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You probably know by now that most of the time my family has drama or a story or something that happens every week….my family is never boring.


Thursday we got everything ready to go to LA for the 4th round of the Gold Cup Series at Lake Elsinore Raceway.  We wanted to have everything ready to go so we could leave Friday as soon as my Dad got home from work.  My Dad was driving his truck home from work Friday afternoon and he got a flat tire.  He changed the tire on the side of the road and he was back on his way to pick us up for LA.  When Dad got home we jumped in the van and headed to LA.  We got about twenty minutes down the road and the van stopped running.  Because my Dad is an awesome mechanic I knew that if it could be fixed my Dad would find a way, but it was looking like our trip to LA was over.  My Dad got the van running and we headed back home to see if it could be fixed.  Half way home the van stopped running again.  A few more adjustments and we were headed back home again and this time we made it.  After Dad worked on the van for a while, he found what the problem was and I couldn’t believe he even had the spare part in our garage.  He changed the part and we crossed our fingers that the problem was solved and we would make it all the way to LA and back…….and we did.  YA!

Me sleeping on the way to LA holding my football.

Saturday started off much better……  We woke up early and headed to Lake Elsinore MX to practice.  In the morning the track was really deep and muddy and by the afternoon it got really dry and very rough.  Right away I was able to get the rhythm sections down and I had a really good practice day.

I wore the Go Pro during one of my practice sessions so you can see how the track looked.

In this 11 minute video you can see me checking different lines and passing 50 riders

Sunday was race day.  I had some really great battles and a few lead changes that was really fun and exciting.  Overall I had good starts, I was either up front or close enough to catch the front guys and battle for the lead.  After a very fun day I was really excited to be able to pull out the wins!


-Thank you Michael for putting the video up for me.

  1. elyssa says:

    Whats going on buddy, it’s Nick and Elyssa… and Lola. I did not know that you were in a catalog, that’s awesome. Also, your new helmet cam video is good. Good luck in LA, get it done.

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