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While we were in Las Angeles we stayed with my Uncle Mike, Aunt Jane, my four cousins (Michael, Chelsea, Cheyenne, and Calais) and Grandma Clara.  It was really fun to run around with all of them except when I was picking on my Uncle and he locked me in the dog kennel. lol

When I woke up I was so excited because I could smell bacon cooking… favorite!  We ate pancakes, bacon and sausage and then it was off to my second track.  All the girls went shopping in Oceanside and the boys went to Perris Raceway.

Perris Raceway has three different tracks but I had fun working on the main track.  The track had a lot of kickers and long jumps.  It was a very fast track and really fun.

Thanks Uncle Mike for coming to watch me ride!

Then it was back to Temecula to eat and rest.  I hung with the family, played arcade games and video games, and watched movies.  I was really tired so I went to bed early to get ready for day three.

To be continued………….