Posted: June 17, 2011 in Pictures, Race Results, Uncategorized
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This weekend I had a race at 408 MX in San Jose.  We got to the track early Friday night and got a great spot right at the finish line.  All of my friends would come and go throughout the day and sit in the back of my trailer to watch the races.  When the action was over we all went inside the trailer and took turns playing xbox.  We also had fun riding the pit bikes, racing on our bicycles and playing with water guns.

Saturday practices went really well and I worked on clearing some of the big jumps at the track.  I stayed consistent and continued to improve on my lap times.  I really like riding at 408 had a lot of fun on the track.

Sunday I finished 1st on my 85 and was not able to finish my last 65 race.  I took a really hard fall over one of the triples and I hurt both myself and my bike.  I pulled a muscle in my neck that made it really painful to move my head from side to side.  On my bike my handlebars, rear shock, levers, and more was destroyed….not a good way to end the weekend.  😦

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