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This last weekend my Cousin took a picture of my Yamaha commercial that was played at Supercross on the big screen.

Hunter at supercross

When I posted a picture my cousin took I had a lot of people asking how they could see my commercial so I thought I would post some of my past tv work.  I thought it would be fun to even post some of my videos from way back…

This is the commercial they played at Supercross.  It is mostly of the Pro Yamaha riders with a short clip of me talking.  In this commercial, I am not riding any of the bikes.

This is another commercial for the Yamaha YZ85 and the entire thing is of me on the bike.

This is a commercial for the Yamaha TTR125.  This is a trail bike and not a race bike.  The entire video is also of me riding.

This is a commercial I did many years ago for Motovision Goggles and it shows me racing on a KTM 65

This is a promo ad for a TV show that I recorded several years ago.  The TV show is about different extreme sports and it features me riding on my KTM 65.

Hope you enjoy some of my TV and Commercial videos and I hope I have a chance to do lots more soon.  Thank you to all my sponsors who allowed me to be a part of these great videos….looking forward to doing more…..

Christmas in my house was awesome!  My sister and I couldn’t decide on which Christmas tree we wanted so we each got our own trees.  Hailey got a pink tree and I got a blue tree.  I also got to decorate my tree myself and I made a 71 out of blue ornaments.


On Christmas night my sister, brother-in-law and my niece flew in from North Carolina to spend some time with us.  My niece Lola and I played in the airport while we waited for them to get their bags.


My whole family came to watch me practice and it was really fun to play with them all and have them watch me ride.


I also had a lot of fun with my friends at the track.


Riding my pit bike on the kids track.


A short video of me on my Yamaha 85

A few pictures



I found a video on YouTube of one of my races last week at Nationals at Loretta Lynn’s ranch.  In this short video you can get an idea of what the track looks like at Nationals.

In this three minute video you will see:

  • Short ten second ad
  • The start of the race with 42 bikes battling around the first turn.
  • Me in 3rd place (I am wearing red gear and my bike number is 71).
  • The ten commandments (that is what the whoop section is called) I am on the right side passing into 2nd place.
  • The next shot is of me in 1st place.
  • I stay in 1st place but it will show lapped riders in front of me that I catch up to and pass.
  • On the last lap (2:28) you will see me fall and when I got back up I was in 3rd place.

I lead all the first 8 laps of the race but I fell on the last lap and finished in 3rd place.  Overall it was a great ride, really disappointed I lost the win but really glad I was able to finish the race on the podium.  Hope you enjoy the video!

3rd Place Finish at 2014 Loretta Lynn Nationals Race


A few weeks ago I had the chance to interview some pro motocross racers.  One of the interviews I did was with #5 Ryan Dungey.


Ryan Dungey was born December 4, 1989 in Minnesota.  Ryan, his Dad and two brothers were all amateur racers in District 36 races.  In 2005 Ryan won the Loretta Lynn National Championship and in 2006 he started riding for Team Suzuki.  2007 Ryan was awarded Rookie of the Year and has continued to win races ever since with both Supercross and Motocross Championships.


I have had several chances over the years to meet Ryan Dungey and he has always been so awesome!  Back when I was racing in Washougal and I had my accident my face looked like a mess.  When Ryan saw me he came over to ask me what had happened.  I explained I crashed the night before my race but that I raced the next morning and finished in second place and he immediately took his riding gloves off, signed them and gave them to me.


I have seen him interact with many people over the years and he always goes out of his way for his fans.  Every time I see him he always takes time to stop, listen to what I say to him, and look at whatever I bring to show him.


It was so awesome that he took the time to stop what he was doing to answer some questions I had for him.

71:  How did you first get started riding a dirt bike?

5: I first got started riding dirt bikes with my Dad, he did it growing up all his life.  When I was about 5 years old he went and got us our first one…Me and my other brother Jade who was 7 at the time, we shared a bike in the beginning.

71: What advice would you give kids like me that want to be where you are one day?

5:  I would just say to have fun.  I saw it on TV at a young age and I guess I always hoped my dream would come true.  Until that point I worked really hard, I had fun, and I enjoyed riding and that lead me to learn no things on a dirt bike.  I tried to improve my skills and I just loved riding in general and I think that will take you there if you want to do it bad enough.

