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This last week I finished the filming of the TV show for Pro X Teams.  If you don’t remember, I started filming last month and you can read all about it at LIGHTS-CAMERA-ACTION…THE MAKING OF A TV SHOW

Last time we filmed on-location, and this time we filmed the commentary in the studio.

Before filming started we met up with the crew and the hosts and everyone and went out to lunch.  I got to eat with chopsticks….but you know I only ate chicken.  lol

Then we got back to filming.  First the sound guy had to put a microphone on me and we did several sound tests to make sure everything was working.

Then we were ready to start filming.  The set was really cool!  I tried to get them to let me take one of the chairs home for my man-cave, but that didn’t work.  🙂

My Mom and Dad got to stand behind the camera and watch everything from the camera screen.  We all talked about the day we had both at the dirt bike track and rock climbing and we joked around with each other.  We had a lot of fun!

I took some pictures with each of the hosts….Leila, Karyn, and Josh

After we were all done, Josh and I had to re-do the interview we did after I rode at the race track.  I really liked the interview we did at the track because I was sitting on my bike and I think it looked really cool, but they said the sound was not very good so we had to do everything again in the studio.  I think that went well also…probably because I am so awesome.  lol

See, I am a natural on the screen.  I think maybe I will become an actor….what do you think?  🙂

The show is now going to editing and then it goes to the network to put it on TV.  When I get more information about when it will be on TV and what channel I will let you know.  Follow PRO X TEAMS, on Facebook, for more information and other shows that they are also working on.  Fingers crossed that I did a good job and that the show looks cool.

My family drove to Los Angeles this last week to practice on a few tracks.  The trip was a little up and down…….

On Saturday we got up and went to Comp Edge to practice.  The practice went well and I had fun on the track, but the weather was really bad.  It was very cold and super windy!

Sunday we went to practice at Lake Elsinore.  When we got to the track it was raining and cold outside. 

After about an hour the rain left, the sun came out and the track was perfect.

As soon as the rain cleared up I was on the track and riding.

Anthony and I took some pictures for the 51 Fifty / Moto Efx guys.  I had to get a little silly in one of the pictures, you know me.  lol

We waited while they prepped the track after lunch and then it was back to riding.

After they prepped the track again I went back to riding and things didn’t go as good.  I was clearing this jump (pictures below) just like I did right before lunch, but now the track was not the same and I came up a little short on the jump and got very hurt.  After I got my breath back, my legs were very bruised up and very sore. 

The plan was to stay in LA and ride some different tracks with my Mom and my sister, but I had five huge bruises that covered most of my legs.  I went to the other tracks but because I could bearly walk I wasn’t able to get much practice in. 😦 

My sister and I went to visit my Grandma while we were in LA. 

We had to wear name tags, so I filled out my name…..MOTOCROSS


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This last Monday was Veterans day and now that I have a Brother-In-Law in the military I can really understand how amazing the people in the military are and the kinds of sacrifices they make for us.  THANK YOU NICK!  I also want to thank the military families for the sacrifices they make as well.

This last weekend I did a lot of practicing, and because we had a holiday on Monday….that meant 3 days of riding.  My sister Hailey went with us this weekend and that was really fun.

I went to bed early Friday night and we woke up early Saturday morning to get to the track when they opened.  It was really cool because I was the only person on the track for the first 15 minutes of practice.  I loved that I got to make my own lines and work on practicing on a wet track.  I even had time to show off my huge muscles!

After practicing all day we went to the hotel and I hung out in the hot tub with my friend from the track.  It was soooo cold all day the hot water felt really good.

The next day we were all back at a different track to work on different skills.  It was so cold in the morning, but we were there and ready to ride.

It was very cool that Monday tracks were open also……so back to a different track for another day of practice.  I was able to ride a lot on Monday and I had a really fun weekend.

I am excited to get all the riding in I can because the rain is coming soon.  😦

My first Halloween my Mom dressed me up as a TURTLE….Really!  I know I wasn’t old enough to say what I wanted to be, so lets all be happy that I now get to decide what I am going to be for Halloween each year.


My second Halloween I refused to wear any costumes.  My parents tried to buy me several different costumes that they thought were cool, but I think I was still traumatized from the year before and I said no costume.  My Mom dressed my in camo clothes and told everyone I was HUNTER THE HUNTER.


The next year I wanted to wear a costume and I was BUZZ LIGHTYEAR.  I loved the costume so much I would wear it all the time for like a month.  I will update with a picture of me in it later, but trust me I looked amazing. 

To infinity and beyond!

After I grew out of my Buzz phase I was into the BLACK SPIDERMAN….not the red spiderman, I liked the evil one better.  This started my fun with wanting to scare everyone on Halloween.


The next year I was the EVIL JESTER.  I took the regular Jester costume and also got a scary mask to make it a little different.


The next year I put another costume together and I also made up my own name….I was THE MASTER OF DEATH.  Pretty good, right?


Then it was time to be an EVIL CLOWN.  I actually had two different ways of wearing this costume.  I had a scary mask and I also painted my face so I could scare everyone twice.


Last year I was the GRIM REAPER complete with a bloody knife.  I would just stand in the doorway of people and stare at them…..I didn’t say anything, they wanted me to say trick-or-treat but I didn’t I just stood there.  The people would be kinda nervous and but a candy in my bag and close the door.  I would just stay till they were gone, it was sooooo funny.


and this year I was THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN.  It was pretty cool because I even had to wear shoulder pads so it would look like my head was really missing.


My whole school does a parade for Halloween and we go to my mom’s office and she passes out candy to everyone.  This year she dressed up as CARRIE.  None of my friends knew who she was, but all of the adults and teachers kept saying she looked like a really cool Carrie and they thought it was funny her name is really Kari.


Can’t wait till next year!