14 RACES IN ONE WEEKEND…50, 65 & 85

Posted: May 31, 2011 in motocross, Race Results, Uncategorized
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This weekend I raced at the Hollister Hills Memorial Day MX Championship.  This is a three day format with practice on Saturday, a full round of racing on Sunday and another full round of racing on Monday.

This race is really fun because we get to see a lot of new riders that show up to race the big event and we get to ride more and camp for another day.  I raced in my normal 3 classes on Sunday (65 Novice, 65 Open, and 85 Beginner).  We had so many riders that I decided to race in 4 classes on Monday (50 Open, 65 Novice, 65 Open, and 85 Beginner)  That is a total of 14 races for the weekend.

Because of all the riders and having so many motos each day, the track was really tough both days.  In the morning it was really sandy/muddy and deep, and by the end of the day it was really dry with a ton of acceleration bumps and breaking bumps.  I had to stand up and stay on the gas to ride through it all….I love riding on big fast tracks like we had this weekend.

I finished 1st in my 65 Nov race and then had a problem with the pipe on my bike.  My Dad was able to switch the pipe from my other bike, but I lost some speed with the new pipe.  I had to really ride extra hard and keep my speed up as much as possible.

In the 65 Open race I finished a close 3rd to two very fast older riders.  It was really fun to be able to battle with them and push myself during the race.

Getting ready to start one of the 65 races

In the 85 race I pulled out a couple of 1st place finishes and also had my tire slide out in the deep sand in one turn.

Going down the 6 story elevator shaft in one of my 85 races

In my 50 race I had a lot of fun riding with my friends and getting back on my 50.  I rode really good and finished 1st.

In my 50 race I start on the wrong side of the gate from all the other riders.

I had a few of my friends that wanted to cheer me on and I didn’t want them to bother the other riders.

I won some big trophies, hats, riding gloves, and other cool prizes for winning.  Camping was a lot of fun!  I played Xbox, watched movies and rode bikes with all of my friends.

I can’t wait till the next race!


  1. Jeff West says:

    I wanted to know the name of the person shooting pictures of the memorial day race at hollister and there email address , Thanks alot

  2. OURBUGLIFE says:

    That weekend was a lot of fun bro. Thanks for letting Nick and I come watch. You are getting soooo good.

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