71:What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

5:  I guess away from the dirt bike I like to kinda hang out with friends, wake board, and have fun and golf..

-They let you wake board?

5:  Yeah, I mean I don’t tell them I’m going… ha, ha    I think everyone sees me at the track and I am really serious and away from it they would be shocked to see me having fun, I like to have fun too.

71:  What is your least favorite track?

5:  I don’t really have a least favorite track but if I had to pick one I would say Elsinore California.  It’s not bad but it gets really really hard.  It gets hard packed and I like more loamier…if I had to pick, but I don’t necessary have a bad track.

71:  Do you like outdoor or indoor better?

5:  I’m about 50/50.  I like Supercross because it is newer and I didn’t get to do it growing up as a kid, so for me it is a little different of a challenge and it was a different learning curve when I started.  Motocross I have done more so it is good to get done with Supercross and get back to the roots of where we really started.

71:  Do you have any tattoos?

5:  I have no tattoos and I don’t plan on getting any.

71:  Have you ever had a regular job?

5:  Growing up as a kid I worked with my Dad in the summer.  We poured concrete and construction work so a lot of labor and a lot of hard work and I think my Dad taught me a good work ethic.

71:  If you didn’t race dirt bikes what would you be doing?

5:  Maybe be pouring concrete.  I don’t know I always dreamed that if I didn’t race maybe a business, I really don’t know but I am really glad motocross worked out.

71:  That’s it Thank you.

5:  Thank you Bud, nice to meet you!

Video of the interview:

Thank you Ryan Dungey for your time!


In honor of Supercross in Oakland this weekend I put together a video of my interview with Justin Barcia at a past supercross event.  During race day he took time to sit down with me and answer some questions.  He was super nice and very funny….I thought you all might like to see some of the video we took.  It is not the best quality and there was a lot of people around, but it is still cool to see him just sitting down and answering some questions.

You can read the post I did back when I did the original interview here Justin Barcia Interview

See you in Oakland at Supercross!

I have been looking for some really good racing songs and I found a few that I love.  All the songs were still missing something so my Mom and I decided to make our own song.  After we wrote the song, it needed some music.  I thought it would be really easy to put music to a song and I was SO wrong.

hunt song

My Mom and I went to a recording studio and the guy said he could help us put music to the song and put it on a CD.  Five hours later and a lot of frustration I finished the song.


We started with one beat, then he added another sound, and another sound until we had the main song.  Once we had the music it was time for me to start rapping over the music.  As soon as I started he told me I had to slow down……REALLY!  For the next three hours he told me to slow down about a thousand times.  I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE BEEN TOLD TO SLOW DOWN.  As a racer I am used to going as fast as I can all the time, it was the most frustrating thing ever.  He told me I had to stay on the beat, but I am not a singer and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  After some practice I finally was able to do it how he wanted and we were able to put the song together.


Over the next few months I will work on some video to make a cool music video, but for now I hope you enjoy this video we put together and the song.  🙂


After the other videos I did a few months ago I asked you all what my rapper name should be and some of you voted for:



Hardcore Hunter



Don’t worry….I will stick with racing motorcycles!  It was really cool to see how they make songs and all that goes into it, but I think one song is enough for me….. I don’t want to keep slowing down, I like going as fast as I can.   lol

I know you all remember I recently filmed a TV show with Pro X Teams.  Last week Pro X Teams released a Promo video that combines the episode I am in and 4 other episodes with other athletes.  I am in the first half of the video and then it shows clips of the other sports.  I love the slo-mo they did, and I can’t wait to see the whole show.


I know many of you are wondering when the show will be on TV.  Right now the Networks are reviewing the press kit and deciding when it will be on.  I will let you know as soon as I get that information.

OK, so I know that we decided I wasn’t going to be a singer and I should stick to dirt bikes after my last song HUNTER CROSS CRAZY ABOUT 51 FIFTY ENERGY DRINK……but I decided I should try a second music video.

Now that I have made two music videos I am wondering if I should have a cool name like the guys on the radio…..What do you think my name should be?

