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For those of you who don’t know….. Adam Enticknap races motocross as a pro.  They call him the Seven Deuce Deuce because his racing number is 722.  Adam is ALWAYS the life of the party and a fun guy to hang with.  In his spare time Adam records sick songs that have been hits and he even makes intro songs for other pro racers, he was featured on the Moto 7 movie and was asked to record the song for the movie that is a huge iTunes hit.  I have rode with Adam several times over the past few years and we always have fun hanging out.


When I first met Adam Enticknap (The Seven Deuce Deuce) a couple years ago we talked about racing and all the music he was making and about the song I had recorded (The Show- which is a song with good words but horrible music and beat….Adam will have to fix that song one day).  We said it would be cool to do a song together and I started working on some words and ideas for a song.  A few months ago while Adam was still recovering from his injury I called to see if he was around to get together and my Mom and I went on a 5 hour road trip to his house.


First we listened to a million different starting beats and tried to pick the one that would work best on my song.


Then it was time to get to work in his “beat laboratory.”  First I laid down some of the track.


Then he would add sounds, I would record an echo, he would record an echo, he would put down more sounds, etc.  He has an amazing ear for the smallest change in the music and the way he works on the computer is crazy.


Adam literally spent all day helping me with my song, he was so awesome.  He taught me a lot about making a song and how to flow….which I have a lot of practicing to do to be like him.  He has the attitude, the voice, the confidence, and the skills.  We worked together for about 7 hours and finally had a finished product.


Although I recorded a song before, this was really my first song.  It was crazy how he made everything sound so good and flow.  I learned a lot and I can’t wait for the next song, it will be so much better.


It was so Sick to work with Adam for the day!  On the long ride back home I was exhausted and my Mom took this picture of me.


Then it was time to make a cover picture for the song and put it out for people to hear.  Everyone has been so nice to me.  It is crazy that people actually know the words to my song and are singing it.


It was really cool that Adam spent his day hanging with me and helping me learn about making music.  You can check out my song on iTunes if you haven’t already downloaded it, here is the link.

Hope you like the song.  The next ones will get better!

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