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This weekend I raced at the Hollister Hills Memorial Day MX Championship.  This is a three day format with practice on Saturday, a full round of racing on Sunday and another full round of racing on Monday.

This race is really fun because we get to see a lot of new riders that show up to race the big event and we get to ride more and camp for another day.  I raced in my normal 3 classes on Sunday (65 Novice, 65 Open, and 85 Beginner).  We had so many riders that I decided to race in 4 classes on Monday (50 Open, 65 Novice, 65 Open, and 85 Beginner)  That is a total of 14 races for the weekend.

Because of all the riders and having so many motos each day, the track was really tough both days.  In the morning it was really sandy/muddy and deep, and by the end of the day it was really dry with a ton of acceleration bumps and breaking bumps.  I had to stand up and stay on the gas to ride through it all….I love riding on big fast tracks like we had this weekend.

I finished 1st in my 65 Nov race and then had a problem with the pipe on my bike.  My Dad was able to switch the pipe from my other bike, but I lost some speed with the new pipe.  I had to really ride extra hard and keep my speed up as much as possible.

In the 65 Open race I finished a close 3rd to two very fast older riders.  It was really fun to be able to battle with them and push myself during the race.

Getting ready to start one of the 65 races

In the 85 race I pulled out a couple of 1st place finishes and also had my tire slide out in the deep sand in one turn.

Going down the 6 story elevator shaft in one of my 85 races

In my 50 race I had a lot of fun riding with my friends and getting back on my 50.  I rode really good and finished 1st.

In my 50 race I start on the wrong side of the gate from all the other riders.

I had a few of my friends that wanted to cheer me on and I didn’t want them to bother the other riders.

I won some big trophies, hats, riding gloves, and other cool prizes for winning.  Camping was a lot of fun!  I played Xbox, watched movies and rode bikes with all of my friends.

I can’t wait till the next race!


This weekend was super fun!  Saturday I went with my friend Justin and his Dad to see the pro’s race the first outdoor race at Hangtown in Sacramento.  I ride a lot on that track and it was so fun to see my favorite riders on one of my home tracks.

Sunday I woke up early and we picked up Justin to go riding at 408MX in San Jose.  Practice was sooo great!  I was riding really fast and clearing some really big jumps.

When we were done with practice…..My Dad and Mom took us to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to ride some rides.  Justin and I ran from one ride to another.  It wasn’t very crowded, we ran around for 4 hours and we had so much fun.


Now that one of the best supercross seasons is over….it is time to turn to the outdoor series.  

Don’t miss what happens in the 2011 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship:

 May 21 Hangtown Motocross Classic – Rancho Cordova, CA   

  • Fuel TV      05/21   4:00pmET – 1:00pm Pacific    450/250 Moto 1
  • Speed TV  05/22  11:00amET – 8:00am Pacific    450 Moto 2  
  • Speed TV  05/22  12:00pmET- 9:00am Pacific    250 Moto 2

May 28 Freestone Raceway – Wortham, TX

  • Fuel TV     05/28  2:00pmET – 11:00am Pacific   450/250 Moto 1
  • Speed TV 05/28 10:00pmET – 7:00pm Pacific   450 Moto 2
  • Speed TV 05/28 11:00pmET –  8:00pm Pacific   250 Moto 2

June 11 Highpoint Raceway   – Mt. Morris, PA

  • Fuel TV     06/11    1:00pmET – 10:00am Pacific     450/250 Moto 1
  • Speed TV 06/11  10:00pm ET –  7:00pm Pacific    250 Moto 2
  • NBC            06/12    4:00pm ET –  1:00pm Pacific    450 Moto 2

June 18 Budds Creek Raceway – Mechanicsville, MD 

  • Fuel TV     06/18   1:00pmET – 10:00am Pacific   450/250 Moto 1
  • Speed TV 06/18 10:00pmET –   7:00pm Pacific   450 Moto 2
  • Speed TV 06/18 11:00pm ET –   8:00pm Pacific   250 Moto 2

June 25  Thunder Valley Raceway – Lakewood, CO

  • Fuel TV     06/25  3:00pm ET – 12:00pm Pacific    450/250 Moto 1
  • Speed TV 06/25 11:30pmET –    8:30pm Pacific    450 Moto 2
  • Speed TV 06/26  2:00pm ET –  11:00am Pacific    250 Moto 2

July 2   Redbud Raceway – Buchanan, MI

  • Fuel TV     07/02   1:00pmET – 10:00am Pacific   450/250 Moto 1
  • NBC            07/02   5:00pmET –   2:00pm Pacific   450 Moto 2
  • Speed TV 07/02 10:00pm ET –  7:00pm Pacific   250 Moto 2

July 16   Spring Creek Raceway – Millville, MN

  • Fuel TV     07/16  2:00pm ET – 11:00am Pacific   450/250 Moto 1
  • Speed TV 07/16 11:00pmET –   8:00pm Pacific   450 Moto 2
  • Speed TV 07/17  6:00pm ET –   3:00pm Pacific   250 Moto 2

July 23  Washougal MX Raceway – Washougal, WA

  • Fuel TV     07/23 4:00pm ET – 1:00pm Pacific   450/250 Moto 1
  • Speed TV 07/23 7:00pm ET – 4:00pm Pacific   450 Moto 2
  • Speed TV 07/23 8:00pm ET – 5:00pm Pacific   250 Moto 2

