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Last Wednesday I told you I was sick, and I was sooooo sick!


Even with medication, I had a fever all day on Wednesday and didn’t wake up the whole day and night.  Thursday my fever was down a little, but I still laid on the coach and slept all day.  Thursday night I started coughing and Friday when I woke up my throat was on fire.  Since I didn’t eat anything on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday it was time to go to the doctor.  I found out that I had a cold that turned into Strep Throat.  I started taking my medicine and was able to start eating on Saturday.  On the road to recovery!

On Saturday night our friends called and said that there was a race at Carnegie and they had a few riders.  Even though I was not 100% (actually not 50%) and I didn’t get to practice on Saturday with everyone else, I would go and just get a little seat time. 

We showed up on Sunday and the day was beautiful and sunny out.  I raced for most of the day and did really well, but I was soooooo tired.  The track got really rough and I was having a hard time holding on.  I did get a couple first place finishes and a couple of second place finishes.  We did not stay till the end of the day and I missed my last race, but I got some really good practice in.

When I got home I was sooooo hungry and tired.  I ate some mac-n-cheese, watched the Supercross race and the Super Bowl and went to bed early.  I can’t wait till I am all better!