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This last weekend I decided to do some practice on my wrist, body and bikes!


that is how……..


Saturday morning we got up early and drove to Marysville to ride at E-Street MX.  I planned on meeting a lot of my friends their and we raced together with the other riders all day.  I rode for five hours and then it was time for lunch.


My parents and I went to get something to eat and then we went to the night practice at Riverfront MX.  My friends couldn’t go with us, but I had sooo much fun because I got to ride with the big bikes.  The big bikes kept getting on behind me and we would battle and have little mini races, I even got to bump bars with some of them.  It was fun riding under the lights and racing with big riders.  By the end of the night I was very tired and ready for bed. 


I woke up Sunday morning and it was time to do some more riding.  We went to MMX and I rode half the day on the sand track and half the day on the main track.  I rode my bike from one end of the property to the other. 


I liked riding several different tracks at the same time and having to change my riding style from track to track.


I am glad I took 51 FIFTY ENERGY DRINKS and so were the other riders…..


After a weekend full of riding, I got about 7 new blisters and only one scratch on my arm…..I think it was an amazing weekend.


Last week I practiced during the week as usual and planned on racing at Hollister over the weekend.  We left Friday night to camp at Hollister and race on the GP Track.  When I woke up Saturday morning the track looked awesome and I was excited to get out and ride.  Practice went really well and I rode really hard throughout the day.  A lot of my friends were not going to race the next day, and we were a little worried that not many riders would be in my class.  We spent the night Saturday night and waited to see if more riders would show up in my classes on Sunday morning.  When we woke up Sunday morning we decided to go to the 408mx Super Sunday practice day instead of staying to race.  Super Sunday was so fun!  The track was bigger with an additional section added on just for the Super Sunday practice, the track had a BBQ going and all the riders had a feast together, and they finished it off with a raffle (we won a hat and grips).  The practice schedule at 408 was great, I got a lot of time on the track and I was able to practice with some great riders.


This weekend was super fun!  Saturday I went with my friend Justin and his Dad to see the pro’s race the first outdoor race at Hangtown in Sacramento.  I ride a lot on that track and it was so fun to see my favorite riders on one of my home tracks.

Sunday I woke up early and we picked up Justin to go riding at 408MX in San Jose.  Practice was sooo great!  I was riding really fast and clearing some really big jumps.

When we were done with practice…..My Dad and Mom took us to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to ride some rides.  Justin and I ran from one ride to another.  It wasn’t very crowded, we ran around for 4 hours and we had so much fun.


We went to MMX this weekend because they had a race there on Sunday.  I practiced on Saturday and had a really great time riding with all my friends.  I was able to practice my 65cc bike with the 85cc kids and my 50cc bike with the 65cc kids.  I had some great battles and the track was great!  My Grandma and Grandpa came to watch me ride and I made them nervous.  My sisters were there watching and we got to go on rides in the Polaris. 

On Sunday they didn’t have any kids signed in to race so instead of racing I went to E-Street to practice.  They didn’t have many riders there, but I got a lot of riding time on the track and had a lot of fun.