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This weekend I had my third race in Los Angeles, it started like a typical weekend road trip…..but it ended up a little different.   This time we left Friday right after school and we got to my Uncle’s house around 9:30 at night.  I got some rest and we woke up bright and early to get to Glen Helen Raceway for a full day of practice.  The closer we drove to the race track the darker the clouds were and by the time we got to the track it was raining pretty hard.  We figured the rain would go by so we hung out in the rain for a while and it continued to get worse.  Finally it was clear that the rain was going to continue for the whole day so we left without practice and would have to come back the next day ready to race.

Sunday morning again we got up bright and early and headed back to the track to race.  We got to the track and I got a 3 lap practice to check out the track and then they posted the race order.  I was race 10 on my 65 age and race 18 on my 65 open.

The first 65 age race went Ok….. I started about 5th and because the track was still a little messy it was difficult to find spots to pass.  I was able to pass a few people and end up with a 2nd place finish.

My Uncle Mike and my cousin Michael came to watch me ride……..I was really happy they could see how I race and watch me ride.  Thank You!

The second race was 65 open and it didn’t go so well….. I started in about 4th and within the first 4 turns I was up to third.  Going through the back section I went to the right to pass for second, I went through a huge hole in the track and went flying.  I got up and the flagger was right next to me….he saw that my nose and my mouth were bleeding and he told me I couldn’t get back on my bike.  I tried to get on the bike to continue racing and he wouldn’t let me go.  My Mom and Dad couldn’t see me because I was way in the back of the track that no one could see.  My parents were on the way to the back to find me, but after waiting for a while the flagger walked away to help someone else and I started my bike and finished the race.   By the time I got going I missed a lap of riding but I didn’t know that.  I started passing as many bikes as I could hoping to get back to the front.  When I pulled off the track my Mom had to help me because I was in a lot of pain and I was bleeding really bad.  We found out I broke my nose, had a few cuts on my face, and hurt my leg really bad.

My parents started loading up my bikes, but I wanted to finish racing.  I told my parents that I wanted to try to at least race the age class to see if I can get a trophy.  After I rested for about an hour I knew I would be able to at least finish the race.

I geared up and raced in the 65 age class.  I started in third place and in the second turn I got stuck in the middle of a pile up.  I finally got going and had to work back through the riders.  I finished the day out with a 2nd place overall trophy….not bad for being injured!

I decided that because I couldn’t get any more points in the 65 open class that I would not race the last race and get home to rest.  I would have rather stayed racing because after I was resting on the way home, my nose really started to hurt and get fat.

  1. elyssa says:

    you are such a boss!

  2. austin says:

    ouch that must of hurt little i know you you dont cry much.How are yah i miss you buddy.

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