Aug 13   Unadilla Raceway – New Berlin, NY

  • Fuel TV     08/13 12:30pm ET –   9:30am  Pacific   450/250 Moto 1
  • NBC            08/13 3:00pm   ET – 12:00pm Pacific   450 Moto 2
  • Speed TV 08/13 9:00pm   ET –   6:00pm  Pacific   250 Moto 2

Aug 27   Southwick MX Raceway – Southwick, MA

  • Fuel TV     08/27   1:00pm ET – 10:00am Pacific    450/250 Moto 1
  • Speed TV 08/27 10:00pm ET –   7:00pm Pacific   450 Moto 2
  • Speed TV 08/27 11:00pm ET –    8:00pm Pacific   250 Moto 2

Sept 3  Steel City Raceway – Delmont, PA

  • Fuel TV     09/03 1:00pm ET – 10:00am Pacific   450/250 Moto 1
  • Speed TV 09/03 8:00pm ET –    5:00pm Pacific   450 Moto 2
  • Speed TV 09/03 9:00pm ET –    6:00pm Pacific   250 Moto 2

Sept 10  Pala MX Raceway – Pala, CA

  • Fuel TV     09/10 4:00pm ET – 1:00pm Pacific   450/250 Moto 1
  • Speed TV 09/10 7:00pm ET – 4:00pm Pacific   450 Moto 2
  • Speed TV 09/10 8:00pm ET – 5:00pm Pacific   250 Moto 2

-Check you local listing, schedule is subject to change.

Make sure you set your DVR to record all the action…If you get a chance to see the Pro’s race live, make sure you do it!  I love watching the races, meeting the riders, getting FREE stuff, and hanging with friends.

If my bike breaks down I give my Dad a hard time…..I call him a saboteur!  lol  So now my Dad makes me do some of the work. 

Since it has been raining and I can’t go riding this week my Dad and I replaced the top end of the motor on my 65.  I took the top end off, cleaned all the surfaces, put on new gaskets, a new piston, and put it back together.  It was really cool to take the motor apart and then have is start right up after I put it back together. 

This weekend we were RAINED OUT…… We were supposed to have a race at 408MX this weekend, but it was cancelled because of the expected rain. 

All week I was excited about the race at 408 and I was very sad that it was cancelled.  

Wednesday was my Mom’s Birthday and the family had cake for her. 

My Mom loved having the family all together, so I did not go to practice. 


On Thursday My Dad and I went to 408MX in San Jose.  It had been a long time since I had been to that track, so it was fun to work on the turns, jumps, and whoops. 

On Saturday we decided to go to Hollister Hills MX track to practice.  Practice was fun!  The track was really sandy and I had to remember to ride my bike a little different than I usually do.  I don’t ride on thick sand very often, so it was really good practice.  Hollister has some really big table top jumps, about 70ft.  My friend and I were on our 65’s jumping one of the jumps at the same time, and his tire hit mine in the air and I went flying.  It was a hard fall from pretty high up, but I was ok. 

I also like riding at Hollister because they have “The Elevator Shaft.”  It is so fast and fun!

 .  I love going down the elevator shaft and jumping out the other side.


My Mom is the best….  she takes care of my sisters and me and is always there when we need her.  When I go to school, she makes my lunch and when I go racing she makes sure all my gear is ready.  My Mom works in my classroom at school each week and she plays dirt bikes with me after I finish my homework.  She is not very good at video games, but she plays with me anyway.  When I get hurt, she always makes me feel better and she always makes me laugh.

My Mom loves family pictures…..So my Dad and I found a few family pictures from the last couple of years that I know she loves.

I wrote earlier about WINNING THE HARD WAY when I raced at MMX in Marysville.  My friend Zach #19 and his family sent me the pictures and the video below of the crash I had on my 85.   Although I got a couple of bruises….I think it looks a little worse than it was.

After this fall, I got back on my bike and was able to chase everyone down to get back to the lead.

This last weekend I raced at Argyll MX in Dixon. 

 Practice on Saturday was a mess!  The wind was blowing so hard that is was difficult to see through the dust.  My allergies were really bad and the wind made it harder to jump and dried out the track sooooo bad.  The whole day was a mess.

Although Sunday was much better, it was still really bad.  My allergies were still bad and the track was not much better.  I tried to stay in the trailer all weekend, but my eyes were red and scratchy and my head was really congested.  Although they tried to water the track often, it stayed really dry all day and very slick.

When it came time to race, I road really fast but maybe a little to fast for the track conditions.  My bike slide out several times in the races and I was UP and Down several times in each race.  When I was up I was able to work through traffic and get to the lead, but I then fell and had to work back through the other riders again.  My biggest problem is that I can’t reach the ground on my bike so I can’t start it when I fall down.  Of course I fell each time at the farthest spot away from my Dad and getting my bike started took a long time.

On my 65cc bike I fell in both races but was still able to get 1st.  On my 85cc bike I was able to stay up for the whole first race but fell twice in the second race.  Out of 9 bikes I finished in 4th.

Below is a video of me in my first 85cc race….. you can see the track conditions, and in this race I was able to stay up for all 4 laps of racing.  YA