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This last week we took two of my bikes apart and completely pimped them out! We started with powder coating the frames, tipple clamps, swing arms, foot pegs and a few other parts. It was really hard to decide what color to do them. The usual black and orange always looks good, but we wanted to try to find something that would really pop. With not many choices we decided to go with white. I know what am I thinking picking white on a bike that I will ride in the mud several times a week?

The frames came back and they looked pretty sick:

My Dad worked really hard and put both bikes back together


The finished product!


I have to thank my sponsors for giving me a chance to make my bikes look really cool


I love this picture because everything is black and white except my bikes and me.

A few shots me riding

Also a special thanks to Trey and Kia for all the help they have given us.

  1. austin says:

    wow Hunter you really tricked out your bikes they look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. austin says:

    have your mom notify my mom when you come down to race so we can watch you our cheer you on maybe we can practice at the same track buddy:)

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