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This week was a little up and down for me… literally!

I practiced Wednesday night and things went well.  At the end of the night I was a little more tired than usual and by midnight, I was totally sick.  I had a super high fever, sore throat, and totally body aches.  My family was going to travel to Los Angeles to do some riding, but I was at the doctors all day Thursday and by Thursday night I wasn’t feeling any better.  We canceled our plans to go to LA and decided I needed to rest and get better.


By Friday I was feeling much better, not 100% but I couldn’t believe how much better I felt than the day before.  By Saturday I was sad I wasn’t in LA riding, and my parents let me go to Oatfield to do a little practice.  I a lot of fun and we decided to go back to the track on Sunday for the race.

Not too long after Loretta’s I had gotten hurt, and this was my first race since then.  I was excited to practice my starts and race on the track.  When we got to the track in the morning it was sooooo cold that the entire track was covered in ice.


In the first race 65 Int I was out of the gate second and by the time I got to the third turn I was able to take the lead.  It was a good battle for the first lap and the second place rider went down and I was able to stay out front for the win.  The second race was 65 Open, I got the hole shot and the second place rider stayed close till the end, but I was again able to take the win.  In the third race, my luck ran a little short….I did not get off the gate well and got a little pinched off by other riders.  I came out in fourth place and battled through to second.  I was pushing hard to catch the leader and was riding a little out of control until I went down.  I again found myself in fourth and I again passed back to second but was not able to catch the leader and finished the race in second place.  In the final race of the day the track was really rough, but I was not happy with how I rode in the third race and I was ready to do better.  I was able to get the hole shot and pull away from the field each lap with a first place finish.

01.12.13 13601.12.13 04401.12.13 048

Overall I think it was a really good practice race after being off the line for so long.  I look forward to more races to come!


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