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This last week I finished the filming of the TV show for Pro X Teams.  If you don’t remember, I started filming last month and you can read all about it at LIGHTS-CAMERA-ACTION…THE MAKING OF A TV SHOW

Last time we filmed on-location, and this time we filmed the commentary in the studio.

Before filming started we met up with the crew and the hosts and everyone and went out to lunch.  I got to eat with chopsticks….but you know I only ate chicken.  lol

Then we got back to filming.  First the sound guy had to put a microphone on me and we did several sound tests to make sure everything was working.

Then we were ready to start filming.  The set was really cool!  I tried to get them to let me take one of the chairs home for my man-cave, but that didn’t work.  🙂

My Mom and Dad got to stand behind the camera and watch everything from the camera screen.  We all talked about the day we had both at the dirt bike track and rock climbing and we joked around with each other.  We had a lot of fun!

I took some pictures with each of the hosts….Leila, Karyn, and Josh

After we were all done, Josh and I had to re-do the interview we did after I rode at the race track.  I really liked the interview we did at the track because I was sitting on my bike and I think it looked really cool, but they said the sound was not very good so we had to do everything again in the studio.  I think that went well also…probably because I am so awesome.  lol

See, I am a natural on the screen.  I think maybe I will become an actor….what do you think?  🙂

The show is now going to editing and then it goes to the network to put it on TV.  When I get more information about when it will be on TV and what channel I will let you know.  Follow PRO X TEAMS, on Facebook, for more information and other shows that they are also working on.  Fingers crossed that I did a good job and that the show looks cool.

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