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I had the unbelievable opportunity to ask Trey Canard a few questions after the first round of Supercross.

I am so excited that he took time from his busy schedule for me.

I hope you all learn something about #41 and enjoy!


Before we get to the interview, a little information about Trey Canard.  Trey was born September 17, 1990 and he races the #41 Muscle Milk Honda CRF 450.  He grew up in Oklahoma and in 2006 and 2007 he had a very successful amateur career, winning Loretta Lynn’s National Championships.  In 2008 Trey was signed to his first professional team with Factory Connection Honda.  In 2008 Trey won the East Coast Lites Championship during his rookie year, and won again in 2010.  After his success in the lites class, 20 year old Trey landed a deal with Red Bull Honda to ride in the 450 class for 2011.  Trey started out strong with three wins and multiple top five finishes until a broken femur during practice ended his season.  In 2011 and 2012 Trey spent most of his time recovering from several different very serious accidents and has began the 2013 Supercorss season with a very strong 2nd place finish.  Make sure you watch Trey’s movie REvival 41 that I have put at the bottom for a better look into #41.


71:  As a kid when did you know you would make it?

41:  I don’t think I really knew until I was about 16, but I had a dream and a lot of people behind that dream so I had hope and did the best I could.

71:  What was your training schedule like as a kid?

41:  It was very relaxed for several years, which I think is great.  You can’t take it too serious to early.  When I was 16 I started with a trainer and it took off from there.  Riding, cycling, weight lifting, plyometrics, a full time job.

71:  How did you keep your mind right in practice and races?

41:  I think for me, it was having a clear mind.  Having a clear mind came through having faith in Christ.  It’s also important to focus on just riding turn by turn obstacle by obstacle.

71:  What advice would you give kids like me?

41:  I think the biggest thing is to enjoy riding a motorcycle, don’t take it too crazy serious but enjoy it and let all that other stuff come when it needs to.

71:  Where you home schooled or did you go to regular school?

41:  I was homeschooled in the 6th grade only due to a school system that didn’t support my racing.  I had missed too many days.

71:  If you didn’t make it with dirt bikes, what would you be doing?

41:  I’m not sure, my passion I feel is working with young people.  Some sort of youth ministry.

71:  Your movie Revival 41 was AWESOME….you have an amazing attitude, how do you stay so positive?

41:  Thanks!!  It was a real joy getting to make that film.  I think the only reason I’m able to do any of this is because of my hope and my strength and courage my positivity is in my God.  I like to just watch a movie, ride my bicycle, work on the tracks, spend time with my family or my girlfriend.  Pretty basic I think.

71:  When you are out with an injury, how do you catch back up with other riders that have been practicing while you have been recovering?

41:  I think for me it was just continuing to stay dedicated to my sleep, eating habits, physical conditions, and  physical therapy.  Just not letting up and trying to improve in other areas of your life.  I’ve gotta give all credit to God through if it wasn’t for hime I wouldn’t be here.

71:  What part of riding, practicing, and fitness do you not like?

41:  I think for me it’s just getting tired and grumpy.  When you train a lot you get pretty run down and tired.

71:  Do you like Supercross or Motocross better?

41:  I like both, I think it’s awesome we can basically have two new sports in the middle of the year.  When you’re tired of one you get to ride the other.

71:  Do you have any tattoo’s?

41:  No tattoo’s for me.  I’ve thought about it at times though.

71:  What are the names of your pets?

41:  Foster,   Miley Cyrus,   and   Domino

71:  What is your favorite food?

41:  Mexican food.

71:  What is your favorite movie (besides yours)?

41:  Facing the Giants

71:  What is your favorite song?

41:  Identity by Lecrae

71:  Congrats for A1…amazing start after such a long road to recovery…How did you celebrate?

41:  Thanks a ton!  Didn’t do much celebrating.  Just enjoyed the moment with my family and everyone around me, it was an awesome night!

Trey’s Mom, Kari, also answered a couple of questions

71:  When Trey was a kid and he would get hurt, how hard was it to let him get back on the bike?

Mom:  Trey was always ready to get back on the bike.  He couldn’t wait

71:  When did you know Trey was going to make this his career?

Mom:  I always thought that Trey had something special because he had really great balance and riding a bike came very easy for him.

71:  Any advice you can give parents of young dirt bike riders?

Mom:   Try to relax and have fun, and let your kids have fun.


Huge THANKS to Trey Canard and Mom Kari Canard for taking the time to help me with this interview!!!!

Make sure you watch Trey’s movie REvival 41, and make sure you cheer him on at this weeks Supercross race…..GOOD LUCK TREY!