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While I was out with my arm I took time to rest my body and work on my dirt bikes.

I did a lot of activities with my family, like I told you last week we went to the car races, the movies and some family functions.  My sister wanted to go see the Croods and my Mom and I went to see Jurassic Park 3D and we were the only people in the whole theater which was totally cool.


I played a lot of Xbox


I got a lot of physical therapy.


I visited some of my friends that also got hurt riding their dirt bikes, and some of my friends came over and spent the night a few times.  When my cast came off and the weather got hot, my friends and I were able to play in the water in the back yard.


My Dad went through the dirt bikes and got everything ready to go.  We sent out my suspension to get re-done (more information on that later.)  I also got some new gear that I couldn’t wait to use.

I got really bored and was missing my dirt bike.


Now it is time to get back on my dirt bike and start riding again.

See you at the track…….