

Then it was back on the road to visit family

………to me continued!

It has been a while since I put a video on, so I thought it was time.  This is a video of my helmet cam during my 65cc practice at 408mx a few weeks ago.

With the weather getting worse, the tracks won’t always be open for me to go riding.  A few weeks ago my Dad got a new dirt bike and I was so excited because now we can go play……and I can tell my Dad what to do when he is riding. 🙂

Last week we went to Sand Hill just to play, it was so much fun!  The track was really, really bad……it was so slippery and dusty, but that is OK because we were the only people there and we got to just go wherever we wanted and play.

My Dad even let me ride his new 450 in the parking lot…..So Cool!

The new Moto Efx catalog is out and guess who is in it ? 

ME !!!!

Sorry these pictures are so bad, the real ones look great…..but you can get the idea.

You guys have to check out their graphics, they do a great job and my bikes look so sick!  If you are looking for something different, make sure you give them a call and also add them as a friend on your facebook page so you can keep up on what is new.

And they also have hot girls that they do photo shoots with…lol

I’m sexy and I know it…….I work out !

For more information on Moto Efx…..see my post MOTO EFX GRAPHICS


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Halloween was Monday and I am sure you have been wondering what my costume was this year……. well I don’t really know.  I like to try to scare my family so this year I picked an all black costume with a bloody knife.

I even laid on the floor hoping to scare people when they came in the door.

We went trick-or-treating in the Golf Course by my Grandma’s house like we do every year.  My cousins came and my friend Mark and his family and other people.  Over the years it has been like the place everyone meets and anyone is invited.  We ran from house to house and got a ton of candy.  It is fun to go house to house with a big group of friends.

My sister’s back was hurting her so she stayed at Grandma’s and carved a pumpkin.  Pretty cool spiderman with opposite sides cut out.

Halloween is also my cousin Joshua’s birthday……..HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH!