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This last weekend was the Mammoth race at Oatfield.  I went to practice on Saturday to see how I felt on my bike and get a little practice in since my injury.  I was very excited that my arm felt pretty good and I knew I was going to be able to race on Sunday.


I was so happy to be back on the bike and I was excited to race.  The turn out at the event was crazy.  I had 34 racers in my class and I was ready for some good battles.  See me, I have the blue fender…..lets go Yamaha!


There was full classes in every race and the track got really rough.  The front racers in my class were putting down some really fast laps.  I had consistent starts all day and a couple of hole shots.  Getting good starts set me up to battle up front each race.


I finished out the race winning a couple and coming in second in a couple of races.  I got overall 1st – 2nd – 2nd place finishes.


This past weekend was a rare weekend that I didn’t have a race that I had to be at.  It was my only weekend off for almost two months……and guess what I did?


I went dirt bike riding and racing of course!  Did you guess right?  We went to Kern County raceway on Saturday to practice on the new dirt bike track that I had never been to before.  But, after I was done riding we had to drive our van onto the oval track and watch some of the cars racing and practicing.


The track was really fun and I had a good day of riding but it was very cold out all day.


On Sunday I was going to go to another track to practice but at the last minute I decided to show up at Oatfield and race.  The day was great practice….the track got rough and my friends and I raced had all day.  Check out this picture of all the green bikes and my one Yamaha right in the middle


And guess who got the hole shot in that race?……ME!


I ended the day with an overall 1st and 2nd place finish.  It was a great weekend of riding and racing.

This year I was asked by the guys at Vurb to be the hired gun for my class.  I got to race with a target on my back and be one of the riders to beat.

vurb 13

The weekend was really hot and there was a ton of people there to race.  Throughout the weekend the track got really rough and my Dad worked on my bikes to get them going better throughout the weekend.


Sam from 51 Fifty Energy Drink came out to watch me ride and take some videos of me riding.  We passed out some drinks to people camping at the track and got to hang out.  It was really cool he came out to support me!

vurb 10

The first day of racing I got 1st place in my class and 2nd place in the open class.


The second day of racing I got another 1st place finish in my class and 5th place in the open class.

Vurb 2

After the last race the guys at Vurb Moto pulled me aside and interviewed me, it was really cool.


I had a fun weekend of racing, camping, and hanging out with my friends and family.

vurb 8


A week ago I raced at the AMP GFI race at Oatfield.  This week they some really fast 85 racers show up and I decided to race one 65 class and two 85 classes.

I had my new FLY helmet which is really awesome.  Thank you to everyone at FLY Racing for supporting me!


In the first 65 race I was going into the second turn and my seat flew off of my bike.  I had to ride the entire race standing up because every time I sat down the bar hurt my legs and my butt.  It was really hard to ride the track and go fast without a seat but I was still able to finish in first place.  The second race of my 65 class my seat stayed on and I finished in first place with an overall 1st place finish.

In the 85 class I moved from Novice to Intermediate and I raced some really fast people.  In the first 85 intermediate race I got a really bad start out of the gate but I was able to chase down the leaders and I finished in first place.  It was really cool to win my first intermediate race.  In the second race I finished in second with an overall 2nd place finish.

In the 85 open class in the first race I was in third place and I fell on the last lap.  By the time I got my bike up and going again I finished the race in seventh place.  I won the second open race which gave me an overall 4th place finish.

Our friend Gary down the street came out to watch me ride.  It was really nice of him to come and watch and support me and he even cleaned the bikes every time I got off the track.  Thank you for the help and support!


I rode hard all day and had a lot of fun…..and on the way home I was really tired!


This weekend I raced the AMP/GFI race at Oatfield in Turlock.  We loaded up the trailer on Friday and headed to Oatfield to camp and race for the weekend……my sister Hailey came with us this weekend, and it was very cool that she was there to cheer me on.


When we woke up Saturday morning the track was totally foggy.  When I went out for my first practice my goggles were dripping with water after just one lap.  It was very hard to practice when you couldn’t see very far in front of you.  By the time my second practice came around, the sun came out and I was ready to really start going.  I had a good day of practice and when we were done, I ran around with my friends the rest of the afternoon.


Sunday morning I was the second race of the day and almost the last race of the day.   Some fast kids showed up and I was excited to have some great battles.  In each race I got off the gate good and I had to work the first lap to get out front.  In all 4 races I was able to get out front and take the lead……but,


In the first 65 open race I crashed really hard in the lead and my bike and I flew different directions.  I was able to run to my bike, pick it up, start it, and get back going and finish in 2nd place.  Because I finished the next race in 1st place, I finished the day with a 1st place overall win in the class.

The two 65cc Intermediate races I finished with 1-1 and took a 1st place overall win in that class as well.


My two 1st Place trophies

I had a lot of fun racing and hanging with my family and friends!


