Posted: June 5, 2012 in motocross, Videos

I thought it was time for another video!  This time it is from my helmet cam on the Hollister GP track.

  • FYI:  I would post videos more often if someone wants to help me find a good program that makes uploading videos easy to do…..I have several videos, but most of the time I can’t upload the format to Youtube. 

I was able to download the video of my crash at Hollister practice during my 85 practice last week.  I know it doesn’t look like a hard crash, but it felt pretty hard.  lol  The crash happens around 5:20 into the video and I was able to get back up and ride, but my hand was really hurt.

You can watch the video and get a pretty good feel of what the track layout looks like.

Hope you enjoy!

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