  • 71 CENT
  • ????????

This second music video is my take on the LMFAO song that works great with my dirt bikes.

A couple of weeks ago I got hooked up with a television producer that was filming 5 episodes of a TV show about people who do extreme sports. They asked if they could do an episode about me and dirt bike racing……YES!

Last Friday we filmed the show and it was amazing! The whole thing was totally cool and it was really fun to see how it all works, I couldn’t believe how much goes into it.

First I need to say Thank You to Ralph at 408MX for letting us shoot the dirt bike stuff at his track. It was very strange when we showed up at the track because I have never been to 408MX and no one was in the parking lot. We got to the track early to get all my bikes ready to go.


Shortly after we got there, a ton of people showed up to start filming the show…..they had several film people, photographers, production people, people who handled contracts that needed to be signed, and the hosts of the show. Soon it was time to start filming…The filming at the race track took about 4 hours. They would set up the cameras in a spot on the track and I would do several takes in that one spot and then they would adjust the cameras in a different angle and I would do the same spot some more. Then we would move to a different spot on the track and do it all again. Before I even got on the track we did about 7 takes of me putting on my gear and starting my bike. It was really cool they would start with the cameras far away from me and by the end they were right on top of me.


After we got the shots of me getting ready… was time to go ride. First the cameras got set up at the end of the finish line jump and in the first turn. Then they moved to the middle of the jump and then on the back side of the jump. Each camera filmed on opposite sides of the track and they took pictures at the same time also. (I think the pictures were to do a press kit about the episode, but I’m not sure)


Then I waited while they set the camera’s up in a different spot on the track. We did this in about 7 different spots on the track. They would tell me what kind of shot they were trying to get and what part they would be filming and I would try to jump right in the spot they were at.


The guys wanted to stand on the track to get the closest shot, but I think they were a little scared I was going to land on them. I convinced them that they could stand on the track and I wouldn’t hit them and I think they got some really great shots.


After we were done getting all the shots of me riding, it was time for me to be interviewed with one of the hosts of the show. I was interviewed by Josh Williams who was totally fun. Throughout the day Josh and I started picking on each other and got real silly, you will see that part in a little.


I think the interview went well. I was a little nervous at first, but I started having fun with Josh and then it was better…..I hope!


After the interview, the hosts and I had to go and shoot at the second location…..Rock Climbing. I had never been rock climbing before and I was a little sore from riding all morning (because I haven’t rode in 2 months because of my broken wrist) But, I was ready to go!


We waited for the cameras to get set up and then it was time to start climbing. We did 3 different climbs and it was me and each of the three hosts of the show (Leila, Karyn, and Josh). The cameras set up one on the ground and one up on the second level and I started climbing.


After my climb, I watched and cheered on each of the hosts, and we all took turns watching.


By the time we got to the last wall….I was so tired and my arms felt like jello. I was very excited I was able to finish and get to the top. A few times during the climb I was thinking that was far enough, but they all cheered me on and I made it. (not all the hosts made it to the top of the last one….you know who you are. lol)


Between takes I liked to pick on Josh and he and I had fun messing with each other. Thanks for having fun with me!


Of course I also had a ton of fun with the girls…they were totally awesome, and much prettier than Josh. 🙂


After we were all done filming, we went out to lunch with everyone and even though it was totally fun, I was so tired and my muscles were very sore….I think I might have slept through lunch. lol

We finished filming for the day, but I do get to see everyone again for a third location that we will be filming at in about a week……I CAN’T WAIT!

I got to see some of the shots through the camera that they took of me riding and it looked AMAZING! I can’t wait to see the show and what it will all look like put together. I will keep you all posted when all the editing is done and after it is given to the network. The whole experience was amazing and I was so lucky to have been given the chance to experience something as cool as making a TV show… is a lot more complicated than I thought it would be.



Please support Leila, Karyn, and Josh! Make sure you LIKE their Facebook page (PRO X TEAMS) to see upcoming show information.



  • 408MX

Since I am not on the track supporting my 51FIFTY team I thought I would be like Dale and Brennan from the Step Brothers movie and MAKE A MUSIC VIDEO…..prestigue world wide!

