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Last week it rained a lot, but the weather was clear for the weekend.  Saturday’s practice was kind of a mess, but Sunday got better.  Oatfield had practice on Saturday and we went to do some riding.  When we got to Turlock it didn’t look good…… We couldn’t see the track because the fog was everywhere.


It took several hours for the sun to come out and we could see the track.  Once the track was clear we saw that they had cut off a few sections of the track because of the mud from the rain and other sections of the track was really thick.   I had to wait until they let the kids on the track and then I was ready to go.


The track was not very good, but it was good practice and I rode well.  Everyone at the track was not happy with the conditions, and most of the kids left early.  We finished our practice and headed home to wash all the mud off the bikes.

On Sunday I went riding at MMX, I was able to ride the main track and the sand track all day.  I got there first thing in the morning and I was able to ride a couple of hours with the big bikes and we had a lot of fun battling.

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During my brakes I passed out some 51 Fifty Energy Drinks and flyers from 51 Fifty and Moto Efx Graphics.  All of the guys loved the drink and they were ready to keep riding.


It was really cool that the Lawrence family came all the way to Marysville to watch me ride.  The whole family and the Moto Efx Team are amazing and the really care about the sport and the riders.  Thank you guys for coming out in the cold, you guys rock!


A couple more pictures of my day of riding.

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