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I have been looking for some really good racing songs and I found a few that I love.  All the songs were still missing something so my Mom and I decided to make our own song.  After we wrote the song, it needed some music.  I thought it would be really easy to put music to a song and I was SO wrong.

hunt song

My Mom and I went to a recording studio and the guy said he could help us put music to the song and put it on a CD.  Five hours later and a lot of frustration I finished the song.


We started with one beat, then he added another sound, and another sound until we had the main song.  Once we had the music it was time for me to start rapping over the music.  As soon as I started he told me I had to slow down……REALLY!  For the next three hours he told me to slow down about a thousand times.  I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE BEEN TOLD TO SLOW DOWN.  As a racer I am used to going as fast as I can all the time, it was the most frustrating thing ever.  He told me I had to stay on the beat, but I am not a singer and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  After some practice I finally was able to do it how he wanted and we were able to put the song together.


Over the next few months I will work on some video to make a cool music video, but for now I hope you enjoy this video we put together and the song.  🙂


After the other videos I did a few months ago I asked you all what my rapper name should be and some of you voted for:



Hardcore Hunter



Don’t worry….I will stick with racing motorcycles!  It was really cool to see how they make songs and all that goes into it, but I think one song is enough for me….. I don’t want to keep slowing down, I like going as fast as I can.   lol

I wear out my riding boots very fast.  I use my feet to hold on tight to the bike and every time I ride they get covered in mud.   I have gone through a couple of pairs of Alpinestar Tech 6 Boots and they are my favorite.


No matter what kind of boots you get, they are all so stiff when you buy them that they are very difficult to ride with them.  New boots are the worst because it is hard to feel the shifter and the brake and the boots don’t bend well when they are new.  The Alpinestar Tech 6 boots have increased back and forth flexibility but they still need a little help.  My Dad and I always tape the boots for a couple of days before I ride with them.  We tape them in half for a few hours and then let them loose for a few hours and continue back and forth for a couple of days.  By the time I ride with them I am able to move my ankle in them much better.


The boots I use has the inner side of the boot specifically designed for control and features thick and wide stamped suede designed for better grip against the bike and guards against heat.  Heel protector guards and outer ankle features shock absorbing insert on the back of the boot.  Poly fabric internal lining is laminated with open cell foam for improved air circulation.  Increased flexibility at the ball of the foot for improved braking and shifting and it has a patented “ankle brace” protector.


….and they look totally awesome on me!


I just got my boots a few months ago and it is almost time for a new pair…..can’t wait!


Get your Alpinestar Boots at or your local motocross store or website.


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