I took 7 songs that are currently on the radio, I changed some of the words to fit the drink and put it all together.

  • THE LAZY SONG – Burno Mars
  • CALL ME MAYBE – Carly Rae Jepsen
  • AIRPLANES – B.O.B featuring Eminem
  • I WANT YOU BACK – Cher Lloyd
  • 5-1-5-0 – Dierks Bentley


….I promise I will stick with dirt bikes as soon as my arm is better.

Since we are getting ready to go to the Nationals we have been doing a lot of practicing and getting my bikes all dialed in.  I thought you might like to see another video of a practice at 408MX this last week.  I had my 51 FIFTY Helmet Cam on as I went through the practice.

Two weeks ago I went to the Loretta Lynn Regional qualifier at Honey Lake MX in Milford, California.  The race was really crowded and all the top riders were there.  Practice went really well and I was riding good on the track.  The Loretta Lynn regional qualifiers are different from most races that have two moto formates.  The Regional races are the best overall after three races in each class.

I did another great picture from Sebastian Lee 

I had several really bad starts and was not able to fight through any of the fast riders in my motos and was not having the best of luck during race day.  I finished the day with consistent 6th, 6th, and 7th place finishes which did not qualify me to go to Loretta’s since they only take the top 5 riders from each class. I rode hard, but things did not go as planned in any of my races.

Because it is really hard to see the track at Honey Lake, I rode one of my practice sessions with my helmet cam so you can see what the track looks like. 



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I thought it was time for another video!  This time it is from my helmet cam on the Hollister GP track.

  • FYI:  I would post videos more often if someone wants to help me find a good program that makes uploading videos easy to do…..I have several videos, but most of the time I can’t upload the format to Youtube. 

I was able to download the video of my crash at Hollister practice during my 85 practice last week.  I know it doesn’t look like a hard crash, but it felt pretty hard.  lol  The crash happens around 5:20 into the video and I was able to get back up and ride, but my hand was really hurt.

You can watch the video and get a pretty good feel of what the track layout looks like.

Hope you enjoy!

This weekend is the Hangtown Outdoor race and it is close to my house so I will for sure be going to watch round 1 with the pros.  For those of you who don’t get a chance to come see the race I thought you might want to see what the track is going to look like this weekend.

I will be there cheering on the 51 Fifty Energy Drink team!

I will be racing at Hangtown amateur Day on Friday before the pros which will be so awesome.  Moto Efx will be unveiling my new graphics which I am sure will look amazing.  I will be representing the 51 Fifty Energy Drink team and I am so excited for the new look.

Make sure you come out to watch me ride on Friday and stop by the 51 Fifty hauler to say Hi on Saturday.  It should be a really fun weekend and I can’t wait to update everyone next week.

You probably know by now that most of the time my family has drama or a story or something that happens every week….my family is never boring.


Thursday we got everything ready to go to LA for the 4th round of the Gold Cup Series at Lake Elsinore Raceway.  We wanted to have everything ready to go so we could leave Friday as soon as my Dad got home from work.  My Dad was driving his truck home from work Friday afternoon and he got a flat tire.  He changed the tire on the side of the road and he was back on his way to pick us up for LA.  When Dad got home we jumped in the van and headed to LA.  We got about twenty minutes down the road and the van stopped running.  Because my Dad is an awesome mechanic I knew that if it could be fixed my Dad would find a way, but it was looking like our trip to LA was over.  My Dad got the van running and we headed back home to see if it could be fixed.  Half way home the van stopped running again.  A few more adjustments and we were headed back home again and this time we made it.  After Dad worked on the van for a while, he found what the problem was and I couldn’t believe he even had the spare part in our garage.  He changed the part and we crossed our fingers that the problem was solved and we would make it all the way to LA and back…….and we did.  YA!

Me sleeping on the way to LA holding my football.

Saturday started off much better……  We woke up early and headed to Lake Elsinore MX to practice.  In the morning the track was really deep and muddy and by the afternoon it got really dry and very rough.  Right away I was able to get the rhythm sections down and I had a really good practice day.

I wore the Go Pro during one of my practice sessions so you can see how the track looked.

