Posted: December 7, 2012 in Pictures
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This last week has been very wet.  It has rained most of the week which means no riding for me.  😦

Instead I have been using the extra time to work on my mission report for school.  I have to do a 20 page assay report with pictures and an oral report to the class.


My mission is San Luis Obispo and I finished most of the rough draft and colored my pictures……I know they look amazing!


When I started this site I promised to share the life of a kid dirt bike racer.  Going to school and doing my mission report is my life right now….until it stops raining and I go riding and I can report to you on that instead.      Wish me luck on my report!

My parents are hoping I get to go ride soon because I am driving them crazy running around the house and being silly.  lol

What do you think about the amazing glasses I found….maybe if I wear them while I do my report it will make me extra smart.  Never mind I don’t need them because I am already too smart.  🙂


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