On Saturday during practice I filmed the last parts of the TV commercial for MotoVision Goggles.  I saw parts of the footage, and you guys are going to love it!  Tylar and Max from STILLPOINT Productions are doing an amazing job with the video, audio, and pictures.  I had a lot of fun working with them and I can’t wait to show you all the commercial… is coming soon!


If you are in need of any production services, make sure you call Tylar and Max


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This week was a little up and down for me… literally!

I practiced Wednesday night and things went well.  At the end of the night I was a little more tired than usual and by midnight, I was totally sick.  I had a super high fever, sore throat, and totally body aches.  My family was going to travel to Los Angeles to do some riding, but I was at the doctors all day Thursday and by Thursday night I wasn’t feeling any better.  We canceled our plans to go to LA and decided I needed to rest and get better.


By Friday I was feeling much better, not 100% but I couldn’t believe how much better I felt than the day before.  By Saturday I was sad I wasn’t in LA riding, and my parents let me go to Oatfield to do a little practice.  I a lot of fun and we decided to go back to the track on Sunday for the race.

Not too long after Loretta’s I had gotten hurt, and this was my first race since then.  I was excited to practice my starts and race on the track.  When we got to the track in the morning it was sooooo cold that the entire track was covered in ice.


In the first race 65 Int I was out of the gate second and by the time I got to the third turn I was able to take the lead.  It was a good battle for the first lap and the second place rider went down and I was able to stay out front for the win.  The second race was 65 Open, I got the hole shot and the second place rider stayed close till the end, but I was again able to take the win.  In the third race, my luck ran a little short….I did not get off the gate well and got a little pinched off by other riders.  I came out in fourth place and battled through to second.  I was pushing hard to catch the leader and was riding a little out of control until I went down.  I again found myself in fourth and I again passed back to second but was not able to catch the leader and finished the race in second place.  In the final race of the day the track was really rough, but I was not happy with how I rode in the third race and I was ready to do better.  I was able to get the hole shot and pull away from the field each lap with a first place finish.

01.12.13 13601.12.13 04401.12.13 048

Overall I think it was a really good practice race after being off the line for so long.  I look forward to more races to come!


Last week it rained a lot, but the weather was clear for the weekend.  Saturday’s practice was kind of a mess, but Sunday got better.  Oatfield had practice on Saturday and we went to do some riding.  When we got to Turlock it didn’t look good…… We couldn’t see the track because the fog was everywhere.


It took several hours for the sun to come out and we could see the track.  Once the track was clear we saw that they had cut off a few sections of the track because of the mud from the rain and other sections of the track was really thick.   I had to wait until they let the kids on the track and then I was ready to go.


The track was not very good, but it was good practice and I rode well.  Everyone at the track was not happy with the conditions, and most of the kids left early.  We finished our practice and headed home to wash all the mud off the bikes.

On Sunday I went riding at MMX, I was able to ride the main track and the sand track all day.  I got there first thing in the morning and I was able to ride a couple of hours with the big bikes and we had a lot of fun battling.

mmx12.7.12 013mmx12.7.12 015mmx12.7.12 016

During my brakes I passed out some 51 Fifty Energy Drinks and flyers from 51 Fifty and Moto Efx Graphics.  All of the guys loved the drink and they were ready to keep riding.


It was really cool that the Lawrence family came all the way to Marysville to watch me ride.  The whole family and the Moto Efx Team are amazing and the really care about the sport and the riders.  Thank you guys for coming out in the cold, you guys rock!


A couple more pictures of my day of riding.

mmx12.7.12 122mmx12.7.12 062mmx12.7.12 040

Don’t forget to go to to Live The Madness 


Moto Efx for graphics at ….. contact them now to get the Christmas discount.

This weekend Moto Efx and 51 Fifty Energy Drink invited me to be a support rider at the Over The Hill Gang race at Oatfield.

I had never been to an over the hill gang event before.  They had a ton of people at the event, but not many support riders.

It was really cool because I had never been on the track with so few riders before.  I got to have fun and work on several different lines.

Thank you Dave and the Moto Efx guys for inviting me to be a part of the 51 Fifty Energy/Over The Hill Gang ride day. 

This is a great video of a 65cc race at Oatfield Raceway in Turlock.  9 Bikes went out in the first gate and I was in the second gate with 7 other bikes.

I got a great start and was able to get the hole shot and stay out front.  You will see me passing some bikes, but these are kids not racing in my class.

On the second lap I took a hard fall.  By the time I was able to get up and get my bike going the second and third place riders were able to catch me and took over the lead.

On the third and fourth laps the yellow bike #10, Jeremy Ryan, and I battled back and forth several times for the lead.

On the fifth and final lap I was able to walk away with the win.

It was a great battle, and you will be able to see that the track was really rough.  What a fun race!