In this 11 minute video you can see me checking different lines and passing 50 riders

Sunday was race day.  I had some really great battles and a few lead changes that was really fun and exciting.  Overall I had good starts, I was either up front or close enough to catch the front guys and battle for the lead.  After a very fun day I was really excited to be able to pull out the wins!


-Thank you Michael for putting the video up for me.

Friday my Dad got home from work, did some work on my bikes, loaded them in the van and we hit the road to Los Angeles for round two of the Gold Cup race at Milestone MX.  We got to my Uncle’s house around 1am (thankfully I have a bed in the van.)

Saturday morning we got up early and got to the track for practice.  The Milestone track is very different from most tracks I ride on, it is more of a supercross style track.  Practice went well and they had a ton of bikes practicing.

After practice we went to HOOTER’S.  I have been joking with my parents that I wanted to eat there and they had one down the street from the track.  I took my picture with the girls and ate some chicken nuggets and fries.  We went to my Uncles house and I played Xbox with my cousin Mike and got some rest for the race the next day.

Sunday we got to the track early for the 8am practice and we were ready to go.  My 65 open race was the third race of the day and I was almost the last gate pick out of 26 bikes.  The start was cement, but it was not flat, it was bumpy and rocky and different from anything I had started on.  It took me a few races to get the hang of the start and my bike kept gripping to hard and I wheelied off the start in the first couple of races.  With really bad starts in both the 65 open classes I had to work hard on the track and pass as many riders as I could.  In the first race I finished 7th and the second race I finished 6th with an overal 6th place finish.

The 65 Age class was race number 18 so we had a long wait between races and my last race of the day ended at 7:30pm.  In the first race I had to battle through to catch the riders that started in front of me.  I was able to get into second place and was trying to catch first place when a lapped beginner rider rode into my lane as I was going up one of the supercross doubles.  When I moved just a little to avoid hitting him it threw me off and I landed on the top of the double and crashed really hard.  I was able to get up and finally got my bike started but I had dropped several spots.  I passed a couple of people back and ended the race in 4th place.  The second race I finally got a hole shot and was able to walk away with a 1st place win.  I got a 2nd place overall finish.

I rode really well throughout the weekend, but didn’t have the best of luck with my finishes.  8pm we finally got back on the road to come home.  My Mom drove all night while my Dad and I slept in the back.  We got home at 2am and my Dad had to rush to work.

SIDE NOTE:  Over the last three weeks I blew up two of my KTM 65 motors and I am down to only one bike.  If you know anyone looking for a tax write-off that would like to help me with new motors, let me know.  🙂

Thank you Aiden Tijero for letting me take your bike to LA with me if I had a problem with my bike during the race.  It is hard to go all the way to LA to race with only one bike because if something happens I don’t have a back up.  It was nice of the Tijero family to let me take the bike at the last-minute.

I have a video that shows the start of the race and a couple of clips showing some of the jumps, but it is really hard to see.  Just thought you might want to get an idea of all the bikes going into the first couple of turns.  Sorry for the bad video, next race I will get you guys a better one.

It has been a while since I put a video on, so I thought it was time.  This is a video of my helmet cam during my 65cc practice at 408mx a few weeks ago.

I wrote earlier about WINNING THE HARD WAY when I raced at MMX in Marysville.  My friend Zach #19 and his family sent me the pictures and the video below of the crash I had on my 85.   Although I got a couple of bruises….I think it looks a little worse than it was.

After this fall, I got back on my bike and was able to chase everyone down to get back to the lead.

This last weekend I raced at Argyll MX in Dixon. 

 Practice on Saturday was a mess!  The wind was blowing so hard that is was difficult to see through the dust.  My allergies were really bad and the wind made it harder to jump and dried out the track sooooo bad.  The whole day was a mess.

Although Sunday was much better, it was still really bad.  My allergies were still bad and the track was not much better.  I tried to stay in the trailer all weekend, but my eyes were red and scratchy and my head was really congested.  Although they tried to water the track often, it stayed really dry all day and very slick.

When it came time to race, I road really fast but maybe a little to fast for the track conditions.  My bike slide out several times in the races and I was UP and Down several times in each race.  When I was up I was able to work through traffic and get to the lead, but I then fell and had to work back through the other riders again.  My biggest problem is that I can’t reach the ground on my bike so I can’t start it when I fall down.  Of course I fell each time at the farthest spot away from my Dad and getting my bike started took a long time.

On my 65cc bike I fell in both races but was still able to get 1st.  On my 85cc bike I was able to stay up for the whole first race but fell twice in the second race.  Out of 9 bikes I finished in 4th.

Below is a video of me in my first 85cc race….. you can see the track conditions, and in this race I was able to stay up for all 4 laps of racing.  YA

This is a great video of a 65cc race at Oatfield Raceway in Turlock.  9 Bikes went out in the first gate and I was in the second gate with 7 other bikes.

I got a great start and was able to get the hole shot and stay out front.  You will see me passing some bikes, but these are kids not racing in my class.

On the second lap I took a hard fall.  By the time I was able to get up and get my bike going the second and third place riders were able to catch me and took over the lead.

On the third and fourth laps the yellow bike #10, Jeremy Ryan, and I battled back and forth several times for the lead.

On the fifth and final lap I was able to walk away with the win.

It was a great battle, and you will be able to see that the track was really rough.  What a fun race!

  • .
  • (ROOST:  Dirt thrown in the air from the force of a spinning rear tire)


I came across a few dirt bike sayings I thought you might like.  Although I had a lot of fun making this video, I am not a very good actor……I think I will stick to riding.  The video shows my take on my top 20 favorite motocross sayings. 

  1. Does this bike make my butt look big?
  2. I know there is money in motocross….that’s because my parents put it there
  3. I’m a winner…..and winners get to do what they want
  4. I get the hole shot and then I fight my way to the back of the pack
  5. I’m the magic man… you see me… you don’t
  6. Winner – Winner – Chicken Dinner
  7. When all else fails….gas it
  8. Chicks dig scars
  9. Blood in your stool means you should check your suspension
  10. When the gate drops the talking stops
  11. All grown up and still playing in the dirt
  12. I never loose….I only run out of laps, time, or gas
  13. I ride, I fall, I heal, No problem
  14. Winning isn’t easy, I just make it look that way
  15. When life throws you a curve, lean in, pick your line, and gas it
  16. I don’t crash, I stop with style
  17. I was going really fast until I fell
  18. I’m so great, I impress myself
  19. I race to have fun….but loosing is no fun
  20. Hardcore Racing!

Now you can see what I see…..We just got a helmet camera that records when I am going around the track.  This will help us to review things on the track and help me go faster.  This is also a really good way for you to see what it is like to ride on the track like I do.  This is the first video we did just to try out the helmet cam and see what you think. 

This is my 65 practice at Hollister Hills, you can get an idea of how fast I ride, how far I jump, and even a small crash.

This last weekend I raced in Marysville at the MMX Track.  I love this track because it is a wide track that allows you to go really fast.  The track is very sandy with wide sweeping turns so you can keep your speed up through most of the track.  I love going fast!

Saturday was practice and I worked all day to find the fastest way around the track.  The last practice of the day I took a really hard fall.  As I was going over the long table top I landed sideways and went down so hard I broke my helmet.  Thanks to Dylan #123, he loaned me a helmet to be able to continue riding….. I guess first thing this week we will have to go buy a new helmet.

Sunday the races started and so did the rain.  The day started mild, but as we went through the races, the rain started coming down hard.  By the end of the day the track was really wet and a little tricky to ride.  I worked really hard and was able to finish up the weekend with a 1st place in all six races…..YA!!!  what a weekend.

I have attached a video, but it is not the best…..  It was really windy and it is hard to see the whole track.  I know a lot of you like to see what the different tracks look like, and this will give you an idea of the layout.  This is the 1st 50cc race.  They had two gates with the beginner kids leaving in the second gate.  towards the end of the video you will see me passing some of the riders from that class.

Below is a video of my first 65cc race at Chico Cycleland on 10-10-10.  In this race they had two gates, and  I was in the second gate.  I was able to get the hole- shot and stay in 1st throughout the race.  As you will see in the video I was able to catch up and pass riders from the first gate.